Open Question: If I use my mom's credit card (Just read, please)...?

...and pay her back in cash, will that be all right? I mean, would it normally be all right? I have the money in cash, but the thing is, I don't have a credit card. I'm figuring on using my mom's credit card, and then paying her back full in cash (plus extra for shipping). Honestly, I'd buy it in person, at a nearby store, but they don't sell it here. By the way, it's a vest, not drugs. (Googled this topic...saw a girl steal money for drugs...WTF) And it's a special vest. It's a compression vest. And I really really need it. If you want more info, google the term "FTM". But it's kind of like I really need it, it makes me confident and - you know what, just google it. But would that be fine? And please don't tell me to just tell my mom, because that would defeat the purpose. Also, she doesn't know I want this. ...And if you say to tell her, I'll have to disagree, and tell you my mother has a issue with the LGBT community in general...and...ranting. Just please help.