Felipe Camiroaga at plane crash

Rescuers in boats have found some wreckage from a Chilean air force plane that crashed in the Pacific Ocean with 21 people on board, media reports say.
The plane went down Friday near Chile's Juan Fernandez island on Friday after a flight from Santiago.
Chile's TVN national television said five of its staff members were among the passengers, including popular TV presenter Felipe Camiroaga.
President Sebastian Pinera expressed sadness. According to his fans, Felipe Camiroaga is one of the most illustrious hosts in Chile. Executives from the most popular morning show in Chile consid- ered Camiroaga the only one capable of commanding a ship that was about to weigh anchor: the morning show, “Buenos Dias a Todos” (good morning everybody).
Commented Camiroaga. For 20 years “Buenos Dias a Todos” has been the most popular morning show and Felipe has been the star entertainer. Since 2005, Felipe has had the show as his first priority.


Felipe Camiroaga encara al Ministro Hinzpeter

felipe camiroaga | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Felipe Camiroaga | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Felipe Camiroaga, Javiera Contador y Pancho Melo en campaña “Lo que ...

“It’s more than a TV show, it’s a life style,” he says. Among those aboard was popular Chilean television personality Felipe Camiroaga.
A FACh CASA C-212 airplane carrying popular Chilean TV Host Felipe Camiroaga, 44, along with TVN (Chile’s national television network) crew disappeared in Chile’s Juan Fernández Island today after losing contact with ground crew around 5:48 p.m. Confirmed on the flight were TVN presenter Felipe Camiroaga, host of ‘Buenos Dias Todos’ (Good Morning Everyone) and his fellow TVN staff members - Roberto Bruce, a popular Chilean journalist, Sylvia Slier, Carolina Gatica and Rodrigo Cabezón.
Also on board were key staff of del Desafío Levantemos Chile, which is a Chilean program that was established to help Chile rise after the earthquake and assist earthquake victims. Staff members on board included businessman Felipe Cubillos, Sebastian Correa, Joel Lizama, Catalina Vela Montero, Jorge Palma y Joaquín Arnold.
FACh (Chilean Air Force): Journalists José Cifuentes and Rodrigo Fernández.
According to Lacuarta.cl, the flight attempted to land two times before crashing.