Diet - What you know about diets?

When we use the word 'diet' usually means dieting. The word diet has become a phrase which means controlled eating to lose weight, lose weight. But the original spread of the word diet does not relate at all to weight loss, the meaning is the management of nutrition, eating regime controlled and planned.

Reasons to be on a diet and diet are many types and can result from a variety of reasons much broader than just a desire for weight loss.

Between types of diets we can find a diet due to a worldview, a social framework and cultural values ​​as well as, of course, medical health reasons. Basis of many diet programs is the principles of nutrition, while addressing health needs and medical problems. For example, we can find diets designed to balance blood sugar, lower cholesterol or to treat a variety of common medical conditions. Apples nutrition diet what you know about diets?

Ministries of Health in each country issued a recommendation to the composition of diet is recommended which includes all food groups: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. These recommendations are based on international studies targeting the recommended amount of each nutrient with respect to age and other data such as height, build, lifestyle and level of physical activity daily.

Diet for health reasons

Many people with health problems need to manage their daily diet according to their health in order to balance or improve symptoms such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and the like. These people are told by their doctors to avoid certain foods. So with high blood pressure should eat according to low salt diet, people trying to lower cholesterol in the blood are to avoid eating foods rich in saturated fats and of course people with allergies to certain foods avoid eating dairy products, baked goods, based on wheat flour and the like. Each depending on the condition he suffers from.

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Diet based on ideology, religion or local culture

All countries accepted that the local diet is based on foods available in the area. For example, in fish near the sea will be a major part of local diets, where fertile soil are the main food crops and so on. These countries include the local culture very different diets accepted in other countries. Religion is an important component of the diet of most people. For example, Jews and Muslims refrain from eating pork, Hindus from eating beef, Western culture by eating insects and the like. The reason I mention the element of religion and world view to address the issue of building diet is an eating plan for weight loss or if the balance and health care issues based on the principles of nutrition, religious, cultural or local, so take them into account. Even if we try to adopt a common slimming diet in the world, is not always possible to eat all the foods included in the diet, simply because of religious and cultural principles.
Body weight management diet

This site focuses on diets designed to manage body weight and especially slimming. The word diet has become synonymous with eating program designed to cause weight loss. Please note that the body weight management diets can be designed to obesity as well. Many people worldwide suffer from too low weight and strive to become obese. Contrary to common perception fat diet also should be well structured so as not to ingest too high levels of fats and foods with no health benefits that could harm important body systems. So fat diets should also be done with the involvement of a nutritionist.