Jack the ripper indentity revealed (Carl Feigenbaum)

Trevor Marriott, a former murder squad detective, has identified German merchant Carl Feigenbaum as the prime suspect in the world's most famous cold case, out of over 200 other suspects that had been named 123 years ago, the BBC reports.
Feigenbaum's lawyer also reportedly thought he was Jack the Ripper.
Marriott reportedly arrived at his conclusion based on testimony from Feigenbaum's lawyer, who said Feigenbaum confessed to suffering from a disease driving him to kill.
The most notorious serial killer now has a face, according to a retired British murder squad detective.
Trevor Marriott believes a German merchant named Carl Feigenbaum was responsible for the brutal murders. The detective put together an e-fit for BBC One’s National Live, a BBC television program.

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Feigenbaum was a suspect at the time of the murders, and was executed in Sing Sing prison in 1894 for murdering his landlady in Manhattan. The time between the murders also suggests that the killer was a traveler.
Feigenbaum was a seaman aboard this ship.
Carl Feigenbaum, a German merchant, was a key suspect at the time and rather unwisely confessed to his lawyer his ‘desire to kill and mutilate every woman who falls in my way’. Although there were no pictures of Feigenbaum, Ripper expert Trevor Marriott used descriptions of him to create the e-fit. The Met’s Ripper files detail the murders and the suspects.