Open Question: Am I too big to be a jockey?

Hi :) I'm 14 and a half and I am 5'6. I weigh around 8 stone but our scales are dodgy- a bit on the heavy side xD Would I be too tall/fat? If I'm not too tall, I'm worried that I will get too tall x] My feet haven't grown since february though so maybe thats a sign that I'm slowing down?? lol. If I am too big, whats the maximum size for an excercise rider? I'd like to work with horses but cant afford my own :P Thanks for any answers :D

Open Question: Ram Cichlids in a 5 gallon tank?!?

I was reading on fish keeping and it said that dwarf ram cichlids can be kept in 5 gallon tank? Is this true????

Open Question: should you're snowboard match your snowboard outfit?

Open Question: please help me with my dog?

i am so upset because i just got home and my dog is drooling and making noises like if he is shocking am really scared.I don't know what is wrong also we just got a new puppy today so maybe that has something to do with it please help.....

Open Question: Why do retired NFL players always seem to open car dealerships?

Open Question: Why are my goggles so foggy?

I have been swimming for about 9 years and I just got new goggles last week and they are already getting foggy after about 25 yards. Its really annoying. I got some antifog spray but its not really helping me. My goggles also have a prescription on them so i can see good in them (I have bad eyesight). What can I do so they dont fog up all the time??

Open Question: are most shelter dogs sick or get sick easily?

if you got a shelter dog, does yours have some kind of genetic illness or prone to getting sick more than normally? my JRT mix had her first seizure today in 3 months :(

Open Question: how many of my baby rats will have big ears?

fancy rat accidentaly bred with my dumbo. i know that the big ear gene is recessive, but how many of them will have the droopy and big ears? (there are 10 babies) thanks :) oh yea dont tell me "oh u shouldnt of bred the rats.. millions of rats everywhere... dumbo gene is a mutation" because i bought her like that .... it wasnt my fault!!!

Open Question: Do you think the Browns will beat the Jets & their pathetic offense?

Open Question: i need your opinion please. please reply quickly.?

okay, im making a new youtube account and ive figured out some names. but im totally not sure which ones to use. so please tell me what you think!(: ShootfortheNorthStar ShootfortheStars (North Star is the name of my barn just so you know) RideYourDreams hesgotmyheart (my favorite horse has my heart haha) RidingWithAngels headintheclouds let me know what you think please!! i really need your opinion! thankyouu!!!

Open Question: Did AJ Styles really injure Stevie Richards on purpose?

Open Question: What does proven mean?

Im looking at rabbits to buy, but i need to know what proven means. I thought it was when a female could breed good, but then we saw this on a male...

Open Question: a question for dudes: Does it hurt when something hits your ppenis ?

Open Question: how much responsibility is a puppy?

Open Question: Is Diamond brand dog food good?

The woman I adopted my dog from 5 weeks ago fed her Diamond brand. I didn't want to suddenly switch her so I kept on the diamond. I want to make sure it's not garbage food. I want to give her good food. Is Diamond Brand food good? She eats the chicken and rice

Open Question: Should i buy a bigger wagon after the raiders stomp the steelers?

We need more seats , currently the bandwagon fans are increasing..

Open Question: what kind of care do beta's need?

when i say care, i mean what else do i need other than: 4 gallon biOrb bowl, halogen light, air pump, plug top 12V transformer, ceramic media, filter cartridge, bubble tube, airstone, tap water treatment, and fish food. I am only getting one male beta fish btw

Open Question: What should Cliff Lee do after he signed with the Yankees?

Should he admit he made mistakes? Should he remind you he’ve done this before? Should he tell you how much fun he had in Texas? Should he really believe he ruined his legacy? Should he get his tattoo removed if he has a tatoo? Should he tell you he is not a role model? Should he tell you he`s a championship chaser? Should he accept his role as “The Evil Yankee”? Should he stop listening to his wife? Should he take up acting? Should he just clear the mound? Start over? What should he do?

Open Question: should i get a hamster or a gerbil?

should i get a teddy bear hamster from petco or a gerbil from a nearby petstore?

Open Question: Mexico Squad for Copa America 2011?

I think this is a good squad for mexico for the copa america 2011. GK-Guillermo Ochoa* DF-Francisco Javier Rodriguez* DF-Leobardo Lopez* DF-Hector Moreno DF-Jorge Torres Nilo MF-Rafael Marquez* MF-Pablo Barrera MF-Andres Guardado* FW-Giovanni Dos Santos FW-Javier Hernandez FW-Javier Orozco * over 23

Open Question: How many fancy guppies can I put in a 2-gallon tank?

They'll all be males. And none of the one-inch-of-fish-per-gallon nonsense. Any experienced fishkeeper knows that's not necessarily true.

Open Question: did you know Iran's futsal team is better than brazil?

Open Question: Show Pony material (20 characters)?

How is this little three year olds conformation as a showpony? She's pretty fine bred I think? I never was that good with confrmation shes mix of breeds, :)

Open Question: Why hasnt Taylor Price played for the Patriots is he hurt or something?

Open Question: does anyone have any good wii games?

does anyone no of any really really good horse games for the wii? thanks x

Open Question: If you could fill up a swimming pool with anything other than water and jump in, what would it be?

Open Question: Does snake poop weaken aquarium silicone?

i want to turn my snake tank into a fish tank. will the poop from the snake have weakened the structural integrity of the aquarium silicone at all?

Open Question: Do you think the rumor that the Miz will cash in MITB, lose and then turn face and win the RR is true?

I think the Miz will be the next big star for WWE and that they should capitalize on his popularity and turn him face soon. I think Orton will lose the title to Wade Barrett and some time in December the Miz will cash in MITB. However, he will lose due to interference from the Nexus. The Miz will then turn face and go on to win the RR and a title shot at Mania. The Miz versus Wade Barrett for the title at WM27.

Open Question: My dog likes to pee in the exciting front yard where the busy road is. I want her to pee in back.?

She doesn't want to pee in the boring backyard anymore now that she's seen the busy road and all the traffic and the front yard 10 feet by the width of the house and some few feet to the side. We had to take her in and out the front door because we had contractors in back and now we can't get her to go in back again. Its so much safer. She will hold it and not pee and then pee in her kennel or just inside the door instead of peeing in the backyard. We put her out loose in the back every day for a couple hours and she poops then. That is never a problem. We are really afraid there could be a fatality with this very small yard and busy traffic zone. But she does pee there happily. If she got away she'd be dead in a minute. I know she's bored and confused and we have another dog and he has no problems with this. He's completely mixed breed, 2 years old. She's a year old terrier/beagle mix. We had to change locations on her in the middle of training and now she won't go back. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Open Question: Has anyone been to Copper Mountain (recently)?

I'm going out to Copper on the 20th. Is anyone there now or has anyone been there in the last week or so? How are the conditions? How much terrain is open? I know they've gotten snow, and the website says they have a 25 inch base. So how is it?

Open Question: how do i make my dog gain weight?

well i have a mutt and its a girl; she is very healthy but she don't want to eat and i need her to start eating more so she can gain weight. I already tried mixing meat into her dog food but Still wont eat it. She is only 2 years and she is a medium size dog. I need help.

Open Question: How many points did the lakers win by last night?

Open Question: Formula for an octahedron, dodecahedron, iscosehedron?

Open Question: The dogs from the SPCA should be PUT DOWN?

Becuse they are not stable say this guy I know with six poodles.

Open Question: If you were the GM of your favorite team, what moves would you make?

If I was GM of the New York Mets, I would hire Bobby Valentine as the head coach and put Wally Backman in as one of my bench coaches. I would clean house with my rotation and bullpen and trade David Wright and Jose Reyes in exchange for prospects, starters, relievers and cash. And finally, with the money from David Wright and Jose Reyes, I would try to buy either Cliff Lee, or Carl Crawford.

Open Question: Quick question about registries, pedigree, and why go through all the trouble at all.?

First, what are the main registries? Second, what is a pedigree? Third, why is any of this be important for a casual dog owner? Thanks!

Open Question: What did you expect when you heard The Undertaker's gong for the first time?

BQ: The Undertaker - 18-1 or 19-0? BQ2: Who was the better entertainer in Wrestlemania 25, HBK or The Undertaker?

Open Question: my goldfish is lying on the bottom of the tank and breathing rapidly and heavily? URGENT help!?

i noticed my goldfish (of nearly 6 years!!!) was swimming very low at the bottom of the tank for the past couple days or so. i didn't think much of it, until tonight, when i noticed he is now lying on his side on the bottom of the tank, and breathing, which looks as though is rapid and heavy, almost struggling. I don't know what to do, i changed his water by 50% in case his tank had become too dirty, but no change so far. I feel so sorry for the little thing just lying there. HELP, what can i do??

Open Question: Hall of Famer who owns a record and a team, retired with 2 numbers from 3 teams in 2 states?

Open Question: how to move a fish tank?

I'm moving tomorrow and wanted to know if there is any special way I should be caring for the fish during the move? I was just going to take out like 2/3'rds of the water and move the tank like that. Any suggestions?

Open Question: Fantasy lineup for week 10?

Here it is for 2RB and 2 WR team with a flex: Kyle Orton, Carson Palmer Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Marshall, Calvin Johnson, Hines Ward, Sidney Rice Donald Brown, LaDainian Tomlinson, Felix Jones, DeAngelo Williams, Steven Jackson Jacob Tamme, Mercedes Lewis Titans D Dan Carpenter I have a lineup set but would like some backup to either confirm my thoughts or make some changes. Thanks!

Open Question: Looking for a way to fatten up my ferret?

Alright so I have a 1 year old ferret and i've been feeding her dry cat food. I want to fatten her up because winter is coming. But she wont eat meat. I've tried a few times.. Should I starve her until she eats the meat or what? Thank you for your answers ahead of time :)

Open Question: Fred Stamps or Geroy Simon?

Who would you rather have on your team right now and why? You all know which one homer Canadian Mickey will pick! BQ - Have you ever been to Vancouver?

Open Question: What do I do with my neighbor who has 5 dogs in her yard which causes a foul smell around the community?

I notice that my neighbor does not regularly clean her yard. She allows her dog's poop to remain uncleaned. Aside from the very foul smell, her dogs keep on barking which disturbs sleep even in the middle of the night. Do you have suggestions how will I solve this problem?

Open Question: Where were you the day henrik Larsson signed for celtic- 10th july 1509?

Open Question: my one pair love bird laying egg today, but my another pair love bird destroy it. i m so depressed.?

when will able to lay egg again my love bird???

Open Question: TNA, what happened to these storylines?

Samoa Joe's abduction The Championship contenders rankings Abyss and Chelsea *

[ Mathematics ] Open Question : Differential equations?

Obtain the general solution of each of the following differential equations : x y″ + (2x+1) (y′ + y) = 0

Open Question: Why did my bunny die?

i had adopted 3 baby bunnies about a month ago out of no where the smallest one died..She was just fine last night hopping around and playing and this morning when i went to change the cage feed and water them she was dead :( i took the other two out of the cage and took the dead one inside of the cage outside because i just cant bury her i still cant stop crying :( what happened she was the runt and she was about 12weeks old

Open Question: where to buy cheap guns in canada?

tell me where they are, give me the link and i would prefer if u could find some in ontario but anywhere in canada will do

[ Diet & Fitness ] Open Question : In your opinion which the hottest female body measurements?

In my opinion it must to be more than 40" of hips with less than 30 inches of waist. I use to fall in love inmediately!

[ Homework Help ] Open Question : Physics homework? Please help.?

Many people mistakenly believe that the astronauts orbiting the earth are "above gravity." Calculate the acceleration due to gravity, g, for space shuttle territory, 245 kilometers above the earth's surface. Earth's mass is 6 multiplied by 10^24 kg, and its radius is 6.38 multiplied by 10^6 m (6380 km). Your answer is what percentage of 9.8 m/s2?

[ Cell Phones & Plans ] Open Question : nokia x3 touch & type is good mobile or not?

[ Software ] Open Question : Programs were I can make a song shorter and cut out parts...?

I need to cut out the chorous of a song so I can use it in my school project and I am wondering if there is a programe that I could use to do this. Help would be muchly appreciated

[ Korea ] Open Question : south korea is better country than european country?

Very high human development (developed countries) Rank Country HDI 1 ▬ Norway 0.938 ▲ 0.001 2 ▬ Australia 0.937 ▲ 0.002 3 ▲ (17) New Zealand 0.907 ▲ 0.003 4 ▲ (9) United States 0.902 ▲ 0.003 5 ▬ Ireland 0.895 ▲ 0.001 6 ▲ (13) Liechtenstein 0.891 ▲ 0.002 7 ▼ (1) Netherlands 0.890 ▲ 0.002 8 ▼ (4) Canada 0.888 ▲ 0.002 9 ▼ (2) Sweden 0.885 ▲ 0.001 10 ▲ (12) Germany 0.885 ▲ 0.002 11 ▼ (1) Japan 0.884 ▲ 0.003 12 ▲ (14) South Korea 0.877 ▲ 0.005 ★★★★★ 13 ▼ (4) Switzerland 0.874 ▲ 0.002 14 ▼ (6) France 0.872 ▲ 0.003 15 ▲ (12) Israel 0.872 ▲ 0.001 16 ▼ (4) Finland 0.871 ▲ 0.002 17 ▼ (14) Iceland 0.869 ▬ 18 ▼ (1) Belgium 0.867 ▲ 0.002 19 ▼ (3) Denmark 0.866 ▲ 0.002 20 ▼ (5) Spain 0.863 ▲ 0.002 21 ▲ (3) Hong Kong 0.862 ▲ 0.005 22 ▲ (3) Greece 0.855 ▲ 0.002 23 ▼ (5) Italy 0.854 ▲ 0.003 24 ▼ (13) Luxembourg 0.852 ▲ 0.002 25 ▼ (11) Austria 0.851 ▲ 0.002 26 ▼ (5) United Kingdom 0.849 ▲ 0.002 27 ▼ (5) Singapore 0.846 ▲ 0.005 28 ▲ (8) Czech Republic 0.841 ▬ 29 ▬ Slovenia 0.828 ▲ 0.002 30 ▲ (2) Andorra 0.824 ▲ 0.002 31 ▲ (11) Slovakia 0.818 ▲ 0.003 32 ▲ (3) United Arab Emirates 0.815 ▲ 0.003 33 ▲ (5) Malta 0.815 ▲ 0.002 34 ▲ (6) Estonia 0.812 ▲ 0.003 35 ▼ (3) Cyprus 0.810 ▲ 0.001 36 ▲ (7) Hungary 0.805 ▲ 0.002 37 ▼ (7) Brunei 0.805 ▲ 0.001 38 ▼ (5) Qatar 0.803 ▲ 0.005 39 ▬ Bahrain 0.801 ▲ 0.003 40 ▼ (6) Portugal 0.795 ▲ 0.004 41 ▬ Poland 0.795 ▲ 0.004 42 ▼ (5) Barbados 0.788 ▲ 0.001 south korea even high rank than european country like france,belgium,denmark,italy,UK! i'm surprised. what do you think about this statistics~?

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Doesn't watching mindless reality show do the same thing to your brain that smoking does to your lungs?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Texan rednecks and assorted conservatards: u mad?

problem, Lee?

[ Personal Finance ] Open Question : If i owe bank of america will they still cash my check?

When i was 19 years old and i had a checking account i wrote bad checks. Now that i am older and my checks are through bank of America , will they take it out of my check?