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Weight loss begins in your head! Who wants to get rid of annoying pounds, should first thoroughly inform themselves: Is a diet at all suitable for me? Which weight loss program is right for me? And who wants to lose weight, you should consider before you start a diet the doctor for advice. The only way you can be sure that during or after the diet no health problems or illnesses do occur.

Atkins, low carb or Weight Watchers - how different diets and what really brings what? Or I may also remove completely during sleep?

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Quite so simple it's not. The problem: Everyone is (s) t otherwise - in the figure and the ideal weight. Not every diet leads to the same result each time. Who wants to lose weight permanently, must eat healthy, eating habits, wrong store, move and exercise.

Merely adding up the calories makes not an ounce lighter. So important: staying power! Fast crash diets bring nothing at all - is usually behind again got up fast, as has previously runtergehungert tedious. The notorious yo-yo effect!