[ Pregnancy ] Open Question : I think Yes i might be pregnant, or am i still feeling plan b's side effects?

So, okay on friday 13 august 2010, i had sex with my boyfriend. We are 17 years old. Everything was good but then his condom broke. i got up right away, but i was a lil scared. he hadnt yet c u m yet but he pre cu m d , which is a low risk but its still a risk if its in me it could get me pregnant. so on sunday a day after that, i took plan b, and took the next one the next day ( since i gotta wait 12 hours). Plan b usually works really well i heard so i might not be pregnant so i shouldnt worry or stress out they say. but, its almost two weeks now since that happened, and i have been feelin a lil weird. by weird i mean, it started w small headaches and then i started feeling weird pain on my lower stomach. now i thought, well these are just side effects from the plan b pills i took, since i checked the side effects and some of em where headaches, and lower abdominal pain, and i have been experiencing that. but now, after mre than a week, my stomach still feels weird, and ive been wanting to go pee a lot. Could this be cause i'm pregnant??. its august 22, i get my period around the late 20's, (25-29). should i wait till those days and if my period doesnt ever come should i then take a pregnancy test? man, i dont wanna be pregnant. i hope im not, my parents would kill me, theylle find my bf and kill him, not literally but u knw well theyllle do somethin. im kinda scared, im not rlly stressin or worryin, just scared of what my parents family, cuzins friends ppl, would do or say id i d get pregnant. good thing my bf said he would always be here with me no matter what happens or if i am pregnant