[ Allergies ] Open Question : I've been sick for almost a month now. What could be wrong with me?

I've been to the doctor. She told me that I had Otitis Media, and prescribed me a few rounds of antibiotics and a decongestant. It helped some. But the symptoms keep coming back. It feels warm inside of my ears, and pressured. I have this low pitched ringing sound in them when everything is quiet. And if I take my medication even an hour too late I develop a fever all over again. I also have post-nasal drip. The problem was, I wasn't sick before all of this. I didn't have a cold or anything. I have no idea where any of this could have come from. I visited the ENT a few days ago because it wasn't clearing up, and he told me that I've had a viral infection and gave me a packet of tablets to clear it up, and some Nasonex. It's been three days, and I've taken everything that I've been prescribed (except for the decongestant) because the ENT told me not to take those, as they would make the fluid sit in my sinuses instead of drain. It just doesn't feel like it's getting any better, and I'm starting to get a fever again. Is this normal for a viral infection? When will I start feeling better? I've been sick for so long, it's starting to worry me.