Yo-yo dieting doesn't do you and your health any good

MANILA, Philippines -- Doctors and dietitians agree that exercising and a balanced diet can make you slim down, albeit slowly. It is this combination that gives "dieters" the long-lasting weight loss they desire which they can maintain at healthy levels, not to mention a strong immune system.

Husband and wife Melton and Bing Ngo learn about the importance of colon cleansing.

Husband and wife Melton and Bing Ngo, prosperous entrepreneurs, were already leading healthy lifestyles when they learned about the So Easy Life Camp where attendees learn about colon health and how the wheatgrass-based product scrubs the colon clean.

“At first, we saw no urgent need in trying the product. We were already health-conscious-we ate brown instead of white rice, brown instead of white bread, and brown instead of white sugar,” 57-year-old Melton explained to Life Camp participants.

Heeding friends’ advice, Melton signed up with Life Camp in November 2009 and because he had a productive experience, he convinced his wife to join the next camp.

“So Easy Colon Cleanse is a very effective product. After three days, I immediately felt the physical changes. I finally found relief from the nagging pain in my lower back, and eventually it didn’t bother me anymore. The ovarian cyst which I’ve had for some time also surprisingly disappeared, according to my Ob-Gyne,” said the 50-year-old Bing.

“I used to stuff myself with energy drinks when I drive to keep me from being dizzy along the way. The dizziness disappeared with my regular consumption of the product. Most of all, I felt that I had more energy and my wife noticed it as well,” Melton said.

“It feels really good when you’ve done colon cleansing. You will be conscious of the food you eat. Sayang kasi, you have already cleansed yourself, so why not continue to stay healthy by doing a monthly colon cleanse?” he added. Internal medicine and cancer specialist Dr. Roger Salindong explained why everyone needs colon cleansing.

“The body has its own natural healing system. However, this healing system becomes restricted due to the toxins that we acquire from our environment. The food that we eat, the cosmetics we put on, even the medicines that we take contain harmful chemicals that can endanger our health. Unless you remove those toxins from our cells, we won’t be able to absorb nutrients properly. So our body’s healing system can’t function as well as it should, and we suffer,” the doctor said.

US-registered dietitian Cheshire Que, RND, RN, RD said drinking eight to 12 cups of water everyday when exercising helps regulate body temperature. Water also adds bulk to stool, making them soft and easier to pass. The key to sustained health, she said, is lifestyle modification which means proper food intake, physical activity and behavior change.