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Tommy managed to take part in a majority of the hilariously uncomfortable scenes. From forcing his way into walking his daughter down the aisle to discussing the Black Rainbow with Black Shawn's parents, Tommy was left uneasy, rambling, and without success. Sheila knocking over a woman and shouting, "I paid for this bouquet, bitches!" had me laughing. C'mon, wardrobe people.

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I continue to enjoy Sean and Mike dialogue because it's hard to not laugh at their lack of logic and reasoning. Sean's complete ignoring of advice was classic. No matter how atrocious it smells.
But clearly love (or convenience) was in the air because Tommy and Janet renewed their vows. Granted, I'm still not a fan of Janet strong-arming Tommy into retiring. Those final moments were reminiscent of the movie Ladder 49, but let's hope the outcome doesn't involve the same fatal tragedy.
There's a reason this show has been critically acclaimed.