Open Question: How can I find out what my payroll taxes are?

i just started working a taxable job after working under the table for a long time. i want to know how to interpret the taxes that are taken out and how they decide how much to take out. is there a table of some kind that i can look up on the internet? my employer is in new mexico, though i occasionally work out of state. my first check was for a day and a half and the taxes that were taken out were about 9% of my earnings. the second check was for a full two weeks and about 23% was taken out. this one of the main things i want to know about.

Open Question: BP oil spill, why dont they just?

why on earth dont they just make a huge cover, that has a groove the same shape as the pipe, but waighs a huge amount, lower it onto the holes in the pipe, and then weld it into place, a siqnificant weighted cover should hold in place.

Open Question: social insurance number?

i'm living in alberta and have my social insurance number but i'm moving to saskatchewan, is there a form i need to fill out online or do i have to go to the provincial building?

Open Question: I want to know if I can get money from an 8-year deferred pension.?

I began working for London Underground in Sept' 1980 and left in May 1988. Am I entitled to get a sum of money from my pension fund as I need it now? I have to give up any claims on my pension of course. I just need some info as I haven't lived in U.K. since 1988. Any advice or info would be highly appreciated.

Open Question: what is private mortgage insurance? what is it for?

Open Question: which countries in the world are famous for using prisoner to work in order to boost their economy.?

Indy 500 Live Stream

Indy 500 Live Stream:(WIREUPDATE) - One of the most celebrated traditions of the Indy 500 is the song "Back Home Again in Indiana." The song of the last 30 years has been sung by actor / singer Jim Nabors. The tradition of singing "Back Home Again in Indiana", began in 1946 ...

NCAA Baseball Regionals 2010

NCAA Baseball Regionals 2010. The NCAA Division I Baseball Committee announced the 16 regional sites for the 64th annual NCAA Division I Baseball Championship. The 16 regional sites, with host institutions and records are as follows: Arizona State (47-8), Tempe, Ariz.; Arkansas (40-18), Fayetteville, Ark.; Auburn (40-19), Auburn, Ala.; Cal State Fullerton (40-15 through Saturday, [...]

Open Question: were can i sell wood skids in ontario?

i have over 100 skids to be sold contact me if there is any buyers

Open Question: What should one do if they are written up at work?

I was taught if one is written up at a job, the chances of raises and/or advancement due to a write up are very difficult if not impossible within that company. If one signs the document for the write up and does what he is told within those guidelines should one leave it at that and move on or should one start preparing an exit strategy from that company? For example, One gets written up, he signs the document, does as he is told within the guidelines of the meeting and the document and is assured that this won't affect his future so long as he follows the guidelines. The other side of that is employee knows from experience with other companies and from his own observations, that once written up, one is usually at a dead end and often times the only way to move up is to move out and therefore does as he is told as above and follows the guidelines but at the same time, starts looking for another job elsewhere and has the strategy of "put up with it until you can find another job, get a solid offer from another job, put in your two weeks and get out while you still can" Should one just deal with it, move on and stay with the company he's with or put with it for however long it takes to find another job elsewhere, get an offer elsewhere, put in his notice and leave?

Open Question: How much should I charge my friend to build a website for his business?

My friend Pete owns a bar and grill and he offered to pay me to help him build a website for his business.I have never built a website before but I am computer savvy and I know I will be able to do so using website tonight. The website is not going to be anything too involved, just a basic website advertising the business that includes photos, menu, events, possibly coupons, map-quest and various other entities to help promote the business and attract customers. Since this will Be my first website how much money would be fair to charge him? He has plenty of money and I am flat broke so I don't feel too bad about accepting a payment for my time especially since I work and go to school full time it will take allot of time out of my weekends.

Open Question: what is the last date of filling tds return for 4th qtr of 2009-10?

what is the last date of filling tds return for 4th qtr of 2009-10

Open Question: Do standing orders usually go out at the beginning of the day or the end?

Open Question: Anyone with a paypal help me out!!?

please send me some money through paypal (email: I need it to start up my buissness. It will be your good deed I know some people have spare money My hope is to get 5 dollars from someone pass it on

Open Question: Are 403b plans risky?

If I contribute to a 403b plan, can the fund ever lose beyond what I put in like the 401K? Is it a risky plan?

Open Question: What kind of job could a 17 year old apply for?

I want some extra cash and it's the summer so I need something to do. What are my options?


Open Question: Do you live in a one story or two story house?

one story 4 bedroom house =)

Open Question: Where can I file cheaply for bankruptcy Chapter 7 in Los Angeles.?

This is 2nd time in 10 yrs. that I may be forced to file for Chapter 7 in Los Angeles. I am senior disabled on benefits, so limited income. Last time I did it for under $200 with a paralegal. My question is where can I file for bankruptcy Chapter 7 w/limited income & a senior ? Also, because of new rules, will I get charge off for all my debts. I only have credit card debts, no personal or loans, do not own property or car, assets, etc. probably totaling no more than $25,000 or at least under $30,000. I am in Los Angeles, H'wood, California 90029-90028 zip code, thank u.

Open Question: are landlords responsible for getting rid of bees or is it the tenants responsibility?

Open Question: how to compute credit card monthly interest rate?

Open Question: Cd or savings account better?

Which one is better for investing and make more money?

Open Question: What type of position in a bank can eventually make you alot of money?

Open Question: what can a bank do i my car was charge off?

Open Question: How long does it take to get a second interview?

I got an interview at Whole Foods 2 days ago just for a Sanitation Team Member, where it is just cleaning the place. It went really good and they said they are hiring and that if they like me they will call me back for a second interview. I feel like they're not going to call me does anybody have any Whole Foods experience with this?

Open Question: I'm 18, what should I be doing more?

I am a senior almost a HS graduate in a few days. Going to a community college and applied for financial aid and will make loans to pay for college then transfer. I have a checking, savings @ my local bank. An ING direct savings, 403b @ One America, and a ROTH IRA @ vanguard. I also, have an account @ treasurydirect w/ some saving bonds. What should I do more to improve myself? Should I stick my fed. loans in an ING orange savings and some in a checking account from my local bank? I am all ears. btw no advertisements and if there shell be one, I will report them!

2011 ford explorer

Rule number one in any industry is "adapt or die." That's why Ford Motor Co. is making some once-unthinkable changes to its next-generation version of the Ford Explorer SUV.

Ford is changing the original adventure-loving rugged off-roader to make it more in tune with the way people have always actually used it -- as a grocery getter -- instead of the way owners imagine they might use it: to scale craggy peaks.

"When we were working on the program we asked our current Explorer owners, 'Do you guys need the ability to go off road' and 100% said 'Absolutely, yes," said a Jay Ward, a Ford spokesman. "When we asked them, 'How often do you go off road?' 70% said 'Never."

So, the new Explorer will retain enough capability to cover what most buyers imagine when they think of going "off-road," which generally doesn't involve crawling up steep inclines or going over fallen rocks. It will be perfectly at home on a rutted trail through the forest, however.

At the same time, it will be easier on fuel and nicer to drive around town.

Not that long ago, the Explorer was the most popular passenger vehicle of any kind in America. Between 1995 and 2002 Ford sold an average of 412,000 of them a year, said Ford sales analyst George Pipas.

That was during the height of America's SUV craze when truck-based SUVs constituted most of what was available. They also suited Americans' tastes at a time when gasoline was cheap and people craved status and adventure.

Then more fuel-efficient, softer riding crossover SUVs, vehicles with car-like rather than truck-like engineering, gained popularity. Thus started a rapid slide in the sales of traditional truck-based SUVs and, perhaps most notably, the Explorer. Ford sold only 52,000 Explorers last year and 78,400 in 2008.

Having gotten the undeniable message, Ford is making the next Explorer a car-based crossover SUV. It will share its engineering with the Ford Taurus sedan.

The Taurus's engineering seems to be quite versatile. It also underpins the Lincoln MkS sedan and the Ford Flex and Lincoln MkT crossovers. That's part of the attraction of the car-based design, Pipas said. Ford can spread its engineering investment out over more different vehicles.

Part of the challenge in designing the new Explorer was meeting owners genuine needs while still enabling the fantasies that make them want an Explorer in the first place.

The new Explorer will ride higher off the ground than the Flex and it will have a dial that can call up various suspension and all-wheel-drive settings for snow, sand and mud. It's similar to a system used on vehicles sold by Land Rover, the British SUV maker that was owned, until recently, by Ford.

The lead engineer on the new Explorer, Jim Holland, was also a chief engineer at Land Rover where he helped develop the Terrain Response system, as it's called.


The new Explorer will be offered with at least two engines, a turbocharged 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine and a non-turbocharged V6. It's not clear, yet, if the more powerful EcoBoost V6 ending will be offered. All versions of the Explorer will have a six-speed automatic transmissions.

The new Explorer is expected to hit the market this summer as a 2011 model, Ward said.

For now, Ford is being unusually secretive about the new Explorer. With only a couple of months to go before it's launch, Ford has released only a "teaser" image in which the front corner of the SUV is visible in a portrait of Holland.

Ordinarily, a vehicle like this would have been unveiled months ago at one of the major auto shows but, Ward said, with the Internet allowing cars to be unveiled everywhere in the world at once, Ford felt there was no need to reveal the 2011 Explorer early. That would only have harmed sales of the current model

coopers beach southampton new york

Coopers Beach

Coopers Beach

If you want to visit the top beach in the US, only a traffic-jammed ride away on the LIE.

Coopers Beach in Southampton grabbed the best beach billing in the rankings compiled by the man appropriately dubbed Dr. Beach.

Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman’s annual list marks its 20th year by honoring the sandy shores of Coopers Beach. Main Beach in Easthampton also made the cut, taking the fifth spot.

 Coopers Beach   Coopers Beach Southampton New York

coopers beach

Coopers Beach is the best in the US.

If you want to visit the top beach in the US, only a traffic-jammed ride away on the LIE.

Coopers Beach in Southampton grabbed the best beach billing in the rankings compiled by the man appropriately dubbed Dr. Beach.

Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman's annual list marks its 20th year by honoring the sandy shores of Coopers Beach. Main Beach in Easthampton also made the cut, taking the fifth spot.

Criteria Leatherman uses for his rankings include: water temperature, sand softness, number of waves, smells and the presence of jellyfish.

However, unless you ride your bike to the beach, prepare to pay $40 to park your car at Coopers.

Here is Dr. Beach's Top 10 list:

1. Coopers Beach, Southampton, NY

2. Siesta Beach, Sarasota, Fla.

3. Coronado Beach, San Diego, Calif.

4. Cape Hatteras, Outers Banks, NC

5. Main Beach, East Hampton, NY

6. Kahanamoku Beach, Wakiki, Oahu, Hawaii

7. Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod, Mass.

8. Beachwalker Park, Kiawah Island, SC

9. Hamoa Beach, Maui, Hawaii

10. Cape Florida State Park, Key Biscayne, Fla.

Open Question: What is the website for Sears Mastercard payments?

Open Question: can someone please give some information about Motilal OSwal trading platform?How good it is?

Open Question: Is there somewhere I can obtain information on who owns a building in Melbourne - for example 1 St. Kilda Road?

50 Cent

This mellow affair is one of the spring's hottest tickets: Four decades after their first shows together at L.A.'s famed Troubadour club, King and Taylor have linked up for this cross-country tour, a greatest hits concert that features ample material from King's "Tapestry" and Taylor's catalog of familiar fare. Performing onstage together -- as they do on the just-released "Live at the Troubadour" album -- the two deliver a lengthy, intermission-punctuated show with the band that backed them both in the '70s: guitarist Danny Kortchmar, bassist Leland Sklar and drummer Russ Kunkel. It's a feel-good night designed to get the nostalgia flowing. 7:30 p.m., the Palace of Auburn Hills, I-75 at exit 81. 248-377-0100. $39.50-$79.50.

FRIDAY: Eddie Money

Like 9 p.m. sunsets and orange barrels on the freeway, here's a sure sign that Michigan summer has come knocking. Just as he's done nearly every year for two decades, the affable Money kicks off the DTE season with his show of well-weathered classic rock. Opening is 22-year-old daughter Jesse Money, a bluesy rock singer who will also sing backup during her dad's set. 7:30 p.m., DTE Energy Music Theatre, I-75 at exit 89. 248-377-0100. $10, $34.50.


The New York rapper with the tight Detroit ties gets the Chene Park season off to a lively start. Fiddy, a frequent presence here when he first emerged with a boost from Eminem, hasn't appeared on a Detroit stage in five years. He arrives as part of an ongoing tour in support of last fall's "Before I Self Destruct." In the opening slot is fellow G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks. 8 p.m., Chene Park Amphitheatre, 2600 E. Atwater, Detroit. 313-393-7128. $32-$67.

Diana Ross

It's homecoming time in the city where old friends are still apt to call her Diane. Returning to a venue that should have a big spot in her heart -- scene of so many Motown revues back in the day -- Ross sashays into the Fox for her first Detroit-proper show since 2004. The music will be sweetened with orchestral strings in this career retrospective, running the gamut from early Supremes stuff on up. 8 p.m., Fox Theatre, 2211 Woodward, Detroit. 313-983-6611. $48-$88.

Open Question: Is an insurance fee included in your monthly AT&T bill?

I have purchased an iPhone and I also got insruance with it too. I am wondering if the insurance fee is included in my cell phone bill. Is it or do I get a seperate bill for that?

suns lakers

NBA Playoffs Game 5: Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers Live Stream: Another NBA game is about to happen. I’m sure NBA fans out there will be tuning in for another exciting basketball game.Phoenix Suns will face Los Angeles lakers in Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs . The basketball game match is scheduled to have a kick off time at 9:00 pm Eastern Time which will be held at the Staple Center in Los Angeles, California.

The Western Conference Finals is now tied at two games a piece. Currently, the basketball match has began between Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers. Catch NBA Playoffs Game 5 Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers live stream.

I think that Phoenix Suns will win this game 5 game against Los Angeles Lakers as they have a strong record of victory in NBA Playoffs matches. How about you, who do you think will win this basketball game?

Open Question: what store is the the replacement of Wawa in Colorado?

Open Question: how much did housekeepers make at lincoln park hospital in chicago before they closed?

Open Question: how can I get a job in retail when all my work experience leads toward working with children?

I am 16 looking for a summer job. I am working on my resume and they say that you should write things in your resume that leads toward the position you're applying for. I don't really mind working with children again but I wanted to try something new. The problem is that all the work experience I have (last 2 jobs) leads towards working with children. I signed up for summer youth but I don't want to just rely on tat. Any job suggestions or tips on how I can tweak my resume? Please Help!!

Open Question: Is being maced part of correctional officer training?

Open Question: How many non financial companies in pakistan are using derivatives?

Derivatives like futures, forwards, swaps, and options.

Open Question: what is the structure of work force development?

Open Question: prepaid credit card.........?

i just got a prepaid mastercard. theres 100 dollars in it. i was wondering if i buy a clip on the internet will anyone be able to see it? i registered my card already on the website and put in all of my personal info but i had to put in my address. everything else i put my own email and everything.if i buy a clip will my parents or the person that bought the gift card for me be able to see it?

Open Question: when i look at ebay some items say bid some say buy it know what does it mean?

Open Question: Job application question?

i'm applying to work at a gas station/ mini mart. you know the kinds i'm talking about. i'm applying to be the guy who stands behind the register, cleans things etc. the application is asking me what position am i applying for. would that be "sales associate"? or is there another name for that position? Also, it asks how were you referred to us? i just walked in and asked for an application. sholud i just write down "walk in"? i just want it to sound professional cause i want this job. thanks.

Open Question: How can i get money, from home?

I am stuck in house with a broken ankle, I want to get about 500$ and i am restricted so i can't really get a job, i was wondering if anyone had a "LEGIT" way no scams no bs way to actually make money from home, let me know


hi everyone. i am currently renting a home, and when i first moved lease agreement states that i am responsible for the water bill. however there was a broken sprinkler head in my front yard which took my landlord 5 to 6 months to fix. in the meantime my water bill which was in my name ran up to 1,000 dollars. the landlord finally fixed it, and transferred the water bill to his name. however he does not, and refuses to pay the bill. now my water is cut off, and i have two small children. i do not have the money to up and move right away. what should i do? i could take him to court but the process is long. by the way it is a section 8 home. can i report him to section 8 and will they allow me to break my lease and move?

Open Question: what is the meaning of "pipeline outages"?

my student asked me what does this means. i answered but he didn't get it. can you please give me a very understandable answer? please. thanks

Open Question: Is it safe to make payment by Western Union ?

I wanna to buy a wedding dress from this site , but i do not have paypal account , does anyone have order dress from this guys and payment by western union, is it safe of this company ?please help !!!

Open Question: Hi I am indian ,qualification 4 yr diploma in paper tech. + BBA having 9 yr experience , need a job?


Open Question: Compare and contrast command and market economies.?

this is going to be a question on my final HELP

Open Question: Can we use the same address for multiple adsense account?

My sisters want to apply for google adsense but i already used our address. Can they use the same address or do they need to use another address? Please help us. Tq

Open Question: Best Buy questions- interview coming up.?

Im going for a interview at best buy tomorrow for a full time postion. Im currently part-time. Ive been with the company for 3 months now and I want to move up to full time. I know that there going to ask me if I know what T.R.U.S.T means and EPIC. I never had a trust training at the store i work at. Does anyone know what these mean. Please help. I work in PCHO- Computers department. Also i want to submit a growth plan for my department. Anyone please help. Greatly appreciated. What would you submit as a growth plan for a computer department at Best Buy?

Open Question: Does anyone in Texas want an Insurance quote?

My boss needs us to call 10 people a day and give out quotes or we will get terminated Thanks :)

Open Question: Anyone know where I could find out my credit?

I was wondering how I could get a copy of my credit report without having to have a credit card number??? I have been calling banks and no help, I tryed the free credit but I hear they charge you and plus you need a credit card for it. I need to know my debts so I can get them all cleared up and squared away. Any ideas how I could get one fast??? Please help :)

Open Question: what is a reasonable total management labor %?

Overall what is a realistic target percentage of gross sales for a company when considering their total management labor budget? As it relates to the restaurant and entertainment venue industries. The company I work for is just starting to grow and as we do I am in a critical role that needs to help police these numbers, which in my opinion is currently being set to low in our system in the name of low cost. The problem is that from where we have come to where we are now, the revenue difference is huge as is the need for greater talent. thoughts?

Open Question: I need a resume for back-end jobs?

Open Question: With a NVQ Level 2+ How long will it take for me to be eligible for Warehouse manager?

I'm about to take a NVQ Level 2 (Or higher) college training course in warehouse and logistics. I'll be training in a warehouse for 35+ weeks. Would I be eligible to take the place of warehouse manager? If not how long will it be, i read that it varies on the employer, I was searching through jobs and they said warehouse experience would be an advantage but not necessary. Would i stand a chance do you think with that qualification on me? Whereas most other warehousemen and women aswell as warehouse managers dont have that qualifications (As far as i'm aware, its only a recent qualification that's come into the system.

Open Question: moving to another state need information on transferring benefits?

I currently live in New York and I will be moving to VA soon and i need to know if its possible for me to transfer my benefits down to VA with out a problem. i receive food stamps wic and medicaid for me and my daughter

Open Question: Does a spouse's felony disqualify someone from joining the FBI?

A coworker is attending school for criminal justice and wants to eventually join the FBI's counter terrorist unit. Her fiance has a "minor" felony from five years ago. She is afraid this will disqualify her. Will it?

Open Question: Sonographers: What are the pros and cons of your job?

What do you like most about your job? What do you like least? What was your starting salary? Where do you work : hospital, imaging center, physician's office If you had it to do over again would you choose this career?

Open Question: I have a question regarding my business ( DBA's )?

I currently have a business entity, an s-corp llc out of the state of delaware, I am starting another business under a DBA, It is my understanding that I do not need a new tax id for the DBA, but I just want to make sure that the ownership is still under my parent company, futhermore I run my business in the state of Ohio and like I mentioned I set up my corp in the state of Delaware for legal reasons, so would that present any problems, thank you for your help.

Open Question: Do you know any type of jobs i can find?

i don't care if it internet or in real life...i want to raise enough money for boarding school.. i got financial aid but i still have ot pay for the rest of it and my mum cant pay do you know any jobs i can find? it could be internet or not.and summers coming up

Open Question: Insurance wont pay for my neighbors garage, swing set and pool? ( accident ) HELP!?

I had my car up on 1 block ( wood ) In the middle... Its a front wheel drive and me and my friend were checking the front wheel bearings.. So, I had the car in running and went to 3rd gear and was going like 40 MPH... So, my friend was like go 80 and put it in 5th gear... So, I did and we were laughing.. Then, all the sudden the car fell off the block and I rammed like really fast across the sidewalk and hit neighbors garage on the side and took out the wall, then hit the swing set and went right into the pool.. I was like WTF! My car is trashed... Now, the insurance wont pay because I am not a mechanic and ot qualified to work on cars? How can I get them to pay?

Open Question: Question for my fellow walmart employees?

Does anybody know how to do a transfer position request? They only way I know how to do it is by switching facilities.

Open Question: Question for SEO experts?

What is social bookmarking and how is it beneficial for SEO? I'm talking about sites like digg and I really need some good tips on SEO. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks

Open Question: Setting up an office in USA?

We are planning to setup a marketing office in USA for our company located in India. We are in need of some one who can help us with the cost it would involve in setting up a small marketing Office over there with minimal investment? Any one who has experience in this field can directly chat with me at Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Open Question: jobs without going to Uni, PLs help.?

Just a general enquiry, but what decent paying/fun jobs are there that you can get without going to uni. Tafe is fine, but jus wondering what options are out there besides the general jobs that everyone thinks of.

Open Question: do corporations rely on stocks for funding?

Open Question: what credit cards offer a free credit score simulator?

Sears credit cards offer a free credit score simulator at if you have their credit card. are there any other cards that offer this?

Open Question: Good ways to make money?

I'm trying to help my mom save some money so that we can go to Disney World this summer :) I have money that I've gained from inheritance, but I'm saving that towards a car !! I was thinking of selling handmade things on Etsy. Can anyone think of something else? Go ahead and get your jokes out in your head, not an an answer. Thanks for any serious suggestions :)

Open Question: How do you get clients when starting a Group home. I live in Michigan.?

I will be looking into renting a 3 bdrm home and getting 4-6 clients. Also how do you find a suitable home.

Legend of the Seeker Season 3

Legend of the Seeker Season 3:I really am Legend of the Seeker remains underrated because of the lack of awareness only. The show itself is a superb quality and only a handful of shows in the world with consistent quality and friendly in all aspects of its production. If you want ...

Pentecost Sunday 2010

Today, May 23, is Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost Sunday is a commemoration and celebration of the receiving of the Holy Spirit by the early church. Today, in many Christian churches, Pentecost Sunday is celebrated to recognize the gift of the Holy Spirit, realizing that God’s very life, breath and energy lives in believers. The celebration [...]

Open Question: Teenage photographer, can I make a profit?

Hi i'm 15 (almost 16) and I love photography, it is one of my main hobbies and I consider myself pretty good at it. How can I use my "skill" to earn some money (kind of like a summer job)? Any ideas are welcome because I really need help with this - but please only realistic ideas and if possible let me know how I can get started with the idea.

Open Question: what kind of job can i do with a diploma in Infocomm Technology?

And also what kind of job will i get if i further my studies with a degree.... how great is the demand for these kind of jobs?

Open Question: please could you help?

Hi please could some one help me my dear mum passed away 3 months ago as far as I no she didn’t make a will my brother never married and always live with my mum he cared for her for 7 years before she died with my help with washing house work ect and also carers who came in to wash change her. My mum only had her house to leave us but she wanted my brother to live there when she died and I feel I would want to stand by her wishes but would like my brother to have to give me the £16.000 he promised me. During the 7 years my brother cared for her he saved up £40.000 out of her pensions that was left over after the household bills and food was paid for but he put it in his saving book in his name he told me that I could have £16.000 of it when mum died as he was having the house. Now he says he wont pay me it so I feel cheated by him please what do I do about this please? How do I go about going to probate how long have I got to do this? And will I have to pay any money out to go to probate as I have not got much money to spare. Thanks Diane.

Open Question: Bsc Computer Applications or BCA?

I am looking for admission in any of the above courses in Chandigarh, can you guys suggest some good colleges? Also which one is the better option?

Open Question: do you usually need a reference from a college professor to get a job?

Open Question: How and where do I get a credit card?

I would like to get a credit card, for i would like to start "Ebaying". How and where do i get a credit card. P.S. I am 15 years old, so do I have to wait a couple years?

Open Question: How late can I deposit a CA state tax refund check?

I just found my CA state tax refund check from last year, and I want to deposit it if I still can. Is it too late?

Monmouth Park

OCEANPORT, N.J. — Monmouth Park is a bulwark against time. The stately 65-year-old racetrack peddles charm and tradition, and those wares have never faded here. Fresh coats of green and white paint are usually the only things required to spruce up the place every summer. And although the 2007 Breeders’ Cup necessitated renovations and a few additions to the facility, the postcard-pretty racetrack has always offered satisfying continuity. Until now, of course.

 Monmouth Park   The $50 million question

Lebron James’ Mom Delonte West Affair photo

Lebron James’ Mom Delonte West Affair – Recently, rumors have been spreading in the internet about Lebron James’ mom and his teammate Delonte West. According to, Lebron James’ mom have been rumored in having a relationship affair with Delonte West. And it might also be the reason why Lebron James is set to leave Cleveland by the next season.

Rumors also said that Lebron James’ mom have been caught sleeping with Delonte West. However, representatives from Lebron James and Delonte West haven’t yet commented or said anything about this love affair between his mother and his teammate. But they are still keep searching for the truth behind these rumors and James don’t want to expose his personal life in the public.

Jupiter’s belt missing again

The brown cloudy band, known as the South Equatorial Belt, or SEB, started fading late last year, NASA said in a story on its website.

“This is a big event,” said planetary scientist Glenn Orton of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. Scientists don’t know why, but one of Jupiter’s two main cloud belts has disappeared — again. “We’re monitoring the situation closely and do not yet fully understand what’s going on.”

Orton says the belt may not be gone, just hidden under higher clouds.

“But I certainly didn’t expect to see it completely disappear,” said amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley of Australia. “Jupiter continues to surprise.”

“It’s possible,” he said on the NASA website, “that some ‘ammonia cirrus’ has formed on top of the SEB, hiding the SEB from view.”

NASA says,On Earth white wispy cirrus clouds are made of ice crystals. On Jupiter, the same sort of clouds can form, but the crystals are made of ammonia instead of water.

The belt’s disappearances can be erratic.

“The SEB fades at irregular intervals, most recently in 1973-75, 1989-90, 1993, 2007, 2010,

” said John Rogers, director of the British Astronomical Association’s Jupiter Section.

“The 2007 fading was terminated rather early, but in the other years, the SEB was almost absent, as at present.”

NASA said, The return of the SEB can be dramatic,

“We can look forward to a spectacular outburst of storms and vortices when the ‘SEB revival’ begins,

” Rogers told NASA. “It always begins at a single point, and a disturbance spreads out rapidly around

the planet from there, often becoming spectacular even for amateurs eyeballing the planet through medium-sized telescopes.

“However,” he said, “we can’t predict when or where it will start. On historical precedent, it could be any time in the next two years.”

“I’ll be watching every chance I get,” Wesley said. “The revival will likely be sudden and dramatic,

with planet-circling groups of storms appearing over the space of just a week or so.”

Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, is visible in the eastern sky before dawn, NASA said.

Open Question: Is a real estate agent obligated to tell potential buyers if a murder/violent crime took place at a listed?

Casey James Mugshot Photo – Arrested for DWI

Star Magazine first posted the Casey James mugshot when he was arrested for DWI in 2001 and 2002. Casey James mugshot when he was arrested for DWI in 2001 and 2002.

Kevin Costner Oil Spill Cleanup Idea: The Ocean Therapy Centrifuge

Due to the government’s incapability to clean up the monthlong massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, “Waterworld” actor Kevin Costner comes up with an idea for cleaning up the oil spill.

In an effort to address the BP’s oil spill disaster in the gulf, he paid scientists to develop a large-scale centrifuge that can separate oil from sea water, saving the oil in tanks while returning the clean seawater to the sea.

Costner calls it the “Ocean Therapy” centrifuge, a cleanup technology that can remove 97 percent of the oil from water. According to WWL-TV, BP approved Costner’s plan yesterday after watching it work in New Orleans last Thursday. BP is set to take the machines out onto barges for field testing.

The actor has invested more than $24 million in the machine’s inventor Ocean Therapy Solutions. “Years before I got involved oil spills would come and, I would wonder why we couldn’t clean this up,” Costner said.

Open Question: Does a employer have a record of every check cashed with the company?

My friend works at a clothing store they made a mistake and gave her 2 checks (with her name ETC...)if she cashed it how would they know?could she get in trouble even though her name ssn etc.. is on the check

Open Question: Is there a way to check my credit score free of charge?

I am an international student on F1 visa in the USA. Have a secured MasterCard which I obtained about 3 months ago.

Open Question: What jobs are suitable for me if I want to perform NATURAL treatments on clients for beauty and health?

Open Question: what if i give the last 4 digits of SSN?

i received a phone cell from "count", they said. then they asked my father's address, date of birth and last 4 digits of social security number...and i told them all!! what can i do?

Open Question: best program to make party flyers?

Open Question: if you have a problem with cc and put controls on your account can you have them taken off?

Open Question: Job calling question/application?

So the other day I tunred in an application to Tj Maxx and the guy i turned it into told me that the Hiring Manager would be in my Wednesday, so give her a call then. When I call what should I say exactly?? anything will work :]

Open Question: what would be a good career?

alright so im gettin my ged in a couple months because of certain circumstances and am wondering anyone wanna throw some career advice out im looking for something with a nice pay to live comfortable im thinking of getting my cdl license can someoone who has this throw some info on what to expect like hours and average pay would be good and any other info id like a job with some travel possibly, good pay, and something thats actually enjoyable i dont really know a good way to ask so tell me what you do and how it is best answer is the one who actually helps me

Open Question: california- arizona nursing endorsement?

im a nurse here in the philippines and would like to be endorsed as a nurse in arizona, i passed the nclex being califonia the sate of my choice.. i do not hold any ssn and RN license but i do have the confirmation letter, visa screen and ielts,, can i still push through with the process? coz it's a little confusing for me (the form to be filled up) need anyone's help please..thank you..

Open Question: Can I have an online Ebay store in my husbands name being a Rep?

I know as a Rep I can not sale avon on ebay but if I have a listing under someone elses name (husband) can I still get in trouble having the same address? Where I live it is just drenched with representatives and Im just looking for more ways to achieve sales. It would be an online ebay store I see people that have them on ebay and just wanted some of the action!!!

Open Question: my lic proposal 3137 dt.16/07/2003 rs.356/?


Open Question: How much should I sell this TV for on Craigslist?

I have a TV that I want to sell. It's listed on Amazon as being for sale for $999.99. It's 1080p LCD HDTV and is 42". I haven't put the advert up yet. Before I do, I want to know how much do you think is a reasonable price. It's in great condition, and was bought just under one year ago. I want to charge $700 (is that fair?), but I've never sold anything on Craigslist before, so I just want to get some opinions on what is a good price.

Open Question: Top 400 Adjusted Gross Incomes?

I know there's a website with the top 400 adjusted gross incomes for individual income tax returns. Does anyone know if there's a way to find out how those incomes were earned? I'm not talking about finding out personal information about these people. For example, let's say the top adjusted gross income was $1 million. Would there be a way to find out that that money was earned by, say, writing a book?

Open Question: anyone have a suggestion for a name for a bookstore/book business?

suggestions please. im planning to put up a small bookstore.anyone have a suggestion for a name for a small bookstore/book business?

Open Question: Software engineer field career question?

I am at the end of my freshman year in high school, and am 15 years old. I have been learning programming languages lately and am at Objecitve-C at the moment. However I've been doing somr research and people say you need to be great at math to be a good programmer. I am really good at solving problems and thinking logically, and love writing code. However I seem to get very bored with my algebra 1B class. I wouldn't say I'm "not good" at math, I just find it to be boring and therefore have no interest in it. My question: for a career in the software development field, what sort of math do I need to know? Thanks in advance.

Open Question: i have an oje at mcdonalds help!?

hey, only serious answers please! :) i have an oje this afternoon with mcdonalds and basically i think i will just be interacting with customers, i was just wondering what i should say - hi, can i take your order, what can i get you etc - is there a correct way to greet customers at mc donalds?? just don't want to say something wrong as obviously i am being assessed and i need a job!! thanks x x

Open Question: What is difference between cost of sales and the cost of stock in a profit and loss account?

I think the difference is that cost of sales is the total of sales that the company has carried out, and cost o stock is the value of stock that it holds.

Open Question: What was the purchase price of my home?

I bought a home with a purchase price of $111k, BUT $8k of that was paid for by the government as a rebate/tax credit (first time home buyer) and another $4k was personal property included in the terms of my offer. The net purchase price was $100k. My property tax assessment came in at $113.6k. What case law (or other evidence) can I use to prove that the purchase price of my house is net of the rebate from the IRS? Isn't there some sort of case law regarding rebates or tax credits. The house is in the state of Wisconsin.

Open Question: Please look at my accounting question! :)?

If budgeted beginning inventory is $8,300, budgeted ending inventory is $9,400, and cost of goods sold is expected to be $10,260, then budgeted purchases should be $9,160. a. TRUE b. FALSE
if budgeted beginning inventory is $8,300, budgeted ending inventory is $9,400, and budgeted cost of goods sold is $10,260, budgeted purchases should be:

Open Question: How do I activate my American Express Simon Mall gift card?

How do I activate my American Express Simon Mall gift card? I bought it but i needed it to buy something from another country, their site says they take AmEx but the card gets declined. It definitely has enough money on it though... I guess my real question is, "how do i activate my Simon Mall AmEx gift card for use internationally?

Open Question: Is it hard to get a job at Macys?

Open Question: What are some benifits for an international airport in a small rural area?

I have to do a project for my science class and I have to find some benifits for an international airport in our area. What are some benifits?

Open Question: I have one franc from 1976?

On one side there is a woman on the other side there is some sort of tree branch

Open Question: HOW DO I GET MY MONEY FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT? I'M 15 TURNING 16??? WHAT DO I NEED TO DO????????????????????


Open Question: is Ragezone down?? atm?

iz RZ down forever?!?!! or am i banned lol

Open Question: how much would the lease be per month at......?

hi! i was wandering if anyone knew how much the lease would be per month to have a business at Union Station in Washington DC? thanks!!

Open Question: I was in the hospital recently and the bill was quite high. My insurance didn't cover it all.?

I applied for financial assistance from the hospital and they actually credited my account in full. Will I receive a 1099 and have to pay taxes on that amount?

Open Question: Can I trust with my card number?

My entire life savings is on my debit card. Should I go ahead and use it to purchase something at anyway? Has anyone else done this? Can the site be trusted?

Open Question: finance/grants for small business start up uk?

i have tried main stream banks and lenders but it is me letting my business proposal down due to past money trouble could any one suggest where i could get financial help for my business idea in the uk west midlands

Open Question: filling out a SF 86 for TSA Credit questions?

I had a Rooms to go from CITI BANK That i charged off and i was put on payment plan for 4 months to pay off.. I have 2 months left.. Should i put YES that i have a charge off. and if i put yes, that means I am yes to delinquent 180 and 90 days. Will this let me not clear on clearance? Is this really about integrity (they want to see if i will tell the truth) and it they will still hire and this wont hender me? I ask because they did a credit check already so they know what i have already ,. The full credit check was completed on the agency dashboard. So why ask these questions. I am going to put yes, but very curious on the whole concept. Had an account or credit card suspended, charged off, or canceled for failing to pay as agreed? Been over 180 days delinquent on a debt? Currently over 90 days delinquent on a debt?

Open Question: what all factors affect the price of a stock?

simple and straight forward question... what all factors affect the stock of a company? i read some where that factors like company news earning etc... thanks

Open Question: if I order checks, do I need to tell my bank?

Yeah. I have my account numbers and everything, but I never have had checks on my account, just a debit card. So do I need to tell them I am ordering checks or does it matter? I know the bank will give me checks, but they were going to charge me for a book of checks (not free like they used to be at my old bank) and since I have to pay anyway, I'm going to a third party place to get them, so I can get a style I like. Since I have never ordered checks without going through the bank, I would like to know if I need to let them know.

Eloy Vargas

Eloy Vargas:First, hearing the name Eloy Vargas "immediately after he made his decision to transfer from Florida after his first year. It was the end of summer and Vargas came to Lexington for a visit. No one really thought was an option Vargas academic for the period 2009-2010, but the ...

Just Like Heaven and Bourne Ultimatum on TV Tonight

Just Like Heaven: Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo star in this 2005 fantasy-comedy – 8 p.m. ABC The Bourne Ultimatum: Matt Damon is back as the amnesiac assassin in this 2007 entry in the action series based on the novels by Robert Ludlum – 8 p.m. CBS Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox [...]

Eloy Vargas

Eloy Vargas:First, hearing the name Eloy Vargas "immediately after he made his decision to transfer from Florida after his first year. It was the end of summer and Vargas came to Lexington for a visit. No one really thought was an option Vargas academic for the period 2009-2010, but the ...

Just Like Heaven and Bourne Ultimatum on TV Tonight

Just Like Heaven: Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo star in this 2005 fantasy-comedy – 8 p.m. ABC The Bourne Ultimatum: Matt Damon is back as the amnesiac assassin in this 2007 entry in the action series based on the novels by Robert Ludlum – 8 p.m. CBS Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox [...]

Eloy Vargas

Eloy Vargas:First, hearing the name Eloy Vargas "immediately after he made his decision to transfer from Florida after his first year. It was the end of summer and Vargas came to Lexington for a visit. No one really thought was an option Vargas academic for the period 2009-2010, but the ...

Just Like Heaven and Bourne Ultimatum on TV Tonight

Just Like Heaven: Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo star in this 2005 fantasy-comedy – 8 p.m. ABC The Bourne Ultimatum: Matt Damon is back as the amnesiac assassin in this 2007 entry in the action series based on the novels by Robert Ludlum – 8 p.m. CBS Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox [...]

Open Question: How do I fill out the education part of my resume?

My education is high school grad, technical school for 2 years for nursing & web design, and I'm a first year student at a college. A&P Lecture, A&P Lab, Psychology, & Microcomputer Applications are the classes I took, I finished this year with a 3.5 GPA, and I'm going back to school in the fall. How would I put all that in a resume?

Eloy Vargas

Eloy Vargas:First, hearing the name Eloy Vargas "immediately after he made his decision to transfer from Florida after his first year. It was the end of summer and Vargas came to Lexington for a visit. No one really thought was an option Vargas academic for the period 2009-2010, but the ...

Highest Paying Jobs in the U.S.

Which job is the highest paid job in the U.S? It is the surgeon! The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released its summary of American jobs and salaries in 2009. The U.S. Surgeons pulled in an average of $105.66 per hour last year. Here is the list of highest-paying jobs in the U.S. (annual salary): 1. [...]

Open Question: bhagyanagar india, how is the share and company?


Eloy Vargas

Eloy Vargas:First, hearing the name Eloy Vargas "immediately after he made his decision to transfer from Florida after his first year. It was the end of summer and Vargas came to Lexington for a visit. No one really thought was an option Vargas academic for the period 2009-2010, but the ...

Highest Paying Jobs in the U.S.

Which job is the highest paid job in the U.S? It is the surgeon! The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released its summary of American jobs and salaries in 2009. The U.S. Surgeons pulled in an average of $105.66 per hour last year. Here is the list of highest-paying jobs in the U.S. (annual salary): 1. [...]

Open Question: What kind of computer electronics career makes 125/h?

A few months ago I decided to go to an automotive school for a year and my electronics instructor was telling us about computer electronics jobs and he said some school that are recommended by microsoft, after 2 years you can start off making $125.00 an hour. What exactly do you go for to make that kind of money? It kinda made me feel like I made a bad choice because an Auto tech. won't make anywhere near that. I'm still not even sure about my career choice, after-all, and my tuition isn't cheap -.-

The Swimmer

The Swimmer:LOS ANGELES (WIREUPDATE) - The Internet exploded when millions of people were searching for information on the 1968 film "The Swimmer" was Frank Perry directed by and starring Burt Lancaster. It was broadcast on television, making people curious to see what it is exactly. It is a surreal story, allegory, ...

Susquehanna Bank Center hosts Sugarland Concert

92.5 XTU presents Sugarland with Jake Owen and Danny Gokey. See Sugarland in concert at Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, New Jersey. Concert Details: Saturday, 05/15/10 at 7:30 PM Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ

Open Question: What is more important job stability and satisfaction or family?

I have my dream job which i really like. Only thing is i am away from my wife and kids 5 days a week. I have received a job close to my family. The work wont be as interesting and might be less stable but will be happier outside of work when i with my family. What do you think is best thing to do?

Open Question: How can I tell if I've been hired or not?

Ok I had a job interview yesterday at a Family Restaurant where I live and I was talking to the guy that was interviewing me for the positions that he had open and he said he needs someone to work the salad and hot buffet bars. He also stated that he would like to try and get me on the schedule there as soon as this Monday and if I don't hear from him by Monday I should give him a call back. Does this sound like I have the job or not? I NEED TO KNOW ASAP!

Open Question: Career advice help please?

i still dont know what i want to do as a career and im going into college this year, i love being creative but i want a career where you can earn like a DECENT amount of money like a lawyer's income, i was thinking going into studying for being a lawyer but like in my career i need my own time, everybody does like, so you can be with family, boyfriend, etc. I like being creative, magazine publishing got be interested but im not to keen on the media industry at all and i dont want to do accountancy cause i couldnt see myself doing it for a living any advice on business/creative jobs that earn some good money?

Is Ashton Kutcher’s Reign as Twitter King Ending?

Is Ashton Kutcher's Reign as Twitter King Ending?:after the famous CNN beating a million followers in April, Ashton Kutcher was the undisputed king of Twitter, winning more fans than any other in the micro-blogging site. But are its days as most popular Twitter user numerous? Britney Spears is slowly closing in ...

Small Sacrifices on 20/20 – Diane Downs Children

The 1989 TV movie, Small Sacrifices, starring Farrah Fawcett was based on the story of a woman who tries to kill her kids to get a man. On June 17, 1984, Diane Downs was found guilty of shooting her three children, killing one. She was sentenced to life plus 50 years for the crimes. [...]

San Antonio Weather

San Antonio Weather:San Antonio was named one of "Top 100 Places to Live for 2010" by The city, with a population of more than $ 1.3 million, was also recognized as the fifth city in the top 10 global cities "category, and fifth in the top 10 cities in the ...

Small Sacrifices on 20/20 – Diane Downs Children

The 1989 TV movie, Small Sacrifices, starring Farrah Fawcett was based on the story of a woman who tries to kill her kids to get a man. On June 17, 1984, Diane Downs was found guilty of shooting her three children, killing one. She was sentenced to life plus 50 years for the crimes. [...]

Open Question: You are serving at the till point and a customer's credit card has been declined, the customer becomes embarra?

Open Question: When a potential job turns you down by saying "We've decided to go in a different direction," What are they...?

really saying? I feel like if there is a bunch of people interviewing for the same job a "different direction" seems highly unlikely. So if anyone can elaborate for me I would really appreciate it. Thanks!!

San Antonio Weather

San Antonio Weather:San Antonio was named one of "Top 100 Places to Live for 2010" by The city, with a population of more than $ 1.3 million, was also recognized as the fifth city in the top 10 global cities "category, and fifth in the top 10 cities in the ...

Small Sacrifices on 20/20 – Diane Downs Children

The 1989 TV movie, Small Sacrifices, starring Farrah Fawcett was based on the story of a woman who tries to kill her kids to get a man. On June 17, 1984, Diane Downs was found guilty of shooting her three children, killing one. She was sentenced to life plus 50 years for the crimes. [...]

San Antonio Weather

San Antonio Weather:San Antonio was named one of "Top 100 Places to Live for 2010" by The city, with a population of more than $ 1.3 million, was also recognized as the fifth city in the top 10 global cities "category, and fifth in the top 10 cities in the ...

Bay To Breakers 2010 Marathon

The ING Bay to Breakers 2010 marathon is this Sunday, May 16, 2010. Start time is 8:00 am. The 99-year old ING Bay to Breakers 12k is one of the world’s largest and oldest footraces, held annually in San Francisco, California. The name reflects the traditional course which takes tens of thousands of participants from [...]

Open Question: role of banking in agriculture of pakistan?

San Antonio Weather

San Antonio Weather:San Antonio was named one of "Top 100 Places to Live for 2010" by The city, with a population of more than $ 1.3 million, was also recognized as the fifth city in the top 10 global cities "category, and fifth in the top 10 cities in the ...

Bay To Breakers 2010 Marathon

The ING Bay to Breakers 2010 marathon is this Sunday, May 16, 2010. Start time is 8:00 am. The 99-year old ING Bay to Breakers 12k is one of the world’s largest and oldest footraces, held annually in San Francisco, California. The name reflects the traditional course which takes tens of thousands of participants from [...]

Open Question: audit letter from department of taxation asking how much I sold my car for ?

I just got a letter from the department of taxation asking me how much I sold my car for. when I sold my car 6 months ago I notarized the title and gave it blank to the buyer. now the department of taxation asking me how much I sold it for and a bunch of other questions. I sold the car for 6000 the guy apparently put 1000 in the title so he wont pay tax on it. I do have a letter that says the car needs a transmission and engine work that will cost about 4000. so if I tell them 5000 he will get in trouble and if I say 1000 than I'm not being honest with them. what should I do ??? I'm I in trouble ?

San Antonio Weather

San Antonio Weather:San Antonio was named one of "Top 100 Places to Live for 2010" by The city, with a population of more than $ 1.3 million, was also recognized as the fifth city in the top 10 global cities "category, and fifth in the top 10 cities in the ...

Delonte West Gloria James Affair? Lebron James Mom Sleeping with Teammate?

Is it true that LeBron’s teammate Delonte West is having an affair with James LeBron’s mom, Gloria James? According to internet rumors, Cleveland Cavalier guard Delonte West has been sleeping with Gloria James for quite sometime now. Oh, this is trouble.

San Antonio Weather

San Antonio Weather:San Antonio was named one of "Top 100 Places to Live for 2010" by The city, with a population of more than $ 1.3 million, was also recognized as the fifth city in the top 10 global cities "category, and fifth in the top 10 cities in the ...

Open Question: is there any way canada post can find an invoice with a receipt?

I shipped via express post, and the girl never gave me the tracking number that comes off the actual prepaid envelope, all i got was my debit receipt and the item receipt. I'm wondering if i can take them in there as it was only a couple days ago, and they can use the barcode or some number on the receipt to look up the information somehow? I'm thinking not, but i don't really know!

Open Question: how do I find a financial donor for our business/farm?

Where can I find people who want to donate money for a small business?My husband and I are trying to start an apiary (also known as a bee yard) to harvest and sell the honey to local food stores, and we take the wax to melt it into 100% bees wax candles. We have found people willing to let us put our hives on their property, but we are having trouble keeping up with the demand for honey since this is our only income and we have almost a lack of funds..... can any one help

Open Question: Facts about Sales Tax in PA?

If I buy soda at Walmart I pay sales tax on it, right? I then resale it at my bar or restaurant, do I have to pay sales tax again to the state? Or should I not be charging sales tax on soda? I live in PA.

Andrews Air Force Base Air Show 2010 Schedule

Here is the complete Joint Service Open House – Andrews Air Force Base Air Show 2010 schedule. The three-day extravaganza takes place May 15th-16th. Friday, May 14 is open to Department of Defense card holders, retirees and school-sponsored children only. May 15th and 16th, Saturday and Sunday, the show is open to the general [...]

Open Question: What does Annum actually mean?

Hi I've just came across a job and the wage is £14000.00 to £16.000.00 per Annum What does this actually mean, is it yearly wage ? Also how do I work out the Monthly pay going by this as that's what I need to know Thanks.

Open Question: Money acts as a unit of account, medium of exchange, or a store of value. Describe each of these functions.?

Provide an example of your use of money in each of these different functions.

Open Question: find the singe discount equivalent of a 40/30/10 series discount express the discount as percentage & decimal?

Open Question: Why there is so many Attempted Delivery Abroad?

Shipment Activity Location Date & Time -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attempted Delivery CANADA 05/13/10 2:24pm Abroad Attempted Delivery CANADA 05/13/10 2:18pm Abroad Attempted Delivery CANADA 05/13/10 12:56pm Abroad Attempted Delivery CANADA 05/13/10 11:37am Abroad Attempted Delivery CANADA 05/13/10 10:07am Abroad At Foreign Delivery CANADA 05/13/10 8:22am Unit Out of Foreign Customs CANADA 05/12/10 3:19pm Into Foreign Customs CANADA 05/10/10 7:49am Arrived Abroad CANADA 05/10/10 7:49am International Dispatch UNITED STATES 05/07/10 3:44pm Arrival UNITED STATES 05/07/10 3:43pm Processed through Sort JAMAICA NY 11499 05/07/10 4:28am Facility Acceptance BOSTON MA 02205 05/06/10 6:56pm Why there is three attepted delivery abroads?

Open Question: my mother and I co-own a house. Can we use the quit claim to have her name removed from the title and mortgage?

Is this a feasible option instead of refinancing by myself as we're trying to save on refinancing costs. Thank you.

Open Question: How much would it cost if you built a home from scratch on emty land?

lets say a 2,000 sq ft home?

Open Question: Should i give a two week notice?

So the purpose of a two week notice is for the employer to find a replacement. However, where i work they are firing people left and right, they took away benefits and they are certainly not going to hire anybody else. So why should i? There also another girl that works with me and does the same thing i do. Job Title- Receptionist/Administration

Open Question: how do you guys get a job?

I got my NI number couple of weeks ago and was looking for a job on the net and all I found was jobs for managers, supervisors and team leaders and shit. Im gonna go university in September and right now I have done BTEC National diploma in IT but I dont know what job I can get with this qualification. I have seen plenty of college students in stores doing jobs like cashier, stacking shelves and cleaning etc but when I go and ask them if they have any jobs they say no. I mean WTF how did these guys get their jobs, there is no option on the application forum for such a job. I might punch someone in the balls because this has really started to grind my shit now.

Open Question: what are some ways to advertise or market a cleaning service?

I am starting a cleaning service..and I have been putting out flyers in the best neighborhoods around town, but no one has called. What are some other ways to market at a low cost? Please help!

Open Question: where can i get the list of transformer manufacturer companies of different countries?

i want list of companies which manufacture transformers amercian transformer manufacturing companies.



Open Question: How to submit your URL to search engines for free? how to draw more traffic?

I have a handful of websites that i hosted for free, but i just cant make them show up on search engines , help? For me , the domain names/ hosting has been free, hence the hosters haven't offered any push in this regard.

Open Question: tomorrow I start working at marshalls?

They told me to wear casual business. What should I pick slacks with a black shirt Or khakis with a black shirt? Or something else?

Open Question: is this anime wholesaler legit? it has really good prices on a kuroshitsuji charm that i've been looking for. does anyone know anything about them?

Open Question: Can a self employed work in a hotel,pub,restaurant ?

Hello,I am a Romanian and worked as a self-employed in big hotel in Uk,and I am asking how come I worked there as"self employed" , is something that they know and I don't? Worked in the same place for the same hotel for a few months I had a minimum of 40 hours/week 5.8 hour and overtimes I was answering to a manager I had to pay NIN contributions and TAX Signed an agreement not a contract Didn't have payed holly day Thank you

Open Question: capital allowances on improvements to rented premises?

hi, can you claim capital allowances for things like expenditure on structural changes and fixtures and fittings to/in business premises if you rent the propertry as oposed to owning it and how would this be shown on the balance sheet. also, would it make any difference if the fixtures and fittings were permanent or removable? thanks

Open Question: Federal jobs which ones?

I understand that most of the federal jobs have a hiring freeze at the moment and that some require a bachelor's degree (not customs and??). I have an associates and about 2-3years left for a bachelor's in Business. Anyone have experience working for a federal agency like DEA, US Marshalls, Federal Prisons, FBI etc? What are the sought after jobs?

Open Question: describe the different ways in which a business could acquire an online store?

Can anyone please tell me the brief meaning of this, as i have looked into different forum and each one of them explain it differently. and ive confused, thank you

Open Question: Jaypee Kensington Boulevard - Floor Plan?

I need Jaypee Kensington Boulevard - Floor Plan???

Open Question: What is a good career for me?

Okay so i like running errands and im good at organizing and taking directions and getting things done. I looked at secretarial work but from what ive seen they are paid poorly. So any ideas what would be good for me? Oh i plan on doing 2 years of community college and then transferring to a 4 year college for 2 more years.

Open Question: Has anyone had any success with getting a Making Home Affordable Modification while on unemployment?

I have been on trial payments for a year. During that time, they said that Chase was understaffed and the process was taking more time, but keep making the modified payment. Guess what? The modified payment is only good for 3 months, then they start compounding your past due balance and putting your loan in extreme default. In addition to the issue, they asked for the same documents like 15-20 times...saying they never received the documents. This was a flat out lie. I numbered the pages and they had all of the other documents, but everytime they managed to say one was missing. Obama needs to take action. This is his program and it is being abused and poorly managed. I believe the servicers are keeping people in trial modifications, with no intention on accepting the application but it hides the number of actual foreclosures. Also, they create the appearance of complying with the government program. I have been denyed 4 times, each time for being on unemployment. I make the changes and they start the process and then Freddie Mac denies the mod because my main source of income unemployment. Who is this program helping? Idiots that bought more house than they could afford? Idiots that signed up for ARM's? I didnt buy more house than I could afford, I lost my damn job because Ford and GM decided to move supplier manufacturing to Mexico and no one in America could afford their cars.

Open Question: i canceled an order, am i getting a refund immediately?

if i ordered something online and they already shipped it and they tell me that i will not be receiving the order kuz fedex is returning it do i get da refund immediately?

Open Question: Is Barbizon Modeling a scam?!?

They selected me in ther modeling classes. & my mom said if they were a scamm?? Are they? Please answwer if you're shure they are.

Open Question: I am African but can I get a US Prepaid Debit Card?

I know you all may think I'm crazy but I really do need this debit card. I can't seem to buy my musical instruments from stores in the USA because they wouldn't accept my country's Debit Card. My country doesn't use credit card so we do it the old fashioned way but it's not helping me in any way? Can anybody please (I'm begging) tell me where I can get prepaid debit cards for international users or anyone that can help me apply for one?

Open Question: I want to make a resort on my agri land?

What are the procedures to make small plots and weekend homes on each plot of my agricultural land in maharashtra ? what will be the convesion cost?

Open Question: Who is responsible for utility payment on rental property when there is no provision on the lease?

A bill collector is alleging a debt to be mine which actually may be someone else's eg the former property owners

Open Question: Meta tags questions.?

i am having some trouble understanding some meta tags. Can any explain them please and tell how important they are. Thanks Home page meta title home page meta description Home page header

Open Question: Looking for a home, or apartment to rent around Summersville,WV?

I am looking for a house, trailer, or apartment to rent somewhere between Summersville ,WV and Beckley, WV but I would like it to be as close to Summersville as possible. I have looked at probably over 50 websites and looked at papers and still havent found anything! PLEASE HELP!!!

Open Question: how do horizontal mergers, vertical mergers and conglomerates differ?

Open Question: Can I claim an online class for my Canadian Tax Return?

the class was NOT towards any kind of degree or certificate program and cost about $4000 canadian.

Open Question: Is a small animal vet job boring?

I have always wanted to be a veterinarian but i heard a small animal vet's job is boring all it includes is neutering animals all that true and if not what else is included with the job...thanks!

Open Question: Best career to start off at in medical field?

I am a senior in high school and do not know what to do. I am going to a Community College and don't know whether to be a Radiological Technologist, a EMT Paramedic, or a Registered Nurse RN. I want the career that will help me on the road to become a physician later on. I don't want to waste my time on classes to become a RT and then not needing those classes later on to become a physician. Will I be able to work while in medical school? Do I need to go to Community college for 2 years and then 4 years in real college or 2? I don't know please help me out.

Open Question: What do I need to open a cafe?

Okay here's the deal. I'm looking to open a cafe, but I want to incorporate a jungle gym/creche for kids. I'm not sure of anything that I would have to do for this. Like if I would need any specific qualifications or certificates...! If anyone can give me any advice that would be wicked! Thanks!!

Open Question: Why is Las Vegas homes remain weak? Why isn't people buying properties over there in 2010 still?

Open Question: When is a store allowed to sell the goods that have been set aside for lay-by?

Open Question: job need for australia?

my qualification diplama in pharmacy my native tamil nadu now i am working from malaysia but i like to work from australiya how i will get the job if got any web site pls tell me thank u

Open Question: where can i get any teen summer jobs?

im turning 16 this month..any suggestions on where i should appy?...i really want a job!..does starbucks hire people like me? you know any companies that would be good?...or what about that online job thing..i dont get it...PLEASE ANSWER THIS!...thanks:D

Open Question: Bucholz Brands is considering the development of a new ketchup product. The ketchup will be sold in a variety?

Open Question: 15 years old and curious about stocks?

okay well i am fifteen years old and currently have about 200 dollars in a savings account. I am curious about stocks and i would like to know more about them in hopes to get (or loose) more money. I would also like to know what stocks are doing well at the moment and in your opinion what a good one i should invest in.

Open Question: What economic model is used in the film Star Trek?

After watching the films and series, I always wondered, how do people live in that time?, apparently money is not needed but how do they were able to build such big machines and space ships?. Do the crew receive a salary or something like that? Is it possible to apply that economic model to our current world?

Open Question: No National Insurance Number?

I am 15 and will be 16 in August. I am in my last year of school and will officially finish school on the 30th of June 2010. So around a month's time. I am applying for a job in my local town, but I haven't yet received my National Insurance Number. It's supposed to be coming some time this month, however. Is it even worth applying for? Because I don't know if I can start work yet?

Open Question: Hoe much condo insurance should I pay for an apartment in Allston, MA?

The apartment has two rooms. The building has four floors and its exterior is Stucco.

Open Question: Do you think interest Rates on Fixed Deposits will increase substaintialy in a Years Time in India?

Open Question: How can someone prove they are a genuine supplier/distributor of apple products as in iphones etc?

When buying online or even in person - if someone says they are a genuine supplier/distributor of apple products - should they have any proof of this?

Open Question: Starting a business with a friend?

I am in junior high and I'm going to start a business. I had color flyers printed at kinkos and everything. My plan is to offer services (such as yard work, cleaning, dog walking/dog care, babysitting). I am planning on charging fees varying from $5-$8 per hour, depending on the task and circumstances (babysitting would be more expensive than dog walking, for example). In the past, I've had businesses with friends, but it hasn't worked out well for a number of reasons. The first one, we were very young and it didn't work out, but the second time, I think it was because it was hard to manage business and friendship and not let our friendship be drowned out by the business. Also, one of the two others I did the last business with really didn't grasp concepts of business very well. With my new business, I was considering doing another business with friends, but I'm not sure if I should or not. Actually, I have two other friends who have been trying to do business but have been unable to keep it up (I am ambitious enough to take charge if nobody else will, which is both a strength and a weakness), and a third friend who saw a flyer on my fridge and wanted to do it with me. I told her I wasn't sure about doing it with friends yet. What are the pros and the cons of doing a business with friends, for a middle school girl? Please be thorough and tell me what you think. Thank you. Please DO NOT advertise ANYTHING to me. I'm not interested in any products or programs, and I won't call you or email you.

Open Question: Are grace periods optional for residential lessors in WA? Or are they requirements? If so, how long are they?

Open Question: Wachovia charges overdraft fees of $22 & NSF $35, are those legal?

I had Wachovia as my primary checking account for Paypal and I had a back up credit card in case the account was at zero so that Paypal would switch over. Instead of alerting Paypal that the account was at 0 they accepted a $6 charge and charged me a $22 fee then did it again on a $13, charging me $35. Are those interest amounts 366% and 269% legal?

Open Question: i want to do online job what i do?


Open Question: what happen if i declare myself bankrupt?

Open Question: Don't you hate changing plans because of the job market and economy right now?

Because the US economy and job market is so screwed up now people keep telling you "oh you shouldn't pursue that, the economy is bad, you won't get a job" yet it's what you've planned for. I want to be a lawyer. I've always wanted to be a lawyer but I now have family saying "oh no! it's hard now because of the job market...go do medical because that's a wide open field right now. Be a nurse. They aren't turning nurse resumes away" No mind that I don't have a medical bone in my body to do that type of work but I should just because it's what's available. I even have the university career services lady recommending, STRONGLY recommending me in careers that don't even fit my personality based on that personality/skills test that says what jobs are best for you. ONLY because what fits me isn't "good" right now. It isn't going to be like this forever and who wants to go back to school in their 30s because they listened when the economy was bad and chose something that didn't fit them. Is this disheartening to anyone else? Don't you hate hearing it? Hate hearing people speak against what you want to do because of the "economy" and "job market" and people suggesting you change?

Open Question: Does changing my Credit Cards Due Date affect my credit score?

Easier for me to pay the 3 of them at the same time. I have very low purchases on each, so it wouldn't be a problem, but my concern was if it would have an effect on my credit score or reputation with each credit card company? Thank You!

Open Question: Help?! Career advice :(?

My dad is pushing me to be in the royal navy,I mean sounds ok bit I want to make my own choices and even though he said do whatever you want to do I'm scared that if I say I don't want to go in he willhate me please help?!

Open Question: I am an Intern in a magazine company they have offered me a commission based job in sales Should I take it?

Open Question: Would a federal research grant affect my SSI?

Open Question: Would it be reasonable to get a single loan to pay down several smaller debts?

I am thinking of getting a mid-sized loan (no more than 5,000) in order to completely pay off three credit card balances, taxes that are owed this year, and two store cards. Does this sound reasonable? Would this help my credit score? Would I just be digging myself deeper into debt by doing this? Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you.

Open Question: Does anyone know what happened to

Was it really just a scam?

Open Question: How do I email the Cialis company about their annoying commercial?

Hi. I don't know about other countries but, in my country of residence, Lilly (or whatever the company's name is) has created a very stupid and annoying commercial for Cialis, in which a woman sings a moronic song on a guitar, or a banjo, or something. It used to be just a stupid commercial from my point of view in the past weeks, but now they're paying TV stations to air it every damn commercial break and it annoys the hell out of me. I'm trying to email Cialis or Lilly about it, but I can't find their official email address. I tried the Cialis website and the Lilly website, to no avail. (I don't wish to waste time and money by calling them or mailing something directly.) So, could anyone give me a direct email address (or link to web form) through which I can contact the makers of this atrocious commercial? Please, I'm jumping for the remote control, to change the channel, every time I hear the cursed sounds.

Open Question: lic policy no -522894182?

sir i have a policy jeevan surbhi my policy no-522894182 iwant to know the status of refund

Open Question: How much do Dollar General managers make? Either hourly or yearly.?

I am applying for a job as the lowest manager position at Dollar General in Missouri. They start out a cashier at minimum wage. How much do the managers make?

Open Question: I need a job in Hawthorne Lawndale or Inglewood, I'm 16. Does anyone know where there hiring ?


Open Question: Does a partial share still pay a dividend?

Let's say I have 5.145 shares of General Electric. I know the 5 shares will be paid a ten cent dividend every quarter. Is the .145 also paid a ten cent dividend, is it paid a partial dividend, or is it not paid a dividend until it amounts to a complete share?

Open Question: whats should i put on a job application when i have no references please help?

leave them blank is a bad thing i heard so what should i do

Open Question: We want to sell but we're underwater on mortgage?

We bought our house two years ago at the height of the market. It cost $332K and the tax appraisal was for $350K. Now the tax appraisal is lowered to $283K and that's probably all our home is worth - but we still owe $305K on it! We have $25k in cash saved but if we used it to make up the difference we'd have no money left to buy another house with (it would be hard to find a place to rent that would allow 4 dogs). But, because we have that cash, our lender (Bank of America) wouldn't do anything to modify or refinance our loan since we're not at risk for defaulting (currently we're using almost $1K a month from savings to make up the shortfall). Current rents for a nice little lakefront home like ours would be around $1900 or max $2K a month, but our monthly PITI is $2900. We have good credit (720) and we're reticent to do a short sale and ruin the credit (also I think with cash on hand we wouldn't be allowed to do a short sale?) Advice, please! Is there anything we're not thinking of? We live in NY. Thank you in advance.

Open Question: I am going through SSI disability prep but in the meantime I have no money What can I do?

If I do work how much can I make and still be eligable?

Open Question: How do I calculate the amount of tax on savings accounts?

I want to know how much tax i would be charged on my Savings account per year or month. if the rate of interest is 0.50% a month for an amount of £1000 savings, how much tax would that be for the year/month?

Open Question: Job Interview questions?what should i ask the interviewer?

can you give me ideas what to ask her /him im not sure what to ask him or her im thinking of asking can you please Describe for me the work environment at this place im thinking of asking can you please Describe for me the work environment at this place

Open Question: Wells Fargo Questions For Economic Class Please Help!?

Wells Fargo Questions For Economic Class Please Help!? did wells fargo undertake some risky projects? Does the company have monopoly power in domestic, regional and international markets? What are the company different forms of compensation for managers? What is most effective in correlating pay and performance? least effective? What are some changes the company made in the past 5 years? can someone help answer some questions? i looked online but they dont have suffiencent information? THanks :)

Open Question: Applying For Jobs - Targeted Resumes?

How many targeted resumes should I be sending out every day? It takes time to rework my resume to make it more marketable for each position. Any tips?



Open Question: How do i analyze the work flows and service of a service provider?

I was asked to go on a field trip will entail visiting a service provider (retail, health care, restaurant, etc.) to experience and examine the details of their operation relative to Service Quality Management. The SERVQUAL assessment found may be useful to you in analyzing the workflows and experience you will encounter. I am confused on what workflows are and what should be done to analyze them

Open Question: what is retention money?

Open Question: whats less risky options trading or forex trading 100:1?

hi im 19 and took some loses in forex recently and im fed up with the 50% moves against me way too risky. and the stupid thing is i was compltetly right! i am a stock trend follower and so the eur was in a negative trend and instead of just letting my profits run i had to get all stupid and buy instead trying to predict a bottom I AM AN IDIOT for this i dont know why forex is sooo much different than stocks i think i could do it but i need more practice or something. but options i have better luck with because its following what a stocks going to do and im good with stocks. whats more risky though?

Open Question: i have 50000/- to invest & i want 10 yo 15 %return which is the best options?

Open Question: what is a good full time job for me?

i have been a part timer all these years since the year 1990. to tell you the truth i thought i would never meet anyone in my life and i just decided to become a part timer all my life.then i met wendy and i want to support a family now. i am currently working at the a&p supermarket part time. i also had other jobs part time and i have been with the a and p since 1994. would anyone know what would be a good job for me and i thought maybe to become a security gaurd or a janitor. i even applied at a few warehouses and other companies to work full time. any help would be appreciated and i really need a full time job.i went to college and have two certificates. one in media technology and the other in history studies. please don't insult me and any website would be helpful. i might even go for a cdl. please help me and i might also see an employment placement person. from,eugene

Open Question: I am going to start an alumunium utensil making unit and apllied for it.?

But they say that melting almunium is banned in bihar. Is that really so?

Open Question: What's my payback move?

My sister put makeup on me while I was sleeping and I had to go to baseball with makeup and nailpolish on. What's my payback move?

Open Question: What happens if I just stop using my Chase bank account?

I've been having SOOO many issues with J.P. Morgan Chase that I didn't have when it was WaMu. I keep saying I'm going to close my account, but the way they have it set up I just haven't been able to. I get direct deposit that goes in Thursday at midnight, but my funds aren't available till Monday. I can make credit card purchases, but can't pull any money. In order to close your account you can't have pending transactions (credit card purchases). Does anyone know what happens if I just stop having my direct deposit go in, and stop using them? Are there any penalties/fines?

Open Question: Why are different strategies used to manage make-to-stock and make-to-order processes?

Open Question: Who wants to trade gta4 for my call of duty 4 for ps3?

I live in coney island. My game has no scrathes and works fine

Open Question: what colour for the wall and celling will suitable for office?

Open Question: futures trading for seafood?

How do you find the price of futures for seafood , especially shrimp. I was wondering what the price of seafood was doing after the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico. I know how to find metals and the major traded commoditiesbut I don't know how to find seafood. Thanks.

Open Question: Has anyone ever stopped paying on their storage unit rental?

If you did what happened? I have one i am behind paying on and got a letter saying they would sell my things to make up for what i sell and what is left over i can have. It says that personal papers and personal effects will not be sold but given back. Not sure what personal effects are or if i will get back certain things i know are not important to anyone but me. I wonder if it depends on the place and people that own it?

Open Question: A question about working and lunch breaks?

Isn't it illegal to get a 15 minute break(the only break during the five hours) if you work five hours, that is way to small of a break it takes time to go buy the food outside and on top of that my co worker wants me back and ready to work right away.

Open Question: Does anyone have a health care spending account?

I recently got into a car accident, it was the other drivers fault. I'm now in physiotherapy, and my insurance has requested my work benefits info. Can they require that I use the balance of my health care spending account before they start paying the bill?

Open Question: How can I make this job position sound more professional for a resume?

For my job application, one of my references works for a gas station. He pumps gas and makes deliveries as well as helping maintain the property. He is a nice man and very professional, but the job title just doesn't sound business like. Any ideas on how to rephrase it?

Open Question: My company in California is requiring a 50% salary cut to keep my job.?

If I can't do this and leave, am I quitting or is it a layoff since it's to reduce company expenses. Or do I have to do something specific for it to technically be a layoff? They made this requirement for all employees. Thanks!

Open Question: Will an employer background check review my date mistake?

I just applied for a position. The people called me back about my resume stating they were very interested in me for potential employment. However, I noticed a mistake on my resume. For my current employment, I started in July of 2004 and I must not have been thinking correctly or made a typo or something because on my resume it states 2003. I didn't deliberately lie about it, but I was too afraid to correct the woman when she said "Wow! So you've been there since 2003!" I didn't want them to think I made frequent mistakes on my typing or anything. I'm paranoid because I really want this position, but I'm afraid a background check of my employment history will reveal the mistake and they might take it for a lie and not hire me. Will a background check reveal this date or will it just confirm that I did, in fact, work there?

Open Question: no mortgage agreement?

my bank keep asking me to sign the mortgage offer but im not sure why they say they don't have a copy of it what does this mean many thanks

Open Question: What do I need to open a cafe?

Okay here's the deal. I'm looking to open a cafe, but I want to incorporate a jungle gym/creche for kids. I'm not sure of anything that I would have to do for this. Like if I would need any specific qualifications or certificates...! If anyone can give me any advice that would be wicked! Thanks!!

Open Question: Does Petco to a pre-employment drug test?

I have a second 1:1 interview at petco and I was wondering if they do a Pre-employment drug test. I'm not worried about the random tests, just a pre-employment one. thanks.

Open Question: is there any job after b.c.a?

i hav done B.C.A ,and i want 2 do job as soon as possible b'coz i hav some financial percentage is 65%.

Open Question: How do the resolutions of the IBM®, AT&T®, and Microsoft® antitrust cases differ?

How do the resolutions of the IBM®, AT&T®, and Microsoft® antitrust cases differ?

Open Question: Which of the following is included in the cost of constructing a building? a. interest on money borrowed to fi?

Open Question: no mortgage agreement?

my bank keep asking me to sign the mortgage offer but im not sure why they say they don't have a copy of it what does this mean many thanks

Open Question: What's a good site to sell your business on?

I'm looking to buy a restaurant in Florida, but since I'm not a U.S resident, I have no idea where too look. I first want to get an idea of possibility's before actually moving to the U.S. Does anyone know a popular/good site that has advertisements from people that are selling their restaurants? Thanks in advance!

Open Question: Ideas to propuse in my job, to achieve exposure and self-growing for a future promotion?

Hi, I've working one week in an accounting organization which is highly competitive, I've considering of ideas could help me grow,, but mind is in blank.. The only idea i've thinked of is "Provide monthly results" but it already has owner.. Could you please help providing ideas, could help in an organization??? Any one provided will be from much help, and well appreciated.... Thanks =)

Open Question: How can someone take out a loan against their 401k?

Open Question: What can we do if one condo association trustee defies the group and does unauthorized work on the building?

We are part of a three owner condominium association. We are in a difficult financial situation where one owner who has been in charge of the books for the last 4 1/2 years says he's all paid up on condo fees, but we need to look at the bank statements. The other two of us have been delinquent in fees, but I am about to be all caught up. We had a condo meeting where we agreed to not do any work over $100 until we had a meeting. We woke up to work being done on the outside of our building. We asked him what he was doing. We told him that we had agreed to not do any work until we had a meeting. He defied us and went ahead and began doing work on the building purchasing used shingles. What can we do in this situation?

Open Question: Can I get at least a $4,000 bank loan even though I'm only 20 years old?

I need a bank loan of $4,000 and I currently got a job and work for a wedding decoration business but I'm only an intern for now. Will the bank be willing to give me that amount of a loan? Also I am a student and I don't need a student loan but only a bank loan. All help is appreciated. Thanks.

Open Question: how to do prepaid freight shipping - ups ground?

Open Question: Auditing the Physical Count of Inventory?

What are the appropriate auditing procedures if you observe that inventory on the shipping and/or receiving dock of the client is not being counted in physical inventory?

Open Question: I've been charged with 68GBP and I really don't know if I contact them I would get refund. I live in UK?

Open Question: Lawyers...could you help me out please?

I am currently a sophomore in college, and I am considering going to law school. What would be the best major to prepare me for law school? I was thinking of possibly double majoring in Business and English...would this be a mistake to not go the traditional history/political science route? Thank you!

Open Question: What jobs dont drug test?

Open Question: Help with job application?

I've already answered the following questions on my application, I just wanted to sort of cross refernce my answers, so how would you answer these? - What do you perceive as good customer service? -What are some of your traits that makes you an ideal candidate for a customer service position? -What does team work mean to you? -Why do you believe safety is important in the workplace? If it helps, I'm 15 and I'm applying for Target.

Open Question: Car tax question urgent answers please?

My car tax disc ran out on the 30th April I was at work and forgot to renew it now I'm scared can I renew it today my car is on driveway

Open Question: Is the booming real estate market of 'Dubai' still 'RED-HOT' and still booming ?

I just watched a tv show on CBC television, it was called "Doc Zone: Dubai: Miracle or Mirage?", and on that show they talked about how the real estate market in Dubai was exploding, how prices for homes were going up 5% or more in a week ! Is all of this still happening today? WOW ! They said that in typical real estate developments it takes 10 years from start to end, but in Dubai everything is on "fast speed" and developments usually take only 3 years or less. People go into shopping malls and the first thing they stop at is the real estate displays and buy 2 or 3 houses or condos ! America's boom ended a year ago, is Dubai still booming like this ? And if it is, then WHY? What does Dubai have that America doesn't have, to keep its housing market booming? And Dubai Inc corporation, the development company says that their construction is booming in America, even today. Is this still true?

Open Question: what is the best software for a non profit Homeowners Association to use?

I'm a treasurer of a newer HOA group that is looking to upgrade to a better accounting program. We need something that works for non-profits but also allows us to get reports and budget. We are a small group with around 60 units.

Open Question: how long does bank of america lock your account for?

i was trying to help my parents get into their account but they couldnt remember their password and so i got locked out... how long do i stay locked out for?

Open Question: how to create financial portfolio on yahoo?

i would like to creat tranistional portfolio on finanical holdings that i've helded for several years. this would include buy, sell, and reinvestment of dividents. how do i enter information?

Open Question: what would be my ideal job?

okay so im 14 and these people came into school to talk to us about uni. i deffinately want to go but i dont no exactly what i want to be. i love astrology like horoscopes and that i really believe in them and i would say im quite superstitous but i also love fashion i want to be a model but i no my career like that may not last forever. fashion is my all. i would love to like own my own fashion magazine or have a show like gok wan, but i also love to help people and would love to travel the world and to countries like africa and teach them things or help them in some way. the children i mean. id also love to talk to kids who have been through trauma and like investigating things. is there any jobs you could think of that combine all of these things together in some sort of way or just a job you would think i would like, also what i could study at uni, and good unis to go to. i live in the uk thankyou