randall cunningham

Randall Cunningham's 2-year-old son, Christian, died in a hot tub yesterday according to the LasVegas Review-Journal:
A woman at Cunningham's house was with several children when she found the boy at about 4:30 p.m., Las Vegas police Lt. Dennis Flynn said. She removed the boy from the hot tub and began performing CPR. Paramedics took the child to St. Rose Dominican Hospital, Siena campus, where he died, Flynn said.

The ex-Eagles QB and current pastor Cunningham performs baptisms in the hot tub at his home which is near his church, Remnant Ministries.

Abuse and neglect detectives were investigating the incident which is believed to be a tragic accident.

Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West:Hello everyone! I'm still a bit drowsy of delays and long flights arrive last night, but wanted to share a few shots horse to visit my friend who lives in and manages a horse ranch in Wyoming for the National Outdoor Leadership School. It was my last big ...

Vietnam Small Satellites in 2017

Vietnam expected to master the technology to manufacture small satellites by 2017, when the project to build the first national space centre is scheduled for completion, said the vice chairman of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology’s Space Technology Institute, Dr Pham Anh Tuan. The Hoa Lac national space centre project was to be [...]

pride parade chicago 2010 road map

Chicago Pride this Sunday show 2010th as Pridefest Chicago called the year 2010. This will display the pride of Chicago in 1941. Whole gay company in Chicago and throughout the country was still working for equal rights and acceptance, and visibility, and pride for the weekend is an opportunity to be one of the thousands of homosexuals, such as thinking and local communities, to celebrate who we are and there is no reason for that.

If you want to be part of the Chicago 2010 pridefest only take the mask, and even better to go with your identity and show that you have free memory. Chicago Pride Parade 2010 road map is available at various locations on the Internet, which can be obtained here.

Can be verified by a variety show pride in Chicago on the Internet in various places on the internet. It is recommended that you go if you want to have fun, and dare to be part of, and public support weird.


Beginning at 16:00 on Friday, Waveland and Halsted will be a place for celebrations on the weekend of pride is the beginning of Northalsted Pride Festival. 7 The amount in dollars, you can view 80 pop star Tiffany and cloud shows. There will also be food vendors and many fellow gays.


Once every two years, Dyke March organizer in Chicago, a new site in town to hold the annual parade. This year the parade will take place in the district of South Beach, in an effort to "build relationships and promote social justice in conflict looks more South Beach street." March in action, 71 Jeffrey Avenue. And ended in Jackson Park, where music and other presentations. Everyone is welcome, but most women would be abnormal.


A slam and Gatorade for the use of the time continued to show - it. Chicago Pride Parade steps off at 2010 on Sunday afternoon, and probably will attract thousands of people to discard pills Halsted Street North, dance, and, of course, all gay and gay colleagues celebrate its allies.

Open Question: About Import from China?

I got a cargo caming from china which it came on 16th this month but since that date the custom hold it and they want to look now what will happen and what should I do plz anyone help me. I got agent for clearing the custom and he said to me we only can wait.

Open Question: becoming a nurse tech?

I am currently a CNA and I have been looking for information on a nurse tech - all I can find is that a nurse tech is THE SAME as a CNA with a better name, which IS NOT the case in my town. A nurse tech in my town is more like a nurse - working under an RN doing things such as assisting with dressing changes or performing with RN supervision, passing meds, and doing assessments. My QUESTION IS can I pass meds under registration as a nurse tech if I havent taken pharmacology yet? I have taken a 4 hour intro on pharmacology which covers the basics of right person, right route, right time, right dose, right med, the math basics and how to look up information about each med in a drug book.. I was warned that I may or may not be able to and to make sure I can before I apply as a nurse tech. Thanks.

Open Question: best credit card for a college student who wants to build credit and earn miles?

im a college student, i have no credit, and obviously want to build some. i also am really in need of a card that gives me airline miles as a reward or something. best card that wont screw me over? thanks :)

Open Question: i want to start a bussiness suggest some idea?

i want to start a bussiness, so please someone suggest me some idea...

Open Question: I am over 50 can I withdraw my money from my private pension plan?

Open Question: Who can help me? I have a problem!!!!!!!!!! How to be independent business? Now development what good?

Who can help me? I have a problem!!!!!!!!!! How to be independent business? Now development what good??

Open Question: Good jobs requiring good math skills?

What are some good,high paying careers that require good math skills? (Dont say math teacher -_-)

Open Question: What do I write when asking if a position has been filled?

Last Monday I had a job interview for a bank teller position. The interviewer told me that by the end of the week they will call me to let me know if I qualify for a second interview or not. Now it's the beginning of the new week and I have heard nothing from the bank at all. I was advised to email the interviewer to see if the position has been filled, but I don't know how to properly phrase it without sounding desperate. How can I ask through an email if the position has been filled? AND, is it too soon to ask? Starting tomorrow (Tuesday) it will be about 7 business days since my interview.

Open Question: i want to no where is the money i put into the 401 k?

my name is benita mackie i work for aronson furiture and they close down it seem that no one could tell me where is the money i put in there.

Open Question: Im 15, can i sell handmade bracelets outside walmart or the mall?

I want to sell bracelets i make for extra money, im not sure if its legal or if i need a license or something. I live in texas if that helps

Open Question: I can not find my 07 and 08 tax returns and I need them for a meetin asap is there a way to get a copy?

Is there a website or a number I can call to have copies sent to me I have all the rest but of course not the 2 that I need I have moved a few times and I'm sure they are just mixed up in stuff but it could take me forever to find them please help thank you

Open Question: How much does it cost to build a house? TEN POINTS TO BEST ANSWER!!!?

lets say i bought a piece of land... how much would it cost to build a house from scratch? how would the cost be broken up between things like materials, labor and design stuff? thank you

Open Question: What are the various ways of earning online?

I'm a professional photographer and financial adviser with over three years of experience. I'm also into computer education. Good at creative writing, data analysis and photo editing. Looking for ways of earning online to support my income.

Open Question: List down the transport operation in your area?

Open Question: What is the failure rate of franchise businesses??????

Open Question: Help!!!! Trying to fill out a job application for a retail store. How do I answer these questions?

What it the best job you have ever had? Why did you like it so much? **I use to work in an office, so I put I loved my job because I worked with people on a daily basis and I enjoyed assisting people with whatever problem they had. Sounds okay? What is the worse job you have ever had? Why did you hate it so much? **I have only had one job and I already put why I loved it. What can I put here? Who was the BEST supervisor or manager you have worked with? What characteristics made that person a good manager? **Do I put her name? This is what I was going to write, 'My favorite supervisor was________. The characteristics I admired most about her was her nonchalant attitude. She was fun but serious when she needed to be. Working as an Assistant was my first job and she was really helpful and patience in helping me get the hang of things. Think of a POOR supervisor or manager you have worked with. What characteristics made that person a poor manager? **Again I have only had one job and I loved the supervisor I had. Although, there was another manager that was over her that I also had to deal with sometimes. He wasn't so nice because it was loud, rude and arrogant. But, I don't know if I should put that. HELP??

Open Question: raise some money...ideas?

ok so i am a college student and i am trying to figure out some way to make some money to buy my first car. im not looking for anything expensive im just looking for something that will be dependable enough to get me around while at home in michigan and while at school in tennessee. I have been home for the summer for about a month now and i am still struggling to find a summer job because pretty much every place i go to is accepting apps but not really hiring at the time. can anyone give me some ideas on way to raise money or at least good places that are usually good for a summer job????

Open Question: Where can I get business cards?

Have any of you ever ordered business cards? If so, where? I'm looking into getting some, but simply searching on Google makes me feel overwhelmed and also skeptical about some prices and stuff. Can anyone lead me into some?

Open Question: Idea's for an internet service/business?

Preferably something simple, not sending out items bigger than envelope size

Open Question: Is it worth setting up a pc repair business?

a couple of people I talked to said there isnt any money to be made in it,that most people will replace a pc before getting repaired. This is beacuse a repair may cost £100+ and as you can pick up a pc or laptop brand new for £300 then whats the point in repairing an old one. I am studying for the Comptia A+ exam but also been told thats not important as its just a certificate! I live in UK so answers about US market may not be useful to me

Open Question: How to get started selling drinks on the street?

I live in a city where its major economy is tourism. With the incredibly hot weather and the extra time I have on my hands, I've decided to invest some money and start selling drinks on the street. I did some research and I think this could be a successful seasonal job that generates decent cash flow. I've decided to sell mainly drinks such as bottled water and can sodas. I already bought a 62 quart cooler and my inventory of drinks and ice. I'm thinking about making a upside down V-shaped cardboard sign to display what I'm selling and prices. My starting prices: (I plan to increase or decrease after getting sales data.) Small Water Bottle: $1.25 Big Water Bottle: $2.00 Can Sodas: $2.00 Currently I'm trying to figure out what legal paperwork I need. It appears I need a peddlers permit. This is my first time doing this so I would like some advice and tips from someone more experienced. Thanks for your advice and wish me luck!

Open Question: Where do photography companies purchase their combs?

The ones that they give out at student pictures to fix the kids hair? Ive seen them on ebay for about .05 cents a pop, but no way are these companies going to shell that much out for a comb. I was wondering if anyone knew, a whole seller who sold them dirt cheap.

Open Question: Why is everyone looking for Best Property Deals?

A place where you can browse only selective property(s) in Delhi NCR region and also a chance to win very exciting prizes, everyone wins........ http://www.bestpropertydeals.co.in

Open Question: Which FORex robot is better?

I'm going to buy one soon, as soon as I've reached enough money for me to invest on. So, in terms of how much percentage you're going to get each month, which robot is better? FX Nitro or FAP TURBO please tell me how much percent you got back if you've tried them too. Thanks

Open Question: can i receive food stamps if i receive ssi and ssd?

am i eligible for food stamps if i receive ssi and ssd

Open Question: does the I.R.S ever take a company and continue to sell the companys products to pay debts or other reasons?


Open Question: How to Get Money !!!!?

Basically, im wanting to buy a Black Toyota Celica Because they are Awesome! im wanting it for my seventeenth, im sixteen in august so i wont be able to get a proper job till then and im also in college, so i want to no any ways of getting money to help me and how to bloody save it because i seem to spend it straight away,

Open Question: How do I report this guy?

I saw an ad on gumtree about a guy selling the black berry bold 9700 with all Accessories. i rang him he said to do money transaction then when he gets the money he would send the phone... he said he was at the post office, he let me spoke to someone who works there to verify. he texted me saying hes send it next day recorded delivery & that if the money is not in the account he'd have to withdraw the parcel. i sent the money, he said he sent the phone/..is next day now & is nearly 1pm & ive not received it & his phone is switched off:( i really want my money back. should I go to the backk or to the police?? should i go to the back or the police?? please help me thnx...xx

Open Question: All the list of direct company who is working online or home based?

Can any body tell me the name of direct all company who is working fully online based or giving online work?Not any type of consultancy service. I want to know any body working like direct through company?

Open Question: On Dragon Age Origins, im a mage and i need advice on my specialization?

i currently have shapeshifter and ive got to decide between blood magic and spirit healer. both are really good so im having trouble deciding

Open Question: How long does it take to get a loan from 5050loan.com?

I saw the original post for 5050loan.com and the questions asked. In that, there were a few persons that claimed that they received a loan from this source and that it took awhile. Can someone please clarify the timing. I want to apply but really would like a guideline to how it plays out for the borrower.

Open Question: anything about a company called McGuire Properties?

Just got a job offer from McGuire Properties need to know if they are legit.

Open Question: Mail Was Opened by Employer?

I sent a package to my boyfriend's workplace, and when he received the package, the DVD was taken out of the packaging. It was an anime DVD- luckily, no porn...well, I was/am rather annoyed and bothered! The package was made out to HIM and had the company's name and address. Um, I thought it was illegal to open someone else's mail...Does the law change within the workplace? Please help!


I am thinking of taking out a debt relief order and am a joint homeowner. I wondered if it is possible to take out a debt relieft order when you own your own house (mortgaged) if not what is the best other option

Open Question: i have an interview at Cititrends today, how can i make a good impression and get the job?

i have a interview at cititrends today in austell ga and i want to make a great impression..what should i wear? what should i say when they ask why i should be hired? I have no previous experience working at a clothing store, but im a quick learner and i want to move into the retail business...plz help

Open Question: how Indian matrimonial site is different from abroad site can you suggest some bussiness tips?

Open Question: Our realtor has not come through and has lied to us about things.?

What should we do? We purchased a condo and the parking spot in front of us, she said was ours. People were parking in it and we put NICE notes on the windows to ask them please not to park there, as we owned it. It turns out that we do NOT own it. It is misleading in guidelines that we have, and the realtor told us a specific one was ours. I was always wondering why there were 3 condo units painted on the curb to designate which spots belonged to who, and only two spots there. So some confusion has ensued. Also, we do not have our laundry room door, no one has come to clean out our hot tub and teach us how to use it; it has been 2 months since this promise was made, the outside windows are filthy and frankly I think she should have someone clean it up,since it was supposed to be done a month ago. We have lived there 2 months now. What time frame should all this be done in? I feel like we have been left in the dust. What should we do? I apologized to the neighbors for making a stink about the parking, especially considering we have a garage, but I still feel lied to. I feel like an idiot in this whole thing. The neighbors were so nice an welcomed us and brought us cookies and stuff, and I got mad over a stupid parking space. What should we do about the rest of the stuff, i.e., the laundry room door? Thank you for opinions. My husband and I are first time homebuyers and none of our families have ever lived in a condo; we have either always owned a house rented, so I am not used to condo associations and such. Thank you!

Open Question: How did I get free shipping on ebay?

I won an auction tonight and when I went to pay it said "free shipping" even though a s&h charge was listed. Paypal completed the transaction without a shipping charge. If it makes any difference, the seller lives in Canada and I live in the USA.

Open Question: How long will it take to pay off simple interest loan?

I have a simple interest loan for 3684.38 at 24.900% apr for 3 years which totals $5738.48 I pay it weekly. My weekly payment I'd 33.58. I was trying to figure out how much faster (or total length) if I pay 50 a week?

Open Question: What stores/small shops hire 14 year-olds?

Me and my friends (we live in Portland, OR) are looking for summer jobs. So far, we've tried: Burlington Ross Baskin Robins Target Toys R Us Only Baskin Robins considered hiring us, but we need to know of any more places. Please, PLEASE, help us out. Thanks so much!

Open Question: Help! Hiring manager will call me back today, how should I act?

So I'm applying for this job as a kennel attendant at a veterinary clinic. I know it's not the most glamorous job but this is a job I neeeeeed to get to prepare myself for the future as a veterinarian. I submitted just an application the other week, and the receptionist said the manager is going through applications today and will call the people back, but I need to find a way to get myself to stand out from the other people. I should have turned in my resume and cover letter with my application, but I forgot to, so do you think it is appropriate to just give it to her when I meet her in person?? Plus! How should I act/what should I say when I'm on the phone with her when she calls me back?!

Open Question: Where can I advertise my services for free around the world?

I am PHP programmer and looking for job projects (blogs, websites, e-shops). Where can I advertise my services? My target clients live in North America, Western Europe and Australia. I am looking something like announcement board where I can advertise my services for free. Thank you

Open Question: Anyone in the Alexandria, VA area know of cheap apartments for rent?

Something as low as $500 a month. I'm having trouble looking. I don't know where to start. thanks.

Open Question: Do anybody knows about Interview?

I fill out an application in kmart online and I receive a interview for today at 2pm but i don't know if I have to take any documents or a resume and don't know anything how I dress what to say..if the interview its long ..im a lil nervous and i really need a job somebody can help me please...anything would be good..thanks

Open Question: What kind of clothes for this career?

I am getting job soon in the early in the fall. I am getting my career in medical billing & coding so what kind of clothes do they wear?

Open Question: Um, tutorvista; can I get my money back...?

Well, once, I tried the demo session of tutorvista, I was just curious and asked about a tedious math subject that bothered me for the whole school year. The demo session was great, actually, and I signed up for a bit, it helped alot, for an online tutor. But, I recently had a session, and a tutor actually, out of nowhere, drew a very inapropiate image on the digital whiteboard next to the chatbox. I didn't find anyway to get a different tutor, my money was wasted? Can I refund for that session as one? I mean, really.

Open Question: Anyone know anything about renting in Ontario? Housing Board Rules or anything?

I started to rent a townhouse in Ontario April 1st, 2010. Since I've moved in I have called the Superintendant about things that are wrong with our house: Our floor in our kitchen is coming up (sent a email with pictures to the owner and they told me to get in contact with the super to be fixed and he said in June) Our basement has a major leak that he was suppose to come see about 2 weeks ago and hasn't even with me continuing to go ask him (he always says he busy, or is taking care of his kids, or has other important things to do) Our toilets will not flush properly and are constantly plugging to the point that their almost overflowing, we constantly have to get the toilet plunged with for the past 3 days helps for a few hours. Then there are minor things, like our front door is broken and the outside door won't lock, the patio doors don't work properly and neither do the locks, our furnace recently broke he said he would see about it in the fall, we have no screens so we can't open our windows. I have a 4 year old and I am pregnant so with water problems usually comes mold, we also have a crack in the basement and its been added stress trying to get stuff done around the house and I've had enough. Can I legally hold rent or does anyone have any ideas, we cannot move right now and we have a signed 1 year agreement.

Open Question: Non-refundable deposit in Ontario?

I put a $20 non-refundable deposit down on a pair of shoes. The receipt was written out with a total of $70 dollars outstanding for a grand total of $90 for the shoes. The clerk told me my shoes would be available for pick up in 2-7 days. A few days after I ordered my shoes the clerk phone me to tell me that she had quoted me the wrong price and that the shoes would be $30 extra. On top of that it has now been 6 weeks since I ordered my shoes. Am I entitled to getting my $20 deposit back or is it truly non-refundable?

Open Question: What is protocol for customers using a credit card?

There is a swiper for customers right where i check out but the girl at the register says she will swipe it for me. Im pretty certain she is looking at my name and signature and comparing it to my ID but she wont admit it. Others (at this same store) dont even ask to swipe my card they just let me do it myself and ask to see my ID. Should I say something to this cashier cos she really insults my intelligence by doing this!

Open Question: any physician assistants out there care to answer some questions for me please?

1. can PA's work in hospitals? 2. how much do you guys get paid a year? 3. Did you go to med school? 4. do you get treated well or like nurses?

Open Question: Help Please: Phlebotomist Jobs?

I'm planning on taking courses in the fall to get certified. I need health care experience before I can apply to a Physician Assistant program. What is the job market like for phlebotomists right now? Will I be able to find a job in January (preferably at a hospital)? I also have my B.S. in Biomedical Science...will this better my chances of getting a job, or am I going to need to get CNA training as well? Thanks!

Open Question: How do I hit my stocking time goal?

I work the Flow Team at Target, and my manager says I'm over an hour slow. Considering my goal time is 1:50, it seems impossible to be that slow when I am working at a steady pace and minimizing my steps. On the sheet she gives me it says 319 under "Stock Eaches Total" (is that boxes?), and 1:50 for my stock goal. If those are boxes, how am I supposed to do one every 20 seconds? The steps are to get all of the boxes off the pallet and into the proper lane, open the boxes and stock the shelves, and collapse each box and put it in a cart you have with you when the items are out. Just the walking time alone per box can be well over 20 seconds. I have to walk from the pallet to the lane, back to the pallet to throw the next box, and then back to the lane eventually to unpack it. If the place is a little over 6 seconds away from the pallet I have no time to even unpack it, let alone collapse it. I don't even wait for help with team lifts or anything, and I'm moving as fast as I can without slicing my hand open with the box cutter. What am I doing wrong?


i want to know about duration of mca after bca

Open Question: Are they going to build a Costco in Pewaukee Wisconsin?

When will it open? When will they break ground? What is the Status of the project?

Open Question: What does this mean? "Claim Award Limit Reached" from paypal?

I opened a claim and I got the resolution email and the heading was Claim Award Limit Reached. What does that mean?

Open Question: how do you figure out the Issuance price and General Journal entry?

On June 30 of the current year, Rural Gas & Electric Co. issued $50,000,000 face value, 9 percent, 10-year bonds payable, with interest dates of December 31 and June 30. The bonds were issued at a discount, resulting in an effective semiannual interest rate of 5 percent

Open Question: Which degree/career is more introvert friendly , English or Business?

Open Question: How much does it cost to...?

I am currently doing a media project at school where we have to set up our own tv channel with 1,000,000 to spend. Our group has decided to make some of our own programmes for the tv channel such as - a teen drama - a chat show - a news programme we where also looking into buying programmes such as one tree hill and fresh prince to air. has any got any idea how much each of these would cost?

Open Question: SURVEY QUESTION: What is the purpose of money? What are its characteristics?

Open Question: chinese buying u.s. debt why is this?

what does this do for american economy,is it good or bad later on?

Open Question: The seller is unable to find a replacement property by the time the sixty day escrow closes. They have request?

The seller is unable to find a replacement property by the time the sixty day escrow closes. They have requested an extension of thirty days. If we do not agree to that extension, will we lose the appraisal fee, the home inspection fee, and our deposit?

Open Question: How to calculate number of cavities in die design.?

A Rubber O ring Die with OD,ID and thickness known...How can we calculate the number of cavities for that Die if we know a fixed length of the machine we are gonna mount on it. FOr eg. A O ring with 10.5 ID and 2 thickness ie OD=10.5+2+2=14.5 I want to design a mould for it on a 300 mm by 300 mm machine...wats the best calculations and design procedure in very simple procedure ??

Open Question: Pick a name for my Hot Dog stand?

I. C. Weiner Award Weiners Reservoir Dogs Dante's Devil Dogs Frankly Speaking Hot dog Hallway Or make another suggestion.

Open Question: On a Tim Hortons application, it asks if I have worked at a Tim Hortons before and why I left?

I took a leave of absence and moved. Do I write that I took a leave of absence? Do I also say I moved? If I say both, how do I phrase them together? Or should I just write that I moved... Haha, thanks!

Open Question: I need a way to make quick money and a lot of it?

I need to know how to make quick money like money schemes or ideas to get quick cash and don't say get a job or ur a loser for not havin a job and don't say stupid stuff and please none of that internet stuff i dnt got time for all that. i make money now resellin stolen stuff but i want MORE money

Open Question: I'm now in college, can you please tell me how I should update my job resume?

I first wrote my resume for jobs in my junior year of high school. That resume is from a high school student who has never had a job before stand point. So it basically has honor rolls and things/activities that I did in high school. Since then, I had a job. But now, I want a new one. I just finished my freshman year of college. Here are my main questions: Do I still list accomplishments from high school? I went to one college first semester and a different one second semester. Should I include both in my resume? (I had to completely withdraw from the first university due to one bad grade-but that means that I don't get any credit from that university. Should I include that I attended anyway?) Should/how do I include a little blurb about why I want the job and my qualifications? Any other tips would be very much appreciated!!!!

Open Question: What is the average size of a house in Malibu?

I mean where the celebrities/rich live

Open Question: Future Value of a 1$. Two questions?

How much will I have in five years if i invest $6,500 in an account that yields 3.25% compounded annually? My salary is $42,700 per year. How much will I be earning in 6 years if you receive annual merit increases of 4%?

Open Question: What is Value Added Tax?

There has been lots of discussion on the horizon regarding Value Added Tax (VAT). I have seen a lot of confusion among the people regarding VAT. While searching for some valid information about the VAT I went to this site. Difference between sales tax and VAT has been narrated quite easily here. Do visit it. http://uptodatearticles.com/2010/06/value-added-tax-vat/

Open Question: I attended the storesonline internet workshop conference, and they pressured me to spend money. Why?

I can't believe how difficult it was to learn about doing web on storesonline at the conference during the seven hours meeting. Afterward, a representative pressured me to spend thousands of dollars if I want to stay with what I'm doing. What's wrong with these guys? I don't understand.


Serbia:Serbia Nemanja Vidic is expected to be fit after missing the friendly against Poland and Cameroon, with an upset stomach and a high temperature. Coach Radomir Antic computer is free from any damage and he will take his first choice XI. Sulley Muntari Ghana has recovered from a thigh injury that kept ...

A Little Night Music – Catherine Zeta-Jones Lucky Night

Catherine Zeta-Jones did not expect she could get a Tony Award last night for her role in A Little Night Music musical. She won the Best Leading Actress in a Musical award. You can still watch the musical as it will run through June 20. Performance Dates & Times Location: Walter Kerr Theater 219 W 48th St New York, [...]

Open Question: what are some Mount Airy,MD jobs that don't drug test?

I been smoking weed for almost 2 years. I stopped yesterday and decided to get a job and get my life back in order. Is there any jobs in the Mount Airy/ Woodbine area or even Frederick area that dosent drug test? Also do you have any tips or secrets to get weed out of your system super fast?

Open Question: Which is the first step in the formal planning process?

Open Question: Accounting help needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

A sales invoice included the following information: merchandise price, $5,000; delivery expense, $300; terms 1/10, n/eom, FOB shipping point. Assuming that a credit for merchandise returned of $600 is granted prior to payment, that the delivery expense is paid by the buyer, and that the invoice is paid within the discount period, what is the amount of cash received by the seller? a. $4,656 b. $4,400 c. $4,356 d. $4,950

Open Question: How much should I sell these games for on Ebay...?

I am new to ebay... How much should I sell these for.. 1. Urbz: Sims in the City (Gamecube) 2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Gamecube) 3. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 (Gamecube) 4. Metroid Prime (Gamecube) 5. Sonic Mega Collection (Gamecube) 6. Shrek 2 (Gamecube) 7. Looney Tunes:Back in Action (Gamecube) 8.Halo 2 Limited Collectors Edition (Xbox) 9.Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 (PS2) 10. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi (PS2) 11.Naval Ops Warship Gunner (PS2) 12. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS2) 13. Star Trek: Encounters (PS2) 14. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PS2) 15. Sonic Heroes (PS2) 16. Call of Duty 2: Big Red One Special Edition (PS2) 17. Gears of War Game of the Year with Bonus Disc (Xbox 360) 18. Army of Two (Xbox 360) 19. Animal Crossing City Folk (Wii) 20. Sims 3 (PC/MAC) 21. Super Mario 64 DS (NDS) 22. Animal Crossing Wild World (NDS) 23. Starfox Command (NDS) I was thinking five bucks a piece for a grand total of 115 USD but I wasn't sure...

Open Question: This Cashcrate Website....?

I was looking for a summer job and ran into this. Is it a scam? How does it work? What can you tell me about it, cuz im very if-y about it. This stuff can really make life a nightmare so i just wanted to make sure it was all worth my time... If you've tried it, a story please? Thanks.

Open Question: what can i buy with 350 dollars?

i have $350 and i dont know what to buy with it.

Open Question: can someone please help me with a sales presentation?


Hello guys, I have been holding three stocks more than a Month... 1. VISION CORPORATION (BSE) 2.HFCL (Himachal futurstic communication Limited) (NSE) 3. Century Extrusions (NSE) It's my Little Portfilo...What can be the Targets for these companies...Kindly Post Targets wid timeframes...

Open Question: Will okay alright to just write a resignation letter?

I have decided to quit my current job because I just do not like the way I am being treated there. My question is if it's alright to just send in a resignation letter instead of going in and telling my boss I quit? I have too many things going on right now to go in there and let my boss know my decision. So can I just send a resignation letter? Thank-you.

Open Question: im 14 and seriously need a job?

im trying to look for a part time job so i can save up please a need a job for good reasons any one who know any job just list them and give the url please don't give me a silly question im desperate please best answer to the best thank you

Open Question: Does obtaining an insurance quote affect your credit score?

I am checking for insurance quotes for a car and am curious if it would lower my credit score?

Open Question: What are Madonna's net assets worth?

Open Question: Job Interview Question: A co-worker who often works the shift before yours never seems to complete their...?

...cleaning tasks before going home. As a result, you have extra work to do when you take over the next shift. Which of the following would you most likely do? A. Ask your supervisor to switch your shift so that you do not have to pick up after this person. B. Continue to pick up after this person without saying anything. C. Talk to this person about cleaning up before going home. D. Discuss this person's behavior with your supervisor.

Open Question: Is a credit card from netspend.com good? do u get charged?

from reading over some stuff it seems like an easy to use pre paid credit card, but theres gotta be a catch. is there monthly fees or something? does anyone have one?

Open Question: New Home Owner Help Needed?

I am a new home owner as of recent. The Tenant that is still living in the house was suppose to be out june 6th. He was given his 30 day notice by the The Management Company. As per my Home Owners Contract it states " I/We is/are in sole possession of the real estate and no other party has possession, or has rights of possession under tenancy, lease or other agreement, written or oral. With this can I legally have him removed by the state police..

Open Question: what is debit /credit?

what is debit credit

Open Question: Is Dollar2host.in A Trustable Hosting Provider?

heard about dollar2host which offers a best hosting service with only 2$ per month. Is it a trustable one?

Open Question: I dont know what career I want in life?

Im 30 years old married woman and have a degree in management and MBA and im really good in accounting I have worked in several fields like economics, marketing related in a private firm since I couldn't find a finance related job in my town but didn't like it at all. Then I started working as a finance officer in a small firm. Im ok with my current job but when I think about the carrier development the chances are very limited. There's a huge competition to face if I want to move to a better place and I hate facing it and interviews!!!! I'm very bad at taking pressure, work politics since Im a very sensitive person. As far as I know about my self, Im really good in fashion designing, architecture, interior decoration etc. But I feel it's too late to change my path since im already 30 and it will take another couple of years to be graduated or qualified to start the carrier. Im sure if Im gonna stick to the same field which i'm in, I will not be working so long. And most probably I will stay at home and be a house wife. (which i don't want to be). Any suggestions on what I should do? I fell so bad for my self.

Open Question: Hey wat should i do...NEED A SECOND JOB OR OTHER WAYS TO MAKE MONEY..plz no bull abt surverys n crap?

i work at dunkin donuts but abt to get a job at friendlys...i need to gain A LOT of money coz first i wanna travel which is gona cost abt 1600 and then i need a car for senior year too...i dont mind working for two places but if i get the job at friendlys and dont quit DD then theyre goin to interact nad idk if they could fire me for asking for fixed hrs jus for the summer to gain money...i am willing to do anyhting and if theres any advice or additional things or something that could help PLEASE...and please i dont want bullshit abt doin online work and getting paid online...its stupid, ive tried it and those surverys and crap coz they dont work at all...u gotta pay for most of them nad im never doin them nad also how u have to giv ur credit card number...its all bullshit...and im 17 by the way

Open Question: Briefly describe the steps taken to complete a lock change?

For a foreclosed home

Open Question: i earn 10,000 a year am i entitled to the sure maternity grant?

i was working full time now on maternity leave, i was earning 10,000 a year am i entitled to the sure maternity grant?

Open Question: should i pay down my credit card or mortgage?

my husband and i currently own a 2 bedroom condo. we have an 11 month old and another child on the way. we are currently in $30,000 negative equity on our condo (due to the down turn in the market) we have about $30,000 in credit card debt at about %15 interest. our mortgage interest rate is high at 8.5%. we would like to move in the next few years. my credit score is the the high 700's. we have $23,000 in savings and i am wondering if we should pay down our mortgage in hopes of getting out of the hole we are in and at least try and refinance or pay down our credit cards. we can save roughly $20,000 a year. any input would be great. thanks!

Open Question: Which course should i opt to frame up my career as IT professional, which is most demanding now a days?

I am a graduate, looking forward to frame up my career as IT professional. I don't have any clear choices to which course should I opt to become an IT professional, which will help me to get the job in my home country (INDIA) as well as abroad. Some of My friends suggested me UNIX, Do you think, that will be a good choice keep in mind the future growth. It will be a great help, If any guy from IT or non IT background can help. which is more in demand now a days.

Open Question: Anyone who worked in retail if so give an example of when you provided excellent customer service? What was th?

Open Question: How do i add products to my website ?

I have a website with euwebdesigns.co.uk i would call them but i do not have any phone credit , i want to add an extra page i know its possible as my girlfriend did it last night but want to learn for my self please if anyone has had any experience adding extra page please help

Open Question: How to track parcel from Italy sent by Poste Italia? The website is in Italian...?

I have tracking number but i don't know how to use it because website is in Italian, and i am waiting 3 weeks already...

Open Question: 17 year old, living in Atlanta, does anyone know any places hiring? Fastfood, etc. Thanks?

I live in the Atlanta area, and im trying my hardest to find a job. It can be seasonal or year round. I really want to find a job so that i may start saving and have more support financially when i start college. So if any of you know any places that are hiring or maybe hiring PLEASE help me out. Thanks.

Open Question: First Day on the Job tomorrow at Sesame Place?

I start my first job ever tomorrow at Sesame Place as a cashier at one of their stores. I am pretty nervous, although I am only working for three hours. I figure it won't be that crowded since it's a Friday and I am working from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. I hope that it is more of a training session since my orientation didn't go so well. One person stood in front of one cash register in front of 30 people (including me) on a very hot day and showed us how to use it in an area no bigger than your room. That was like a month ago, so I kind of forgot everything. Is that bad or will they probably give me a refresher tomorrow? I understand that with my first job, I am pretty much guaranteed to make mistakes and that is a good way to become better at my job, by making mistakes. But I just wanted to hear from some one else that I will make mistakes but that's a good thing, and that everything will be alright. Thank you all!

Open Question: How much tax do you have to pay on an EE savings bond?

I have 2 EE savings bonds I recieved from my grandmother when I was born. My parents just gave them to me and I want to know if it is even worth cashing them in. I know you have to pay taxes on them but does anyone know how much?

Open Question: Does anyone know a good website that lists careers?

There are sites that list the 16 career clusters but are there any good sites that list specific jobs and information on those jobs in each individual career cluster?

Open Question: i'm doing b.com final year..... which course of SAP will suite for me....?

Open Question: Best Life Insurance Rates for a Senior Citizen?

Where can a senior citizen find the best life insurance rates? I live in the U.S. and I am not a very wealthy man and so I would really need to find the lowest rates for my life insurance policy. I am healthy and I do not smoke or have any other unhealthy habits, so which insurance company do you think could get me the best life policy rates?

Open Question: There are 20 counters. How can you arrange them in 4 lines so that there are 6 counters in each line?

Open Question: Ok, I need help on CREDIT REPORTS. Again. Help!!!?

Ok, I did not explain myself right on my last question so here It is. In the summer of 2009 I broke my lease a month early at my apartment complex. In feburary of this year I could not afford my car payments anymore so they had to take my car. Both of those should ruin credit right? Ok. Now that that is clear... I used annual credit report to pull up my credit report for free..by Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. 2 of the 3 companies pulled up my report. (Equifax and Experian) On both they said they same exact thing...Just mentioned my student loans that I have to start paying next month. So my credit is not showing anything negative on it. Is this legit? Why have those two big MISTAKES I made as a teen not showing up? There is no way that both the landlord and the car lady did not report the mis-doings right? orrr did I get WAY lucky and they never reported it? Reason why I am so worried is the Airforce sent in a credit report request today and tommorow morning when they receieve it she is going to tell me if I can join or not. If those things show up in her system then I will be screwed. So if I am not seeing it on either of those sites, should I be ok? Do they sites usually show everything that a recruiter will see? I am not gong to be able to sleep tonight, I am so worried because I really want to jin military. Any feedback on what I need to worry about would be great. Btw the 3rd site said they could not find my identity. so idk why. Gosh, I am so scared.

Open Question: What's the quickest way to make $100?


Open Question: i bank with the tennesee credit union and i have overdraft over thousand what will happen if in cant pay?

will i go to jail or court? what i do it a credit union bank

Open Question: What documents do I need to apply for a personal loan?

What documents do I need to bring with me to the bank to apply for a $5,000 to $8,000 personal loan?

Open Question: "options" investment?

After the GFC I started to get calls from people wanting me to invest in oil options and then the calls stopped. Now with the Euro trouble I am getting calls to invest in gold options. I did a little research on options and found that they were a system that never fails until the system did in mid 90's (so i read). Why are they only calling me when something is going bad and not when the market is ok?

Open Question: i think i got scammed on paypal and ebay?

i bought theses converse and the day i bought them were 23rd may 2010 but i still haven't recived anything so i decided to contact him by e-mail on the 4th june 2010 bu i still didn't get a reply have i been scammed? and btw their shipping it from china

Open Question: What are the people called that move in your house through a legal loophole?

I forgot what they are called again... 10 pts for best/first correct answer!!

Open Question: Can I doing anything about a Stalling sibling on inheritance forms?

One of my husbands siblings are purposely stalling on turning in certain annuity and ira inheritance forms that require all siblings to send in paper work in order to close the accounts. These accounts are being effected by the Stock Market until the sibling decides to turn in her paper work. She is holding off because she makes too much money and the inheritance would make her tax bracket at 50% if she takes cash. But she has already said that she is just going to keep them in the annuity and ira so that no taxes get taken out and She is still not sending the forms in. It is bothering me because I think she is doing it on purpose. Me and My husband do not have a home. We live in a bedroom of my parents house with our 3 year old and we told her with the inheritance we were going to use it as a down payment on a house but we don't even know what kind of loan we could get until we have the money for down payment. Then she and my husband got into it about there parents possessions (she want them all because she is older) and he said to her that he want nothing anymore and that he was through with her. She cried then got mad ( she still took most even thou there is 5 children involved). We are starting to think she is doing this out of spite. My husband is not the only one who could use the money soon, one of his other siblings spouse unemployment is running out and that sibling does not know how they are going to make it without loosing there house. Is there any legal things I can do to get her to send the forms off? I live in California if that makes a difference?

Open Question: I am an M E power electronics and drives guy , i would like to enter in designing field?

which software should i learn or which are the companies in south india where i could get a job,

Open Question: Does anyone Know wal-marts Attendance policy?

My first missed day was in Sept 2009, I missed some in like novemeber and december because of the snow. My last missed day was Feburary 12th 2010. My manager pulled me into the office and said I was at my six day. one more I will have a D day. Do you know if any of them would have fallen off my record by now? or when do they?

Open Question: Can you cash in cheques into a savings account?

I wanted to set up Google Adsense on my website but I want to be able to transfer the money to my savings account. Which form of payment would be best?

Open Question: What is the salary of an RN?

What if they have a Bachelors, Masters, or PhD?

Open Question: What kind of credit score do you need to buy a house?

With everything thats going on with the housing market I'm curious on what uts goingto take to buy a house in this market

Open Question: How do I get a job? Help!?

I have filled out an online application a couple weeks ago and was wondering what to do next. I haven't talked to anyone at Starbucks yet. I have a resume and this will be my first official job. I have had two other jobs where I worked in a hotel. My mom works at the two hotels and I did data entry and payroll for a while. That was last summer. I am interested in getting a job at Starbucks because it's near my house and it seems like a great company to work for. I am 17 and a half. One of my friends told me to bring the filled out application along with my resume, but the application was filled out online. I don't know what my next step is. Do I call and ask if they are hiring, then walk in and show an employee or manager my resume? After that, how do I get an interview with them and do they usually call back if they want you or should I follow up and call them? Obviously you don't have to work for Starbucks to answer this question. If you've applied for a job, got an interview, and got the job, I'd really like to hear from you. If you have any tips or advice that you'd like to give, just email me at jacobwbau@yahoo.com or leave it in your answer, thank you!

Open Question: How To Find a new Job Fast?

need someone who has some experience with this - not looking to pay a recruiter or some resume service but need something in the service industry asap - so anyone that can hook someone up let me know how to get started.

Open Question: Social Media perception of management?

Are south african consumers still receptive of TV, Radio, Billboards adverts. Some scholars claim that consumers no longer respond to traditional adverts but how factual is this especially in a country like South Africa which have a wide range of demographic differences.


Im a junior in highschool and i want to know what it takes to become an orthodontist or dentist.

Open Question: Where would I find a list of companies that have acquired another company?

Hello, This is actually two questions: 1. Where would I find this years list of companies that have merged or acquired another company? 2. Where would I find a list of possible upcoming mergers or acquisitions now and looking into the future? Ben

Open Question: how i connect my domain name to my site?

i purchased the following domain www.sharif.com from you, i have a site on ( wix.com) can you point my domain to the following IP thank you pleas i am not asking for a domain name or trasfer/redirect. i want to remain with you as my domain name host.

Open Question: How can i start building credit?

Hi there everyone! Well i am 23 years old and have established little to no credit. The only thing i have that would count on my credit rating would be my phone account (at&t cell phone bill). but other than that i have no credit cards, no nothing, no score. I bank with Capital one. and i have applied for the smallest limit credit card ($300) that Capital One has to offer, but sadly because of my non existent credit rating i was denied. My husband has just received his social and has no credit. We are looking to buy a nice property / home, but we know we will be denied for any type of home loan since neither can provide a good credit score, and i know it can take a couple of years to establish good credit. Can anybody recommend a way to get started? Thanks i appreciate all your help.

Open Question: I'm an artist/writer & I need help with grants, fellowships, scholarships & awards to individuals- please help?

Hello. I'm an artist/writer and I want to get funding to get my own comics self-published and distributed. Is there always a best time to approach foundations with initial approaches about grants, fellowships, awards and scholarships? Can you apply for grants, fellowships and scholarships if you have defaults on student loans? I did research on funding a while ago, but I put off contacting any foundations regarding this stuff. I don't have any grant proposals written up. I've been focusing on dealing with sudent loans and going back to school. Am I making a mistake by waiting? I do not mean money to go back to school with, but grants, fellowships and awards and scholarships to individuals - for artists and writers, and for personal use. Has anyone here had any success getting funding for yourself? I've been out of scholl about 12 years. Please help me out. Thank you.

Open Question: How many members does Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) has?

Hi, I would like to know,How many members does Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) has?

Open Question: NAB Internet EFT payment - Debit account?

I have a NAB bank account and I need to buy something online. It says to transfer the money using the internet banking, but I can't find it anywhere. I am not on visa debit, as I am not eligible for it. I need to send money to the Dell Australia bank account, to buy a laptop online. Any help greatly appreciated.

Open Question: What do I need to have if i'll employ as a working student ? 10 points?

I'm a 3rd year Industrial Engineering student. I'd like to know what do I need to have if i'll employ as a working student. This is my first time of doing this and i'm clueless

Open Question: Apartments near Los Angeles?

Me and one other friend are looking for an apartment near Los Feliz, or really anything south of the Valley. Looking for something "cheap" in LA terms, and in a descent area. Doesn't have to be Beverley Hills, but I don't want to live in a ghetto either. I go to Santa Monica often as well as West Hollywood...so something around those areas. We are paying $1,150 a month for a studio in Burbank, I know we can do better. I'm new to the area so your recommendations are appreciated. I would prefer a one bedroom at least...2 people in a studio is a little cramped.

Open Question: what job would be good for me if i have a loud voice?

I have a loud voice

Tourism-dependent Florida braces for hit as next Gulf oil front

Tourism-dependent Florida braces for hit as next Gulf oil front:Pensacola, Florida - The welcome sign to the beach resort of white sugar sand Sunday marked the untimely arrival of oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico Eastern Front: "Do not pick up the balls of oil, let the cleaning crew ...

Summer Jam 2010 Performers

HOT 97 Summer Jam 2010 Date: Sunday, June 6, 2010 Time: 3:00pm – 10:00pm Location: New Meadowlands Stadium The official lineup for the first Summer Jam at the New Meadowlands Stadium: USHER DRAKE TREY SONGZ LUDACRIS FABOLOUS JUELZ SANTANA NICKI MINAJ GUCCI MANE TALIB KWELI and HI-TEK DJ KHALED and FRIENDS Plus countless surprise guests.

Open Question: Should I file an EEOC claim against my previous employer?

I am a 32 year old black female and I recently resigned from my employer and stated in the notice I was resigning under "Duress" due to harrassment. I had been in an ongoing situation with my white older male coworker who had lied on me to management and said I had harrassed his wife and was approaching my coworkers stating things I said that I didn't say. The guy had been at the company much longer than I (I had worked there for 2 years and he for 5 years) and was throwing his weight around. It got so bad with several different people approaching me daily and with this guy humiliating me in front of customers (he was one of the front end supervisors) that I had started to emailing HR and the store manager asking for someone to intervene. They supposedly did an investigation but never got back to me on anything and simply stated it was closed. I also had several customers notice the way I was demeaned and humiliated at my register and they even went to management about the guy. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and put in my two week notice in which I stated I was resigning under "duress" due to the ongoing harrassment and that management had failed to stop it. I also noted it was causing me to become sick. Right after the notice, I started having anxiety attacks and had to go to the emergency room. The Emergency room doctor prescribed me Zoloft and Klonopin and put me on emergency stress leave for 5 days. When I called the company the store manager was very rude and stated he would not fax the leave of absence form to me and that I had no choice but to come into the store on my sick time and pick it up from him directly. When I came in he called another manager in the office and spoke with me and finally asked me to walk out. He then called me back into the office and stated he was making my two week notice effective immediately. Then the Asst. Store manager typed up the Termination notice and stated on it that it was a "voluntary" termination due to "Career Change" and that I was rehirable and asked me to sign it. I refused and she put "refused to sign". Then on the way out the store manager looked at me so funny and stated "If I ever needed a reference he would give me one". I thought how strange for them to end my employment that way. You all know my employer as im sure many of you shop there. Its the largest employer in America right now and is always in the news for discrimination types of cases. Well, I have filed for unemployment and I have my numerous emails to Management and HR detailing the harrassment. I have over 20 emails to the higher ups. I want to get my unemployment but I believe the company will fight it especially when they listed on my notice "voluntary termination". Because it was clearly a hostile work environment do you think I have a chance to succeed. Especially given the fact that I started suffering panic attacks from the stress which is documented? Im in Texas by the way. Also should I file a claim with the EEOC?

Open Question: How could SWOT analysis help newspaper companies remain competitive in the new media environment?

Open Question: How much do registered Dietitians make in Germany?

In Euro, preferably. Is it a well-paid job over there? If it depends on region, I am mostly interested in Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria.

Open Question: I need an Advice on how to ask Financial support?

The Father of my child is qatari. for 2 yrs.he has been supporting us eventually but then later on he declined for so many reason that he discussed which is unacceptable.its been almost a year now.im looking for legal advice to what shall i do legally to earn financial support from my child's father which he is not my legal husband since we are not married but he had sign the papers here in the philippines accepting that he is the natural father of my daughter.

Open Question: does kidrobot accept paypal?

I want to buy kidrobot toys and i am wondering if kidrobot.com accepts paypal

Open Question: Where can I find affordable dental insurance?

i live in dallas tx ,19yrs old and im look for affordable dental insurance it will b just for me no one else any great insurance out there that wont make my bank account dusty :) plz help & thank u

Open Question: customer service , but protecting the business owner..?

if a customer walks in to a restaurant & the restaurant is a small location, & a customer walks in but his odor is extreamly bad, & sometimes smells like swet really bad other times comes in & smells like vEEEERy strong medicine, so bad other customer get up & leave , is there anything that person could be told with out risking the owner of the restaurant or the employee getting fired or sued? the man isnt a homeless he drives a car dresses with normal clothes but his oder is horrible! so bad owners loose business when hes in the shop

Open Question: I need advice what do i do?

ok so i work at a hotel and we do a thing called petty cash. its when an employee pays for something and the company re emberses them. well i work the front desk and i had a maintenance person spend 25.77. he told me he spent 75.03 and 1.00 in gas. so i gave him 76.03. 2 20s 7 5s 1 1doller and 3 pennies. he told the manager i only gave him the 25.00 and now the manager is taking the 51.00 from my paycheck. i know i made a mistake but should i have to pay for it?

Open Question: Accouting: I need to journalize the following transaction.?

Received an invoice for truck expenses, to be paid in April, $1000. Need to know which accounts to debit and credit.

Open Question: I was fired from my job. Does anyone know how much my previous employer pays for my unemployment?

If it matters at all, I am in the state of New York. I am just curious on what % they pay weekly, or how it works... I am pissed at them, so just want to know. -Thanks!

Open Question: Need to know that whether relieving order is linked with the final settlements ?

Im working in my present company for the past 3.5 yrs in Chennai, India. By last May month company have changed the HR policy for the relieving and denotes 2 months of notice period. I got an Govt job and i need to relieve sooner, but my hr is not accepting. I dont need relieving letter, but still i need to get the final settlements such as PF. Let me know what should i do...


Freaksgottaeat.com isd a website created by Double Duo Entertainment founder/CEO Myeya Jernagin the company main goal is connecting local talent and other passionate people to mainstream industries all over the world. The site also feature local and world new and gossip, events, and more to join is free,all though they do offer a membership for a small monthly fee.

Open Question: Landlord in beginnings of foreclosure. Can I be evicted for non-payment?

I live in Florida. I have been living in the house for over 3 years and have paid on time each and every month. We have been excellent tenants even though my landlord hasn't been so great when it came to honoring his end (i.e., taking care of maintenance such as plumbing and roof things that are in fact his responsibility) We received a summons that the landlord is in foreclosure back in April and he hasn't been paying the mortgage since December 2009. We received what is called a Lis Pendens which according to an attorney my husband and I spoke with, is just the beginning of the foreclosure process. What my question is is that I don't feel I should continue to pay rent since he isn't paying the mortgage and we very well may have to look for another place to live which I do NOT want to do. I have tried to ask if he is taking care of the situation and only the NAME of the attorney who is representing him in this foreclosure case and they, already being hot tempered people, got very angry and said that what we were asking was "very personal" which I feel is ridiculous since I made it clear I wasn't asking for details of the case or what he speaks about w/ his attorney, just wanted to know that someone was representing because that would show some interest in wanting to save the home from being foreclosed on. We asked if he would meet with us briefly just to discuss the situation, but he refused "saying that we should trust him and that he doesn't have time for this or our stupid questions". He does have several properties and I would imagine he must have someone he deals with concerning legal matters, but he won't tell me who is handling this particular situation. He is also going through a divorce and claims that his wife wants the property even though it's not worth anything and wants to sell it which doesn't sound right to me in this market. She has to be aware of how the market currently is. He claims he's going through an ugly divorce and that she wants "whatever she can get." I also know that THEIR home is in both of their names and he also claims that she wants the house that they shared, but when I drove by their house there is a for sale sign. If she wants the home and both of their names are on the home can he sell it? Unless he is lying about that as well and they both have agreed to sell the house. I am so confused. I do see a red flag, but since he's been hot tempered since the beginning I don't know if it's the fact that he is lying or just honestly feels he doesn't need to give us this information. I did check what is called the docket sheet on my county's clerk and comptroller's website in the records search. We were served the summons on April 29, 2010 and to date there is no one representing him on this case or at least it hasn't been entered into the system yet, I don't know. When we last spoke with him to discuss whether or not to give him this month's rent, June, he got upset and just said get out in 30 days. Can he do this? I just want to know my rights. I have a couple of 50 lb dogs and where I live it's difficult to find a place where they will accept my dogs. I don't know if 30 days is enough, but what bugs me is that I DON'T want to move I just want to find out the truth. If he is honestly going to try and save the home then I will wait it out. If not, I want to know. If I do have to leave I at least want some time to save money to move out. I don't want him to just pocket my money while I and my family lose out. No way is he going to do that to us. Sorry to ramble so much, but I just though writing all the facts down might help someone give me some advice.

Open Question: any legit work at home jobs?

really want to stay at home with my kids just wondering if anyone knows of any legit work from home jobs out there???

Open Question: can my girlfriend evict me even if i am not on the lease?

Open Question: How do I rent my House to my disabled mum?

I bought a house 2 months ago and i am struggling with all the bills and mortgage after a drop in wages. My mum is disabled and cannot care for herself. She gets housing benefit of £103 per week, plus council tax paid etc. Can i rent my house to my mum and still live there? This way i get the help of extra money in housing benefit, i help my mum and can keep y house. What is the process to complete this transaction? Thanks for your help.

Open Question: How much money is taken out of my paycheck for taxes?

At my new job ill be making around $204.00 a week if my math is correct,lol....its a part time job, im not married, not dependent, no kids. I went to paycheckcity.com and its asking all this information about things i never even heard of so i was just wondering, how much money will be taken out each week for taxes????

Open Question: How much do u think I'll have to pay after HUD?

My income is 403.00 a month and I have 1 dependant. My rent is 509.00 a month. How much of that do you think HUD will pay?

Open Question: annual rainfall in India in the year 2007?

3D bar graph required

Open Question: Suggest me some ideas to start small bussiness of my own?

Hi All, I am planning to start a new small business. Can anyone give me an idea of what i can do. I am a M.Tech holder and would like to start bussiness of my own. Regards sahana

Open Question: l have an ideal, and need a partner to carry on?

I have an ideal, and l need a partner who wants to join me, and create the product, if that you send me an e-mail

Open Question: Why are some people successful at selling things online and some people aren't?

john wooden

Los Angeles television station KCAL and the Los Angeles Times are reporting Thursday night that the. Wooden who is 99 years old has been hospitalized at Ronald Reagan UCLA.

Report Wooden hospitalized in grave condition Legendary UCLA coach John Wooden was hospitalized in grave condition two Los Angelesarea TV stations reported Thursday.

LOS ANGELES Former UCLA basketball coach and Hall of Famer John Wooden is hospitalized in Los Angeles KNBC reported Thursday.

UCLA legend Coach John Wooden has been hospitalized and is reportedly very ill. There is a lot of conflicting information out there right now. Wooden 99 hadnt eaten in the. For more keep reading after the jump KCBS 2 in Los.

Your best source for quality USC Trojans news rumors analysis stats and scores from the fan perspective. com 632010 40540 PM.

John Wooden the Wizard of Westwood and head coach of UCLA basketball from 19481975 a career that included 10 National Championships in a 12year span is reportedly battling for his life at UCLA Medical Center according to SB. What we know is this.

Legendary UCLA coach John Wooden rushed to hospital in grave condition. Uclabear1_tiny by Nestor on Jun 3 2010 551 PM PDT in Basketball Comment 11 comments.

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John Wooden the longtime coach of the UCLA Bruins mens basketball team and twelvetime NCAA National Champion has reportedly been hospitalized and is very ill.

Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden has been admitted to Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center.

Coach John Wooden Our Intergalactic Treasure. Reports indicate that the 99yearold former basketball coach is in grave condition.

Jeffrey Osborne

Jeffrey Osborne singing Close the Door on 9 and National Anthum of Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are once again calling on one of their top fans, vocalist Jeffrey Osborne, as the NBA Finals begin today (June 3) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The Lakers are defending champions and are facing the Boston Celtics.

Jeffrey Osborne Room With A View 1985. 08 in Alexandria VA at the Birchmere.

Jeffrey Osborne The Los Angeles Lakers are once again calling on one of their top fans vocalist Jeffrey Osborne as the NBA Finals begin today June 3 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. For the flyest soul music blog around check out SoulBounce. After several years in the main stream music industry. Posted by k at 854 PM. Mutoni just found his seat in the 300 level next to me and then realized he didnt get an internet code and he had to run all the way back down to the basement.

Osborne will be performing the National Anthem before the game, which begins at 6 p.m. PT on ABC. He has performed at the finals five times for the Lakers, including in 2009, 2008, 2002, 1988 and 1985. The Lakers won all of those series except for 2008, when the Celtics won. The Lakers beat the Celtics during the 1985 series.

The Lakers are led by Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Ron Artest, while Boston is led by Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.

Osborne, who scored with such top hits as “On the Wings of Love,” “Stay With Me Tonight” and “You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song),” released a CD in 2005, From the Soul, that was produced by Paul Brown.

Open Question: What happens to items that are flagged by customs?

Are the items 1) seized and kept by customs, 2) sent back to sender, 3) given to the shipping company to keep and not release.

Open Question: How to set up direct deposit on Gap portal for old navy? (Gap inc. Employees please)?

I am a new employee at old navy I had logged into the online portal to set up direct deposit,but I was confused by the part that ask DEPOSIT TYPE and the options were AMOUNT,BALANCE,PERCENT. And then under that it had AMOUNT/PERCENT. I want my entire check to go into one account,so what options to put? help pls

Open Question: when will i get my pin?

i received my debit card in the mail today i am with stander (it used to be abbey), i was just wondering when i will get my pin number and will i have to activate the card? i am 14 so i took out a children's account if that makes any difference.

Open Question: Urgent Help in filling in job application form for tomorrow !!?

hiya i have got a job application for a very important job that i need to get an interview for, but i am not very good with answering the hard questions!! good in interviews but not on paper !!! The job is for an administrator I am currently working as an administrator for the nhs but it is only temporary so i need to get this permanent job!! The Question is please detail here your specific reasons for this application, your main acheievements and the strengths you bring to this post ?? well my main acheievements are NVQ Level 2 and 3 in Business Administration and an NVQ Level 2 in Accountancy i am really struggling with how to word the other parts of the question please can anyone help ? many thanks xx

Open Question: AT&T hiring process questions?

Hey guys I recently I applied at AT&T for Full time retail sales consultant and I passed the phone interview and I had a 1 on 1 interview. He said I did very well and he sees potential in me and thinks I would do great, then I met with another manager, and he said i was in a good path.I scored 28 out 30 on his interview questions thing, they told me I would meet the store manager next, and have a background check. How long does it take for them to call me to meet the manager, what's next? What do you think my chances are of getting hire? Thanks!

Open Question: What do you need to cash a check?

I'm 19 years old and a couple of weeks ago I participated in a phone survey where I had to watch a TV show that hasn't premiered, then give my opinion about the show. I made $25. I just received my check in the mail. The problem is that I haven't gotten my state ID yet. My father says he can cash it for me if I go with him to the bank. Is that possible? Thanks!

Open Question: Typistjobs.net and Taxes?

I have worked for a company called typistjobs.net for a over a year now and have not filed taxes because they do not report your earnings. I have already made a little over 30K this past year. Has anyone ever worked for them or a similar data entry home program and not filed taxes? I am wondering if I will get in trouble with the IRS? I am worried but don't want to have to pay too much for taxes either.

Open Question: How can I make $3500 fast?

Seriously, I need to help pay for some medical bills for my father, and I am going in debt. Realistically I have nothing of that value in my possession.. so screwed

Open Question: NJ unemployment- How long?

Hello all... I need some help, I filed my unemployment claim on may 9th, had the phone interview last friday the examiner said I was completely doing the right thing by quitting (harassment) and that he would have the decision in the mail next week. (i live in FL now) My question is... my previous employer didn't answer the phone when he called, does anyone know what happens if the employer doesn't respond? Kind of a nervous wreck waiting for an answer and I don't know when they pay out?? Any help so much appreciated thank you!!

Open Question: Would working at a provocative coffee stand make me unemployable in the future?

So I'm a college student at an accredited university, but I'm dirt poor and need a job fast to pay for housing. I have never had a job before because I've always had crew 6 days a week for 4 hours a day and school, so my employment history is completely blank, making it hard for me to find work. However, all that working out has given me some nice curves, and I think I could possible find work as a bikini barista. I have bigger goals for myself than being a girl in a swimsuit, and I was wondering if future employers might not hire me because of this... what do you think? Would you hire a smart girl who once worked at bikini baristas? If you don't know, bikini baristas are coffee stands where the baristas are girls in bikinis. that's all. It's kind of like hooters i guess.

Open Question: How long does it take for a renters insurance claim natural disasters?

I live in SW FL and hurricane season is close.I live in a trailer park and my husband had already purchased renters insurance.

Open Question: I Need help deciding on a career? Suggestions?

Im an 18 year old college student planning on majoring in advertising/mass communications. The only thing is that I don't feel the corporate business type setting is for me. I Have lots of tattoos, and most of the men in my family are blue collard workers (painting cars, houses and building stuff). I don't want to do blue collard work tho, i want something different. I decided to either go into non profit work (something that i actually care about), in a advertising agency or just be at the hard rock hotel -_-, I'm also looking into fire fighting, my uncle is Miami dades fire chief...so yea

Open Question: Where can I get promotional products?



Open Question: Help with 1040X form for First Time Home Buyer Credit?

I bought a home April 22, 2010. I know I have to ammend my taxes in order to get the $8,000 home buyer credit. I have an issue. While I was attempting to fill out the 1040x, my line 20 and 21 don’t equal $8,000, but rather $7,600. I think it is the $400 “Making Work Pay and Government Retiree Credits” that causing this. Should I add $400 to line 14? Here’s what my 1040x looks like: line11 = 3,549 (Federal income tax withheld) line12 = 0 line13 = 0 line14 = 8,000 (First Time Home Buyer Credit) line15 = 0 line16 = 11,549 (Total payments. Add lines 11 through 15) line17 = 575 (Amt overpaid from original return) line18 = 10,974 (Subtract line 17 from line 16) line19 = 0 line20 = 7,600 line21 = 7,600 (Amt refund)

Open Question: What is a tax deduction, when claiming a child?

Open Question: Can my boss tell me to leave, without giving a reason?

I was asked to leave for the day by my boss without any reason. Does he need to give me a reason (not following rules, etc..) or can he just send me home?

Open Question: is Six Flags stock being transferred?

Recently Six Flags has emerged From Chapter 11, and now when I go to my stock portfolio it says that the stock is worthless, is the stock reemerging under a different name? Will past stock holders get this new stock?

Open Question: Is there tax on watch in NJ?

I am looking forward to buy a new watch. Is there tax on watch in NJ?

Open Question: Investment Portfolio?

I'm doing a project for an AP economics class that has to do with creating a financial investment portfolio that may include stocks, mutual funds, corporate bonds, government securities, certificates of deposits and money market accounts. I've assessed the risk for each of the following and have a general idea of what might need to be done, but does anyone else have input for these clients? 1) Client A has $25,000 to invest over a 10 year period. She wants to make money to pay for tuition when her children begin college. Her two children have just started school. She wants to find investments that will generate returns greater than the money market 2) Client B is 15 years old and has been given a gift of $10,000 to start an investment account to build toward the future. 3) Client C has $100,000 and is 50 years old and wants to retire at age 65. He is a teacher in New York State. Any input on any or all of the above would be really really appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Open Question: Diner credit card for student and NSF?

I would like to knew if this card is able to make monthly payment for item that cost more than 1000, let say if I purchase item at apple store or courts or best denki?

Open Question: What's it like to work behind a bar?

I've just been offered a job behind a bar, so i'm just wondering what it's like? Pro's and cons?

Open Question: how would you use these business terms in a sentence?

hi everyone, i was reading a book on business vocabulary and i was wondering how you would use these in a sentence process technology process flow process strategy job cell production facility strategy quality strategy quality control quality assurance service enterprise

Open Question: Should i apply to jobs in which i do not meet the requirements?

I'm an accounting student (just finished with my third year) and i really want a part time job relating to accounting such as account payables clerk or accounting assistant. The problem is every single job posting i come across requires at least one year of relating experience and i only have three months of experience from volunteering. So my question is should i just give it a shot anyway or is it really pointless and i shouldn't waste my time sending off my resumes anymore?

Open Question: Is there a website that will tell me how much revenue websites make?

I would like to know how much certain websites make. Is there a website that will tell me that?

Open Question: im 13 and i need to make money online..?

how can i sell stuff online?? but not on ebay because i dont have a credit card.. where can you sell stuff online without the need of a credit card?? or what are some ways to make money without selling stuff? but i dont want to do surveys because those dont work.. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need money fast....



Open Question: What are some websites where independent massage therapists can post they're services?

I'm a licensed and certified professional massage therapist looking to market my business Healing Hands Therapy.. I'd like to know of any web sites that I could post my services. Anything besides Craigslist.com. I posted there and didn't have a good turnout. I Any sites that are free or perhaps I'd have to pay to hold a posting there... that's fine. Just want to get some business rolling.