[ Men's Health ] Open Question : Am I Underweight? I want a 6 pack?

im 16 and 6 ft tall er 5ft 11in and I only weigh 132 lbs I know I'm underweight but am I really that underweight or is it just mild. I can see my ribs and it freaks me out I just wanna be normal and gain a lil weight but i cant. My family doesnt believe in eating pork and animal fat so I dont really have many choices on gaining weight my mom doesnt cook very much for me just once or twice a day she cooks lean meat like chicken and biscuits and sometimes fries but i never really seem full and satisfied with just 2 meals a day and I dont like asking my mom to cook more cuz when i do shes always like didnt u eat that chicken i fixed u? and sometimes shell be like lazy and say im too tired to cook right now and like were just gonna have to be without until I go back to the grocery store. and can i get a 6 pack abs if im underweight? will it build muscle or will it just make me lose more weight? oh we are a family of 5 and only make 30,000 dollers a year so we are poor and cant afford very much food. when i ask if we can get some type of food at the grocery store to my mom she always says we dont have enough money and that i have to do without im always hungry but I have got used to it I practically have anorexia from not eating enough someone help.