[ Family ] Open Question : I don't know what to do anymore (sorry it's so long)?

I have been having trouble dealing with my parents. My mom has been really cranky and my dad isn't helping and just agrees with what she says. I'm getting so frustrated with this. Here's the story: I play clarinet and have been taking piano lessons for 8 years. I chose to play the clarinet, but the piano lessons were forced by my mom. She claims that music is "in my blood" and that I have a "natural talent" for it. I sorta believe it but it's starting to become lame. I must practice everyday before I can do anything. Needless to say, I haven't been following that rule much since I have lost motivation for it since my parents (mainly my mom) have been to forceful about it. However, they blame me for losing motivation. Second, they say I don't use my talent and don't try hard. I am a high honors student and I try hard in sports, music and school. They say I try to take the easy way out when I don't. They also say I'm lazy and don't do any work. I do babysitting sometimes and mow lawn for my grandparents when they are away and ask me to. According to my parents, they aren't "jobs". Where I live, unless you live on a farm, most people my age don't have jobs (I'm 14 but will be 15 in a few weeks). I do chores when they ask me to (even though I complain sometimes, I still get them done). It also seems that they don't appreciate the extra things I do such as making lunch or unloading the dishwasher. As for being lazy, I had 5 hours of volleyball everyday this week and I'm exhausted so I'm trying to take it easy and not do much today. However, according to my parents, that's being "lazy." Lastly, my younger sisters do nothing compared to me, yet my parents act like they are their "model children" and always compare me to them. It pisses me off so much and makes me feel as if they favor my sisters over me. What can I do? I try talking to my parents and they give me this same bs EVERY TIME! Are they right, or am I really lazy and need to get my act together?