[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Girls! What do I do? (very long question) Please help!?

I know this is very long but I'd REALLY appreciate it if you helped me out. Thanks! (we're both 16 years old, both play trumpet, go to diff schools, parents know each other, live 25 mins away) So me and this girl met at a Lions Band tryout last Nov. and we talked alot while we were there. We've known each other our whole life but only as little kids. We both made it (and got to go to a trip to Australia) and I got her number off facebook. (she gave it to me) we talked and went on 3 dates. We held hands on the 3rd date also. But later that month (dec.) she let me go cause I never really made a move on her cause I was so shy. So Jan. - May. she texted me first (like 8 times) with just small talk and talking about the trip. We had not seen each other this whole 6 months either. So the trip comes and she wants to sit by me on the plane. So we flirt and all but still never made a move again.. About 2 days later she just plain out ignored me. Didnt say a word to me at all. So that night I asked if we could talk and I just said that I was shy, etc. and she said I didnt have to be shy around her etc. So the next day came and hung out all day in Aus. We went on the bridge climb in Sydney and when we got to the top of the bridge, (the sun was setting) I held her hand. And we basically held hands the entire trip! The last night of it, we're riding back on the bus and 4 of our friends, (they were couples too) started kissing on the bus. She said to me that she was kinda nervous to kiss me and it took her 7 months to kiss her old bf. She said she really wanted to kiss me! So I just kissed her and she smiled and we flirted and kissed the rest of that night! (on the way back from the trip, we were on diff planes and she kept sending me I miss you messages and things like that!) So we went on 2 dates after that trip. Both of them were awesome!! At the end of the first date, I told her "I dont want this to end, you wanna go out with me?" and she said "yes!" and we kissed a little. At the end of the second date, b4 i dropped her off we made out for the first time. After it, I asked if she wanted to be my gf. She said "yes, but I think we should wait on that, dont take this as a no I really do!" So we met at a DCI show and we hung out the entire night. (family was there so we didnt hold hands or kiss or anything) we hugged And I said we need to hang out again soon, and she said "I know!" So that friday, my family and friends were driving to atlanta for a trip and her dad was going too. I asked her kiddingly why she wasnt going and she called me (for the first time) and explained and just chatted a little. Also she said I could get to know her dad a little. So a couple of days later I noticed she was kinda ignoring my messages, I asked "hey are we ok? and this was our conversation.. Her: yes, but I just dont see how we are gonna work out when school starts and stuff. We hardly see each other as it is. :-( Me: well you know I really like you. You're all ive been thinking about ever since I met you. Her: same here, and it kills to not see you, but I just dont see how its gonna work. With lions band we saw each other every day all day for two weeks so it was easy. But now we never see each other. And it will be even worse when school starts. Thats why I said I needed to wait on being you girlfriend So I pretty much just started suggesting things like we can go to each others churches and football season will end and stuff like that. (I know I shouldnt have kept it going on, dont harass me bout it) Then she finally just said: Kevin.. Its not gonna work Me: Ok I understand, wish things could've worked out (20 mins later) Me: Well hey I dont want to end this on a bad note, friends? (10 mins later) Her: Please dont think that I dont want it to work out. You made me extremely happy. Happier than Ive been in a while! Her: Absolutely! Best Friends! Me: same here! and I will miss you So she texted me first a couple of days after that and just talked. She also still "likes" my fb statuses and comments sometimes. So I can kinda tell shes still interested. But I just dont know what to do anymore. And our football teams are playing each other sep.3 ON my birthday and we're both in band and we probably are gonna meet somewhere just to chat so should I tell her "I've missed you" or something like that? I've tried everything to get her off my mind but just cant. I got baptized today and felt great! I have prayed to God numerous times and I'm asking Him to do all He can to help me with this. I've just felt so lonely after all of this and I just dont know how to handle it. She also text me today just to ask me something and her birthday is tomorrow. She gets on fb alot so should I send a fb happy b-day message, text, or both? and what should I say? Please help!