Reached a plateau of weight loss? Here's how to break it!

Have you reached a plateau of weight loss? Are you frustrated and looking for a way to break it so you can return to consider the loss of weight and feel good about yourself again? I know what it is, and boy is it frustrating when all that weight is not moving. Here are some good that should help you break through it, you might not want to do some of them, but believe me, you need:

1. Do not cheat

Now, if you have a weight loss plateau, one of the reasons why you might have achieved because you have a cheat meal too. Maybe you eat bad food 2 times a week or even once a week, but in excess. This could be the cause of your stand.

Now, as many places as you can cheat once a week, if you want to break a plateau, you're going to forget this rule. You will have to go over 2 weeks without a cheat meal. I did this several times and it has always been able to start losing weight again.

2. Cheat

Ok, now I know you think this is just stupid because I just told you not to cheat, but listen to me. Sometimes you stop losing weight because you were in a caloric deficit for too long and your body thinks its starving. The only way to get away from this is to give your body a cheat meal so that it becomes free of the weight loss plateau.

Now that you have to make the decision on which piece of advice to follow depending on what you see, but both boards have never failed to help me.