[ Jokes & Riddles ] Open Question : First "correct" answer wins!?

Complete the following: Give me a break Give me a break Break me off a piece of that: ?

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Ladies: Rate how I look to you (Pics included)?

I haven't ever really had much luck with girls, and that has me insecure, about several things, my looks being one of them. So could you rate how I look either by 1-10, or just saying "ugly-cute" something like that. And if there's anyway I could improve my looks, could u tell me what it is? Be honest... http://s840.photobucket.com/albums/zz330/JhuntdaProdigy/?action=view¤t=35067_1391526839270_1565110530_31039220_6895430_n.jpg http://s840.photobucket.com/albums/zz330/JhuntdaProdigy/?action=view¤t=100616_021141.jpg&

[ MySpace ] Open Question : i just got a new myspace and want to add a layout, for 2.0, how do i?

i got it today, because my bitch of a friend deleted my old one. so how do i add a new layout? the customize my profile toolbar is weird. it's not the same as it was on my old profile. so yeah. idk. ha.

[ Yahoo! Shopping ] Open Question : UPS shipment for a CD?

I ordered a CD and i know that it will be sent through UPS. I will be out of town for the week that it will be coming in. Will this be a problem. Or will the package just come in the mail just like regular mail? Will it need signing or pick up if i'm not at home to take it?

[ Laptops & Notebooks ] Open Question : How much to repair an overheated cpu failure?

My HP DV4 laptop overheated and gave me a code that linked to CPU failure from overheating. How much in total do you think it would cost to repair that at a store? Or doing it myself.

[ Mental Health ] Open Question : how do i tell my brother that i know he smokes weed?

k well ive been knowinq for a long time but now hes asking my mom for money when my mom barely has any and its driving me crazy i dont wanna hert my mom or anything like is weed really that bad to tear my family apart please help me im desprate to know an answer !!!!!!! ASAP

[ Fashion & Accessories ] Open Question : Do you think this photo is actually flattering?

This is a Vera Wang gown. Not trying to be mean but the model is ugly and the gown is ugly. http://www.verawang.com/wedding/allgowns/#/?look=2

[ Non-Alcoholic Drinks ] Open Question : What's the best non-lactose kind of milk?

Soy, almond, rice, etc. Is there a certain brand I should look for?

[ Hunting ] Open Question : Martin Phantom II Pro-Series compound bow worth?

How much would a newly strung (never been shot with new strings), Martin Phantom Pro II Pro-Series worth? Brand new when they first came out I know it was worth between $400 and $600, now I have no clue what it is worth and I would like to sell it for what it is worth, not over pricing or underpricing. Any rough estimations would be greatly appreciated. The bow specs: Sting: New never been shot, 49 inch Cable: New never been shot, 38 1/2 Weight: 35-50# Draw: 26" The bow is in excellent condition, checked for splintering regularly, none found. Thanks!

[ Other - Family & Relationships ] Open Question : Boyfriend and anger issues please help?

I've been with my boyfriend for a little over 3 years now and i love him more than anything, our relationship has always been really great and we've had bigger problems than a lot of couples - we used to live very close to each other but he moved away so it's been long distance for 1 and a half years, (We are both 18) over the past couple of months he's been getting really angry and it's affecting our relationship, he's so irritable and it's over stupid things which he says 'play over in his mind'. He's never been violent to me or anything or shouted at me because he's angry that isn't the issue (he sometimes breaks things like whatever is in his hand at the time eg a pen) lately it's affecting him so much and happening so often that whenever we are together i'll go to cuddle him and he doesn't want to at all, i know it's the anger but it feels like he doesn't want to be near me and it's getting to me now, i just want things to go back to normal but i feel like i've completely lost him to his anger. The thought of not being with him hurts more than anything i'm going through now but i just don't know what to do it's killing me. How can handle this? talk to him about it or how to act around him any advice right now would be really helpful, thanks

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : What's your favorite letter?

Why so?

[ Baby Names ] Open Question : Scarlett or Juliet, which one sound more angelic ?

cold but angelic ?

[ Cats ] Open Question : A Very old cat that needs help?

Ok so there is this cat that is at my house it is very old and skiny and dirty. Its missing an eye and it seems like it has some eye incetion because dirt got into the socet or something. It has alot of good and gross stuff in its eye. What should i do? my parents say that we can't take it to the vet becaus ewe dont have money and that its going to die soon but i still want to help it. Also I ran out of tuna to feed it. I have 6 other cats and they eat regular dry food and so does sketchers (thats what we named him) but I wanna give him more wet food and protien to build him up.

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Girls, if you and your best friend are head over heels over the same guy what do would you do?

Would you yield to the best friend and let her have him because you want her to be happy? Or would you try to fight her for him? What would you do? Just curious

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Lady GaGa VS Katy Perry?

Katy perry!!!!

[ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered ] Open Question : How many times do you think about sex? :)?

every 5 minutes? every 6 hours? every 2 days? every 2 weeks? or...? :))

[ Vegetarian & Vegan ] Open Question : What is the nutritional value of walnuts?

How much protein does it have, how much fat also? I have braces and walnuts are pretty much the only "soft" nuts I could find. If I eat 1-2 walnuts with 1 m&m is that ok? I wanna get a veeeerrrryyyy slight 6 pack and a little bit of muscle on my arms to get stronger. I'm a girl btw. Also, are there any other soft nuts? And are peanuts good for you?

[ Financial Services ] Open Question : what are my chances of finding a job if I pass the ACCA exams?

as you know there are 14 papers. If i pass them can I find a good job easily?. And what about the salary?

[ Fashion & Accessories ] Open Question : Anyone know where I can find a green hello kitty I love nerds hoodie?

I have recently seen a green hoodie with Hello kitty on and I Love Nerds. I cant find it anywhere. Here is a picture. http://babydeee.tumblr.com/post/569211165 Thanks

[ Other - Cultures & Groups ] Open Question : i'm terrified of black people does that mean i'm racist?

those dudes are so intimidating i dunno is their color their poppy eyes and their skin and i dunno ....everything i guess :S

[ Movies ] Open Question : Movie where a woman takes a man hostage with a gun (see details)?

the guy held hostage was wearing tie and suit, they were in an office or smth special police forces were trying to kill the woman, one of them asks the hostage to bring her in the range of his gun, but he refuses eventually the hostage brings the female in safely, convinces her to turn herself in or smth Anyone seen this movie and can tell me the title, cast etc, a link where I could find it? It's not very old, from the 1990s or so, but don't think it's after 2000, English language Thanks!

[ Monitors ] Open Question : How do i get sand out of my touch screen?

I went to the beach yesterday and left it in the sun and possibly got sand in the screen because the touch screen isnt working. everything else is fine but i cant use the phone without the screen. i cant bring it to the at&t store because ive gotten it wet like months ago so they would think that was the reason why.

[ Women's Health ] Open Question : is this normal? (menstral question)?

so i'm on my first pack of birth control. it's a 3month pack. and two weeks before the sugar pills i started getting brown discharge and a week later, it turned into a brownish red. it's VERY light, not like a normal period. and it's still a week before i'm suppose to get my period. is this normal? i also have really bad cramping. please, let me know..

[ Languages ] Open Question : PLEASE YOU HAVE TO HELP!?

Ok, I have mixcraft 5 trial and i want to get the trial again so i dont have to buy it, i tried uninstalling mixcraft 5 and gettin it again but 'Hi im blah blah f*&k face & im Tom F*&k face, buy this s*&t' keeps on coming up and i cant make any songs...soooo Any ideas :)

[ Women's Health ] Open Question : Vomitting phobia after pregnancy,Ive seen councillors/had CBT i am now much better,but still completely afraid?

I literally shake, sweat, panic, go dizzy, hyperventilate etc when i feel sick...I cannot leave the house, but i am totally frightened of making a mess so i run outsdie when i feel sick? Im desperate to get this sorted now, ive been getting help for the last year and it seems like its not moving :( But atleast now it is ONLY when i feel sick, if i dont feel sick i am normal, Any suggestions on how to get this all over and done with? Thanks

[ Other - Family & Relationships ] Open Question : I need advice....what are his chances at work?

My bf put I'm his 2wks notice at work to come live with me but some things have gotten in the way and I need to break him the news that he just cannot come here right now. What are the chances that they will let him stay? I feel horrible bc he supports his family and if he stays, how will he do this without a job? Help =\

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Ok, now I need of advice!?

1) I suck at looks and I can't do anything about it as I'm Sikh (In my religion, we are not allowed to cut our hair, look it up on google if u dont know about it)...so I'm pretty low on self-esteem, how to have more self-confindence? 2) I like this girl in my class, who is in my leaugue, we hv had convos on fb once or twice...but I let the convo die...how to keep it upbeat and alive? 3) How to ask her out?

[ Trying to Conceive ] Open Question : when should i test? 10 days late.?

my last period was june 24th 2010, i had alot of unprotected sex this month, and i have yet to have my next period which means i am 10 days late... when should i test?

[ Higher Education (University +) ] Open Question : Is Culinary arts a good choice to take up in college?

I want to take up Culinary arts in college, is a future in cooking a good choice? Are there many job opportunities in this line of work? Please be honest...thanks!

[ Comedy ] Open Question : What is the structure of the tv show friends?

Is it a 4 act structure or a 3 act structure?

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : What's the nastiest thing you have done to your ex?

Here's the thing: I need some inspirational answers because I found out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me for a while and has kept telling me all the bullsht about how much he loved me and how he can't live without me and that i'm the perfect girl......................... But I found out. And now I want to show to him who he's messing with. Tell me what have you done so you hurt him really bad? And guys, before you start judging me, leave the page because you really don't know how shitty I feel because he meant a lot to me, but obviously he didn't feel the same way. And it wasn't just an accident. It happened regularly. Oh, and he doesn't know I know. So it's gonna be even funnier. :DD

[ Music & Music Players ] Open Question : ipod touch questionnn?

my dog ran by me and hit my arm and i dropped my ipod touch. it has a crack at the top now and the screen is white. its fully functional but i cant see anything. how do i restore the screen?

[ Video & Online Games ] Open Question : Monster Operation CD Game from a Cereal Box?

I can't remember what this game was called. You had to get a frog out of Frankenstein's throat by avoiding the food he swallowed. It came out in the early 2000's? There were multiple activities on it, I think. Please, please help me. It's been bothering me for a LONG time :) I just want to know the cd's name, and what cereal/brand it came from. Thanks!

[ Senior Citizens ] Open Question : Another food question. Do you make potato salad the same way your mother did?

Or have you tweaked the recipe a bit? I make it exactly as my mom did, right down to the dressing. But I like to put whole stuffed olives in it.

[ Video & Online Games ] Open Question : I need a Car Game with weapons?

i need a game that u drive a car and buy or take a weapons guns missiles ETC i dont care if its old school or new.

[ Fashion & Accessories ] Open Question : Cowboy boots? (filler)?

http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3058572/0~2376778~2372811~6013390?mediumthumbnail=Y&origin=category&searchtype=&pbo=6013390&P=1 i just bought those at 50% off and i was wondering what you thought of them?? also what clothes and outfits would look good with them?

[ Video & Online Games ] Open Question : VidMaster Achievments. HELP?

I want to complete the vidmaster achivements, and Deja Vu is the last on the list, so if you're willing to help please leave your gamertag and if you have any friends who are good ODST players, leave their names too. GT: CokeColaFTW Also i only need 2 people as my "SUPER COOL FRIEND" Who has recon already is willing to help

[ Languages ] Open Question : "How do you pronounce this sentence in french?

Que désirez-vous aujourd’hui? which means "what would you like to have today?

[ Horses ] Open Question : Why not reward your horse with treats?

i was reading somewhere that when training your horse to do tricks, never reward them with treats, just wondering what the reason is

[ Other - Electronics ] Open Question : computer making a rattleing sound?

i just bought a new gaming PC and the other night it started to make just a low rattle nosie my brother said its just the fan speeding up to keep the processer cool....i just want to make sure its normal and it was a 1300$ computer so hopeing its a normal sound

[ Facebook ] Open Question : How do i show my siblings on facebook?

I skipped that step, and now that i have a lotta my family added, i know under the info tab in my profile it should say siblings somewhere after I try to edit it...but nothing =/

[ Friends ] Open Question : is she really a good friend? i don't think so.?

there's this girl in school with me that is nice with me but always used to ignore me and not talk to only me every couple of weeks. i asked her why, and she said "cause i'm in a bad mood," but that's ridiculous. bad mood with only ME? and not with everyone else? i don't do or say anything bad to her, she just does it. and she came to my house for a sleepover last month and we swam, eat, drank and slept. and she hasn't talked to me much on the phone ever since. she never puts my name on facebook in her info, and puts all of her other friends. now i realize she just wanted to be my friend so she can come have a sleepover at my house. so she isn't a friend right?

[ Video & Online Games ] Open Question : Does anyone know where i can download the FULL VERSION of Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition online for FREE?

If you know a place where i can download the FULL game of the year edition fallout 3 online for pc for free WITHOUT having to submit a credtit card number that would be great. also if you could provide a link, i would greatly appreciate it. THANX!!!!

[ Pregnancy ] Open Question : Question about pregnancy symptoms?

Is it possible to have pregnancy symptoms (i.e. tender breasts) and still get a negative on a HPT when tested early? I've never gotten tender breasts before my menstruation. But, it seems like your body wouldn't start showing signs unless you had started releasing the hormone that HPTs pick up. I like to think I'm a day late, but my cycle is anywhere from 27-29 days and I'm on day 28 and it hasn't started. I took the test on day 25, solely because my husband was going to the doctors to give a semen sample, and I was just checking to see if it was necessary. Alas, it was negative. It's driving me nuts!

[ Comedy ] Open Question : TV crime fighting dream team?

If you could pick a crime fighting tv dream team who would you include? would it be booth or temperance from bones, mixed with maybe abby or gibbs from ncis with a touch of garcia and reid from criminal minds? or somebody else maybe from csi or the mentallist or something totally different.

[ Movies ] Open Question : help finding a movie title?

I need help finding a movie title. I would say it was made 87-90. It was about 3 brothers, it was a coming of age movie. i believe their father recently passed away. They had a farm, perhaps, not alot to go on, but I was young.

[ Quotations ] Open Question : Who coined the phrase 'Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit'?

I like this quote, but don't actually know who first said it and in what context. Does anyone know? o_O Thanks.

[ Skin Conditions ] Open Question : How to get rid of little zits on on back?

this whole school year i have had little sits on my back, and some medium zits there too. How do i get rid of them? i can scratch them off easily but they dont go away?

[ Other - Pregnancy & Parenting ] Open Question : HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU GET FOR TWO KIDS?


[ Toys ] Open Question : Has any one ever bought from an online party store called Birthday Direct?

Are they an honest company? Do they really exist and if so what quality are their products? I found them browsing online and they are cheaper than oriental trading co. Thanks

[ Teaching ] Open Question : How do I discipline poor students.?

So I attended a workshop on teaching students of poverty. They made it clear that students from little economic means do not respond to punishments that involve taking away something. (recess, tickets, monetary system, etc.) The argument was that these kids are used to having things taken away ie: water or electricity shut-off, evicted from their home, etc.) that they come to expect it. Thus they don't feel disappointment when a teacher does it. So what do you do or could I do to make consequences for late work, inappropriate behavior, etc.?

[ Mathematics ] Open Question : Another Physics Question...?

A car moving at 30 km/h skids 15 m with locked brakes. How far will the car skid with locked brakes at 90 km/h?

[ Diet & Fitness ] Open Question : i cheated on the 3 day diet what do i do?

okay heres the thing, i just finished day one and at dinner i ate te foods on the diet but i had alittle bit too much ice cream....i did great the rets of the day so what do i do? continue the diet? stop and start over? please help!

[ Credit ] Open Question : I just got a kohls store credit card w/o really even realizing it (i am young n' dumb) and got a discount....?

It will hurt my credit, cause they check my score. The jeans I bought were $36 w/o the card and $32 with it. What a waste of 10-30 pts on my credit score for $4 savings!!! She asked for my social security number and I said - I don't want to give that out. She said they have to use it to do a check. I guess I grossly misunderstood. She said "Kohl's charge card." I guess I thought very very briefly that it was a coupon card - just being a member, and that's what I asked. I thought I was becoming a member, with benefit discounts. She said it so fast. People at the mall offered clothing to me too! They are trying to sell!! I got screwed, and I am 20. Could I cancel it? I will call and ask. Probably too late. I already got the discount. I mean - there are benefits - but my credit score should bounce back up - right? With time? My regular, main card is with Wells Fargo (student card - I don't work). I already canceled that once and re-applied so that hurt my score and then this Kohls things happens!!!

[ Hair ] Open Question : School Hairstyles???? please help!!!?

School starts in 2 weeks for me and I am really starting to hate my hairstyle. It's short, barely to my shoulders, and black. I don't have bangs, but I want them. I can't go all out and do crazy stuff (alotho i want too) because the school rules. I also cant cut it too short. Any idea? Please help!!!

[ Baby Names ] Open Question : Any idea what to do about the baby name?

We are from armenia and we moved to america. my mom is about to have a baby BOY. We want to name him Karen, it is a (manly) boy name in armenian, but very common GIRL name in english. she wants to name him that because of her brother, who was for some reason killed in russia. It is what we want, but we are afraid, if he grows in America he will be mistaken for a girl or made fun of. Do not say do it anyway. Anybody know something close to this name for boys? Or maybe another name in armenian that is also in english? it can't be eduard. someone in my family is named that in this generation.

[ Celebrities ] Open Question : was bruce lee completely chinese?

i was wondering because brandon lee looked more white than chinese just like me (my mom is half vietnamese but she looks completely vietnamese) so was he half or what? i know he was born here in america

[ Psychology ] Open Question : How Do You Deal With Terrible Isolation?

In the 10 months since I have gotten divorced my life has spiraled totally out of control. I feel madly in love with my best friend, she was supposed to marry me. Now we are only friends again. I feel for someone else and they, after me going thee to be with them decided they'd rather stay dependent on their ex husband after all. I came from a small family to start off with, now they are all dead. I have no friends. I try to make new friends but I feel dead inside. There's someone else I am interested in but I am so bone-deep scared of being hurt and rejected again I can't even call her. I had several online friends that talked to me on messenger but most of them have even stopped. Every move or breath I make or take leaves me more and more and more isolated. I wish to God I could break this cycle.

[ Video & Online Games ] Open Question : Whats with Sonic and Shadow?

Dont you find it irritating that in some games shadows gameplay is faster than sonic's,but sonic still claims to be the fastest.their have been a few games that show shadow being faster[sonic battle,sonic adventure 2,sonic and the black night,ect.] but in some sonic games they move at the same pace.I wanna hear your opinion.What do you think of it?

[ Baby Names ] Open Question : what do you think of my favorite names?

Maxwell Anthony "Max" Eloise Fiona "Effy" Oliver Reed "Ollie" Bodhi Jameson Ariel Sloane Max, Effy, Ollie, Bodhi, & Ariel :)... for a sib set? best answer goes to most detailed!

[ Video & Online Games ] Open Question : Animal Crossing City Folk: Perfect Town. help?

On animal crossing city folk, im trying to get a perfect town rating. I heard placing tiles help. i know how to place tiles... i think but why do i need to?? why do i need to spend so much time on placing tiles i dont even know what their for? Please answer!

[ Dogs ] Open Question : My dog ate 2 loaves of bread, what should I do?

Can I give pepto bismol to a german shepherd?

[ Other - Health ] Open Question : why am i feeling so tired after going to the beach?

[ Other - Politics & Government ] Open Question : What do think of the bused-in protesters from out of state in AZ,hotels are doing a Business?

Are phony as 0bama?

[ Tennis ] Open Question : Will it be a open contest at the US open if Serena Williams doesnt play?

Read this from Serena Williams Twitter Ok guys I am sad. I lost all my bbm contacts cause of my phone accident. And my foot hurts today. Bad day for me. Is it a good thing shes injured ? will it open up the draw at the US open ?

[ Other - Cultures & Groups ] Open Question : What song that is part of your culture, do you like?

i would post Somali songs, but i'm to busy dancing to them!

[ Other - Politics & Government ] Open Question : Why do so many people believe 9/11 was an inside job?

-I mean, there are thousands of well qualified experienced specialists who think so. they risk their jobs and reputations by saying so. Why do they do it, unless they are absolutely sure.

[ Infectious Diseases ] Open Question : Question about Tetanus?

I got cut by an unclean metal bar about 1 and 1/2 days ago and I'm getting a tetanus shot tomorrow is this soon enough or I'm i waiting too long. Also how how does it take the tetanus shot to take effect in your body. Thank You

[ Women's Health ] Open Question : period.help.please.???????

so today is the 5th day of my period. the first day wasnt heavy, second day heavier, thrird day, lighter, and yesterday lighter and today a little lighter than before. I usually end at 4-6 days and one sighn im ending is if i dont have any blood on my pad over night, wich happened for two nights. so when do you think it will end? tomorrow, the day after? when?? thx:)

[ Video & Online Games ] Open Question : R4 Sav on No$GBA? Not loading Sav. Help Please?

I put the Sav file in the battery folder but it always starts a new game when I load my NDS file. Any help?

[ Dogs ] Open Question : does kissing dog noses hurt their sense of smell?

[ Personal Finance ] Open Question : i need money fast and easy please help?

i need 426.79 fast i wana go to la im 14 cant get job no stupid answers or websites

[ Other - Internet ] Open Question : How to show who I'm following on tumblr?

I have two blogs. And I know it depends on the theme. But on my second blog I want to show that I follow certain people that are related to my blog. How do I do that?

[ Other - Entertainment ] Open Question : which is better wii xbox 360 or ps3 ,note its a voting system.?

my vote would be the wii as its the best seller and ign crowned it the best but whats your vote?.And guys with the short essays no thank you its really just a vote make it short enough!

[ Other - Sports ] Open Question : Polar watch? store or online only?

does any one know if polar heart rate monitor watches are sold in stores or if you can only buy them online.. and a place to get the best deal?

[ Comics & Animation ] Open Question : Is there a second season of Samurai Champloo?

I heard there was a second season? Also, where can I watch the first season on the internet?

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : are romanian tokarevs legal in massachusetts?

if you have proper liscensing, is the 7+1 capacity old military 7.62x25 romanian tokarev legal to buy?


Ok, so I'm really sick of my natural colour but i'm not sure what colour to dye it. Any suggestions? http://s283.photobucket.com/albums/kk316/crackerlovescheese/?action=view¤t=Photoon2010-07-10at2055.jpg

[ Music & Music Players ] Open Question : how to upload music from itunes to my ipod touch?

ok so i just got this ipod touch for my birthday and i don't know how to add music to it i already have music in my library cause i had an ipod before it but every time i hook up my ipod touch and i go to file and down to sync ipod it won't let me click it so how do i upload the music ?? please help me thanks

[ Marriage & Divorce ] Open Question : How can I stop cheating on my husband?

I think I'm getting out of hand. My husband is a doctor at the ER so he can work 24 hour shifts and sleep at the hospital. I go out every weekend and I get drunk and I wake up in another mans apartment. I work part time only so I have a lot of free time. I love my friends but the partying gets a little bit too wild sometimes. And I don't even remember the sex with the men I follow home. And if my husband asks me where I have been when I get home I lie and say that I went to sleep at my friends apt. I feel so ashamed, what should I do?

[ Books & Authors ] Open Question : What do u learn about the culture of the USA, Pakistan, and Afghanistan by reading the book Three Cups of Tea?

This book is written by Greg Mortensen

[ Lyrics ] Open Question : Lyrics I Made Up..how are they? Chords and drum beat welcome?

Hey these are lyrics i made up please comment, alter or make up a song for my band pleasee thanks Its called Painting on the wall The painting on the wall The valley and the mountains And the bright blue water fall With The River beneath it Its all too good to be true The clouds arent really so white The Views not quite right And the sun doesnt shine As Bright Im not a stranger To cold dark places Or unfamiliar faces But this code i cant snap Its Like Im in a small gap Step out of dreamland Step into reality Take a look around Normality This is how it really is x 2 So stop painting Those pretty little pictures Stop painting our downfall Just wait till destiny calls x3 fading what do you think? you can give me chords to it too and a drum beat! thankss

[ Other - Games & Recreation ] Open Question : The Sims 3 crashes when creating a Sim?

No error message or anything. Just quickly closes with no warning. And I think this just started happening after downloading some Custom Content? Computer Specs: Windows Vista Home Basic (6.0 Build 6001) Dell, Inc Vostro 220 Series Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.GHz 3070MB RAM DirectX 10

[ Software ] Open Question : Problem with WinRAR PLEASE HELP?

So I've downoaded a game demo (B.A.S.E.) and when I go to play it a thing pops up that says,"This setup requires the .NET Framework version 1.1.4322. Please install the .NET Framework and run this setup again." I have downoaded it a bunch of times and am still running into this problem.

[ Pregnancy ] Open Question : Growth scans & static growth in last weeks of pregnancy? Anyone else been monitored?

I am 36 weeks pregnant & have been placed under the care of a consultant at the hospital (rather than midwifery led care) because at 28 weeks to 31 weeks my fundus measurement had only increased by 1cm. I was below the 10th centile (was measuring 27cm at 31 weeks) growth scans have been done every 2 weeks since. From 31 weeks to 33 weeks the growth leapt from 27cm to 31cm which made baby bang on the 50th centile! I thought that was big...but then at 35 weeks a growth scan showed just a weight gain from 2112g at 33 weeks to 2224g at 35 weeks! The consultant has been doing regular CTG's and Liquor volume & doppler scans in between. Baby is VERY active, Im constantly monitoring his movements but the consultant warned me that if next weeks growth scan doesnt show some growth he will have to consider inducing me & hes going to pull the plug on my arranged homebirth! Im GUTTED! Has anyone else ever had to be monitored like this & how did your birth start? induction? spontaneous? Obviously my babys health during labour & delivery is paramount to me but Im finding all this rather confusing & am not sure where this situation will end. All answers will be appreciated *This is my 2nd child, I had a natural homebirth to a 6lb 11.5oz baby girl 4 years ago, fundal height measurements on her pregnancy were consist but always just below the 10th centile.

[ Corporations ] Open Question : Question regarding McDonald's paychecks?

I started working at McDonald's last Monday (the 19th), knowing that my paychecks are transferred to my bank account every other Thursday - that is to say, today. I checked my account balance today and found that the paycheck is considerably smaller that what I expected. My wage is student minimum, so only a fraction should go to taxes, according to some of my relative who've worked at McDonald's and other fast food restaurants. I can only see one possibility: the paycheck was only for the hours I worked between last Monday and this Monday, and the other three days will be included in the next paycheck. Is this possible? If so, is it true? Or did I work 55 hours just to be 200 bucks short?

[ Politics ] Open Question : How lucky do you feel to have been born in the USA?

[ Buying & Selling ] Open Question : car titles and tags... HELP?

does anyone know what the procedure to transfer car title and tags in the state of Florida?! I'm buying a car and I want it in my son's name. Does he have to be there to sign? Please give me all the information you have!

[ Physics ] Open Question : a material has an index refraction of 1.75. what is the critical angle ?

whats the critical angle of this material??? A. 42.8 b. 16.7 C. 76.4 D. 55.0 E. 49.2 oh and if the critical angle for cubic zirconium is 29.2 degrees, what the index of refraction?? A.1.00 B.1.33 C. 1.50 D.1.85 E. 2.05

[ Dogs ] Open Question : RAW and working for the dog?

i recently built an incubator and am planning to order some hatching eggs later this year. (turkey, pheasant, quail, ducks) all are excellent foraging birds. the idea was originally for my parents they wanted some more game for ppl to hunt so they thought i could hand raise some then release them and let nature take its course and propagate. they recommended i let the ibizan hound im going to get in almost 2 years hunt the birds and feed them as part of a RAW diet. dog gets to eat the bird he/she catches. its 70 acres surrounded by a high game fence. terrain mostly flat. Forrest, field and 3 tanks. i live in an unpopulated area no farmers in my area only a guy with exotic game surrounding me. i buy hatching eggs at most 10 for 10.00. the thought is we would be using the dog for what it is bred for AND giving it a healthier diet than dry food. i do intend to show and lure course the ibizan hound. im asking this because im getting the birds first and want to see : Have i overlooked something that could harm the dog?? what do you think i should add to the diet other than the fowl (opinions)? mom thinks this would make the dog a better lure courser (your thoughts)?

[ Other - Music ] Open Question : anybody know what trance song this is?

has a girl singing, somebody told you how much i love you

[ Movies ] Open Question : When is the Hunger games going to be a movie?

I've heard that the Hunger Games is going to be a movie, but I haven't heard when it's going to become a movie. Does anyone know when, or if anytime soon, it will become a movie?

[ Theater & Acting ] Open Question : I want to get into acting, but i don't know how my family is going to take it. What should i do?

I am young but my dream is to become a actress but, I don't know about my family. Any suggesting?

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : How old do u think i look ?

looking to my pictures in those links below, what age do you think i look ? cuz some people when ask me how old am i and then when i answer, they dont belive that i have 19 yrs old, they think that i have 16 years more or less... i am 19 yrs old, but after all : do you think that i appear to have what age ? http://s817.photobucket.com/albums/zz91/guilhermechasiva88/?action=view¤t=1009-1.jpg http://s817.photobucket.com/albums/zz91/guilhermechasiva88/?action=view¤t=DSC00037.jpg http://s817.photobucket.com/albums/zz91/guilhermechasiva88/?action=view¤t=DSC09812q2.jpg thanx!

[ Hair ] Open Question : Bangs won't stay straight?

I always straighten my bangs but they ALWAYS get frizzy or curl no matter how much I straighten. How do I keep my bangs straight? http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m23/2ql/mmmm.jpg see! they always curl!

[ Other - Business & Finance ] Open Question : Which negotiable instrument do banks not accept?

Just a homework question that I have been looking at for awhile and unable to find in my textbook... Which negotiable instrument is a bank not an acceptor? -Cashiers Check -Certified Check -Certificate of Deposit -Bank Acceptance

[ Fashion & Accessories ] Open Question : Is it fine to wear sneakers with khacki pants?

I am volunteering at a hospital. I am suppose to wear semi-formal clothes. I decided to wear a polo shirt and khacki pants. I was wondering if it is fine to wear sneakers with them or if I will look weird. Basically, is it ok to wear sneakers when it comes to fashion.

[ Rock and Pop ] Open Question : Kevin "Da $upa $tar" Federline or Pink Floyd?

yo yo yo we's all no kevin da supastar is way bette dan dat pink shiste

[ Baseball ] Open Question : Halladay, Hamels, and Oswalt?

who can comapare with 1,2,3 pitching rotation?? all i can think of is the Cardinals.

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : How to move on from a relationship?Any helpful tips?

Thought we were forever Thought us would last Now im broken inside whers the joy? the stars dissapear when u left how can this ever happen? a beer in my hand a memory flowing to an empty land how we drift apart? the life of u and me the words u said is all gone all gone all gone u all gone.

[ Politics ] Open Question : If the man-child President thinks his job is really hard and can't fix anything, why won't he just resign?

Instead of complain to the American people all the time about how unfair things are, or about how everything is the fault of the guy before him? If I complained to my boss like he complains, I would get fired.

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : POLL: Would you rather be a...?

Talented Artist, or Gifted Writer?

[ Other - Education ] Open Question : What is currently being done to increase foreign language enrollment in schools?

[ Horoscopes ] Open Question : How Messy is your House?

& Do you have any Virgo in your chart- Sun/Moon/Mars

[ Rock and Pop ] Open Question : Anyone Knows Anymore Groups Like The Beastie Boys?

Please? Anymore goups that sound like them?

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : My ex boyfriend liking me again?

K so i am 15 way young to be to serious in a relationship. And my "ex boyfriend" broke up with me over a lame text message not to long ago. He said in the text message that he still liked me alot he just wants to get used to being friends so we can talk to each other and be ourselves. (pretty lame i know but not a big deal right?) and apparently he still likes me. His friends told me does and my girl friends even asked him and he said things like not really, kinda, and sort of. and i still like him to. But he also said when he broke up with me that he will ask me out again. And he told my friend this too. But I am just wondering if he really will...he's been flirting with me alot in the pass like cheezy things like throwing me in the pool and picking me up and throwing me and around and stuff. But my other friend likes him too. and she can talk to her alot easier then i can..so do you think he will fall for my friend again?

[ Women's Health ] Open Question : Brown Vaginal Discharge, And No period?!?

Okay, I'm 13 and i don't even have my period yet. Just starting today, my vaginal dsicharge turned brownich, reddish, and some skin-like stuff came out too. I am really scared. I looked it up on the web and it said it may be no cause for concern, but I am really really SCARED. Help!

[ Cell Phones & Plans ] Open Question : how do i recieve a multimedia message on my phone?

[ Performing Arts ] Open Question : Can anyone give me any advice for the Falcone Euphonium competition?

I've been playing my euphonium for about 15 years. In high school I was in all-county band 5 times, All- Long Island band twice, principal chair, and I made All-State (NY) senior year of high school. Right now I'm just finishing up college and I wanted to conquer the next challenge. The 2010 Leonard Falcone Tuba/Euphonium competition and prove that i'm the best in the nation. Any music people have any advice?? It'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

[ Other - Visual Arts ] Open Question : To anyone who read "when you are engulfed in flames" help!!!!!!!!?

I need to know on what chapter the stadium pal bit comes up?

[ Mathematics ] Open Question : What is the value of the decimal number -34 expressed in 2's complement format?

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : What Should I Do? I Really Wanna Be In Hollywood, How Can I Do That?

hey guys i know it sounds corny and maybe kinda funny to you but hey i've got a burning desire and thats my dream. iand yeah im not talking about being a wonder-woman. I just want some action in my life like the terminator salvation. something like that, something that resonates my heart. something thrilling. and yeah its become my obsession but i've got no idea how am i gonna do that, to probably make it to hollywood. and please dont answer if your answer's meant to be perverted. any idea? and let me tell you something, I'm a PROFESSIONAL BUM, got no money to settle in LA or NYC. so any ideas? to be a second jennifer anniston is not my desire, I like aCTION and i'd rather want to be working with daniel crag

[ Other - Beauty & Style ] Open Question : Is this girl too good for me?

I really like this girl, but I'm worried if she's too good looking Please rate us both /10.. and try not to make too many judgments on our stye. I know we're on VF. Me: http://pics1.vampirefreaks.com/S/St/Sta/Static_Existence/32593691.jpg http://pics1.vampirefreaks.com/S/St/Sta/Static_Existence/32593681.jpg her: http://pics1.vampirefreaks.com/x/x_/x_f/x_fatally_yours_x/37320333.jpg

[ Programming & Design ] Open Question : titles of books that teach basic programming?

im just wondering because my friends and i want to start designing video games and we were wondering what some good books would be

[ Immigration ] Open Question : Why is CNN dedicating more time covering SB 1070 today?

I switched to Fox News, and there is minimal mention. I'm guessing its because of the early ruling today, and how it hinders the success of SB 1070.

[ Pain & Pain Management ] Open Question : Left side pain and Anal bleeding?

The blood is bright red. I have no idea whats going on but it hurts. I don't want to go to the hospital because I'm scared. Is it anything I need to go to the hospital for or can I see my doctor?

[ Video & Online Games ] Open Question : To anyone who has Halo CE for the PC?

Bungie has recently announced that when their next game, Halo: Reach comes out, if you still have the key code for Halo CE for the PC, you will be able to unlock a bonus armor design for your Reach character. I have Halo CE for the Xbox, but not the PC. If anyone that still has their key code for Halo CE, and does not plan to buy Halo Reach, could you please post it here. It would be appreciated. Note: I have no intent whatsoever to illegaly download the game.

[ Cooking & Recipes ] Open Question : Cream on top of yogurt?

Are whole milk yogurts supposed to have cream on the top. Stonyfield plain yogurt?

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : What is an actual good luck charm?

I want to get a necklace or bracelet of some sort that is sort of a good luck charm it could be for luck love, wealth, or health what are actual charms or symbols for the things stated above

[ Classical ] Open Question : Looking for chorale, classical or score pieces that would work well with my video project?

it's a project for a media contest, and it's a video of "new beginnings" (sunrises, flowers blooming, birds taking flight, artsy stuff like that) i need some good music suggestions to go along with it. doesn't matter how long it is, but it needs to match the mood of the video. any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated thanks!!

[ Men's Health ] Open Question : Do i have a cut on my penis?

Like i master bated and the next day when i rubbed my penis it felt weird at the top. So i did some research and one person had the same feeling and they said i might have a cut. Do i? And i f i have a STD im soooo scared

[ Cats ] Open Question : My kitten pees everywhere X(?

Okay i have a female kitty that's not fixed (we are saving up to get her fixed). i don't know if its her just spraying or something else. if it is something else please tell me how to stop it.

[ Senior Citizens ] Open Question : Actor's that were cute in the fifty's and the sixty's,Who are ugly today?

[ Dominican Republic ] Open Question : Is September a good season to visit Dominican Republic?

Which place in Dominican Republic is better - Punta Cana or Puerto Plata?


i love shou's (from alice nine) jacket that he wears in the rainbows video and i'd like to buy it.. but i cant find it! please help!!!

[ Other - Local Businesses ] Open Question : Why's is my UPS tracking number not working?

I sent my xbox to be repaired to Texas and it's been done since Monday. MS sent me a tracking number for UPS but when I use it UPS says it's an invalid number. What's wrong with it?

[ Pregnancy ] Open Question : im 15 weeks pregnant and i get headaches wen i stand up?

i get headaches wen i stand up but they go away when i sit down, and im in discomfort when i go 2 bed sleeping is uncomfortable

[ Mythology & Folklore ] Open Question : Who believes that the government and Illuminati...?

Do you guys believe in the Illuminati and them brainwashing us by movies and songs?

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : What's the fastest you've ever run?

I was in the jungle in Ecuador and the guide was holding a tarantula up to show it to me, and when he was done describing it, he put it down on the ground. I didn't even wait to see what it was going to do.

[ Mobile Phones & Plans ] Open Question : What is the best querty cell to get through MTS (with good price range?)?

[ Dogs ] Open Question : labrador medical treatments?

okay so like a cat has to have a worming tablet every three months and flea treatment once a month ... what does a labrador need?

[ Facebook ] Open Question : FACEBOOK CHAT REPLY... WHAT'S IT SUPPOSED TO BE??!?

My friend replied this back to me: m] Whats it supposed to be/mean??

[ Ford ] Open Question : Ford Taurus starting problems?

I have a 1996 Ford Taurus and it won't start. I checked the fuses and the eec/ignition coil fuse was blown. I replaced the fuse, it started, ran rough, then the fuse blew again. Is my problem the ignition coil or the eec module?

[ Hobbies & Crafts ] Open Question : what is the best thing to do when your bored?

Play on the computer, watch a movie, ect.

[ Royalty ] Open Question : what made cleopatra so amazing during her reign?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Do Conservatives prefer some authority to tell them what to do rather than being independent thinkers?

Like God or Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh?

[ Other - Society & Culture ] Open Question : Handling a situation where pride and dignity is on line?

I don't know how to title this so i did what i can. here is my problem, i been working at a office where my colleagues (one of them) is very cheap, eventually he got opened up and when other guys joined in office.he started to make impression that he is senior (which he is not, atleast of me) and that he told me number of things. now having said that the other guys started following his lead until one guy pointed out to me my work. which everyone admire (but they don't) and we had fight and i told my reporting officer and he sat down and talk. as i was pissed off what happened the prior week and i been working my as* off fixing the guy work (who initially gave the impression he is senior) as he screwed up big time while making my work double. and one day we had quarrel as he said u disturbed my work and i told him. what should i be doing fixing your problem which u give me or work my own work. and we heated up etc. now its been 2 weeks since we aren't talking. he know he passed the border line, As for me i don't have that thing in my personality which "make other people fear me or think that if they think stupid he will kick our as*." he is quite but there is one guy who is 2 months new and he do same, tease me, mock me on my work (he do it to fool around) but i don't like it all. now given the above situation i wanna know two things. 1. How to deal with people like my colleague which is quite with me, coz he know he passed the border line and yet he admit his mistake and respect my work qualities. 2. As discussed i lack the domination/ the power of making people feel that they don't say anything work to me or else. the scary dominating kind of guy. 3. else whatever u can advice me pls do

[ Jokes & Riddles ] Open Question : my question's regarding the riddle in the movie night at the museum 2?

i was wondering, why is the answer pi (3.14159265...) to the riddle "the secret number..is the heart of the pyramids"..something like that. it bugs me not to know why. please give me good explanaition!! free points for grabs :D

[ Military ] Open Question : i just finished up with MEPS for active army, and i just realized that i forgot to tell them a small medical?

injury, it happened about 7 years ago, i went to the hospital because i got a basketball thrown at my pinky finger, it only got a little sprained and i never went back for help with it. what should i do? what will happen to me if they find out?

[ Gender & Women's Studies ] Open Question : Why do certain women want to be seen as 'tough'?

It is so unbecoming. Jane Austen would never have written a novel about a 'tough bitch' who was relationally aggressive. I am sure in her time, in her class, demonstrably more refined than our own age, the women that were little nasty bitches were not lionized and favoured. It just wasn't like that. People were more civil and high. Everyone is so low and trashy these days and are so accepting of lowness and trashiness. By trashiness I mean everyone kowtowing to the aggressive person in a group of people..

[ Primary & Secondary Education ] Open Question : Is it possible to move from one state to another in high school?

I'm wondering because every state the rules are different is it possible to move from one state to another and graduate?.. like I have 28 credits in NYC.. NYS.. im a horrible student.. so im wondering if i move to florida would i have to repeat a grade again?.. nyc you need 44 credits to graduate.. I can get that by January here..

[ Boats & Boating ] Open Question : what is value of 1996 24ft suntracker with 75 hp mercury and 9.9 hp mercury?

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Could I get a hug from you?

[ Other - Computers ] Open Question : Best way to MAKE 3d glasses?

ive heard red and blue are old and stuff..i made one wiv them colours and it was shit blury and dark, whats the better way of makin them?

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : why are bl@ck people so dark?

i cant see em at nite

[ Physics ] Open Question : Electrostatics: Question About Magnitude Of Electric Field. Please Help?

An electron is projected with an initial velocity o = 3.4 x 107 m/s along the y-axis, which is the center line between a pair of charged plates. The plates are 1.00 m long and are separated by 0.10 m. A uniform electric field E, in the positive x-direction, is presented between the plates. The magnitude of the acceleration of the electron is 8.9 x 1015 m/s2. In Fig. 21.9, the magnitude of the electric field is changed so that an electron, projected with the same initial velocity, barely clears the far edge of one of the plates. The magnitude of this electric field is closest to: 580 N/C 660 N/C 690 N/C 820 N/C 900 N/C

[ Pregnancy ] Open Question : Is the hpt from the dollar store accurate?

i mean if i take it a few days BEFORE my expected period. or should i wait until the day of my expected period?

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Why Don't Some Girls React To Something They Are Uncomfortable With?

I hear stories where if a guy grabs a girl's boobs, they don't do anything and they are extremely uncomfortable with it and just let them have it! Do they not know how to stand up for themselves or are they nervous?

[ Government ] Open Question : Do you know what a "British Wishes" mean ? im sure you dont !!!!!!!!!!!!?

brtitish wishes mean money resources, accepting toxic waste in exchange for an Aid from England !!!!!!!!!!! for example youre from somalia you dont have money your people are very poor no food so you need a help!!! youre going to ask England for a help. few £ so they will tell you hmm u want money to buy a bread and you dont have oil nor gold not diamonds but wooow we got toxic waste!!! and you got a land so england offer to somalia toxic waste in enxchange for an aid. cuz somalia doesnt have government no one care england pays million £ and somalia gets two ships of toxic waste to deal with it. local people are poor they dont know what this is they touch it and they die. the last time somalia received this shiiit 1200 people died and many more are sick !! the same system work with nigeria and ghana the thing is that even if nigeria or ghana refused than their governments would be killed the same happen in a new guinea you can check few thing like SAS british PM terrorism in a new guinea or british involvement in tanzania british planes in south africa or british control over nigerian oil toxic waste in nigeria and ghana etc etc that what british wishes mean your country is a poor but you got oil gold or diamonds or u want toxic waste you can ask for an AID!! but that not real AID and no one know cuz u have to keep quiet or be killed !!!!

[ Swimming & Diving ] Open Question : Swimming questions..?

Hi. I'm going to join my high school's swim team this year. What kind of strokes do I need to know for competitions? Any information about high school swimming would be great! Thanks!

[ Standards & Testing ] Open Question : Which SAT prep book is better?

Okay so I have Princeton Review SAT 2011 with DVD(won in a contest). Now I am thinking what is better to get also McGraw Hills SAT 2011 or the Collegeboard official study guide. Which one do you think I should get (or possible both), and why?

[ Friends ] Open Question : Help! Scene hair and jealous friend!?!?!?

ok in a couple of days im getting the scene hair. me and my friend is really into the scene style. she did plan on getting it but she didn't. i just told her a few minutes ago how im getting it and im so excited about it. all of a sudden she starts telling me all this stuff the it damages you hair and you can go bald from it. me and her usually get the same stuff and all that we're like sisters. it sounds to me that she's trying to stop me from getting it cause she wants to get it before me and all that u guys know what i mean. anyways is my friend jealous and does your hair really fall out? thanx x)

[ Birds ] Open Question : How can I make my Zebra Finch interact with me and want to play with me and like me?

[ Teaching ] Open Question : the points (k,8) is 10 units from the origin ,,,help me wid this ques plzz?

if p is on the terminal arm of an angle in standard position find, FOR EACH VALUE OF K a) sin of the angle b) cos of the angle

[ Other - Pregnancy & Parenting ] Open Question : whats a cool girls name for a car?

[ Other - Beauty & Style ] Open Question : Which picture out of 3 look best?

h t t p : / / i27.tinypic. c o m /23rnukk.png (Yahoo Answers block me if I submit a link in it's proper format, so you'll have to remove the spaces your self) Left = Face as it now Middle = Simulated a nose job to correct deviation, cheekbone reduction surgery to reduce width of face (an unattractive asian ethnic feature) Right = The 2 simulated surgeries from Middle (slightly redid the nosejob) + 1 further simulated surgery to change the angle of jaws to chin [because only changing my cheekbones might have put general facial proportions out of whack]

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Poll: Describe yourself with one word?

Using the 1st letter of your name.

[ Rap and Hip-Hop ] Open Question : Does anyone know what song this is?

I know this is weird but can anyone tell me the name of this song on this video game youtube video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOSFhbuaTlo

[ Xbox ] Open Question : GUYS I HAVE FUTURE CALL OF DUTY NEWS!!!!!!?

after black ops.. activision said there is gonna be 2 cods in 2011 YES TWO CODS IN 2011!!!... one made by sledgehammer and one made by a unknown company... IM i missing out... please fill in info if im missing out.. tell me anything u guys know like.. what the companys name is.. whats cod8 is gonna be like or whtas the companys name that makes the secret cod... IS it gonna be in 3D???? also watch this video before u answer... this is like the master of all yahoo question and answers... !.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PfQqNzYafI&feature=related

[ Books & Authors ] Open Question : Can you help me to find a title for a story that I'm writing?

I'm writing a story about dark business and the past of a life... And I need an original title. The story is about one man that in the past helped an young girl to survive and now he found her again and and he found in his darkest feelings that he is in love with her. And he has a friend that signed a contract with bad people and now he have to many problems in life! (Well, I untwisted and summarize a bit the real story, because some people like to steal ideas.) Well, I hope you can help me with the title! Sorry if i don't gave to you so much information.

[ Languages ] Open Question : how do you say "Holy War" in Hebrew?

[ Software ] Open Question : How do you delete rows at the end of a document?

you can view my excel document here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0ApDr7NXtXNekdHMwODhhTHhHZ1dyMUtiazRoRldwU3c&authkey=CMLcwIwC&hl=en&output=html What I would like to do is get rid of all the rows at the bottom to help improve the looks. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you!!

[ Magazines ] Open Question : What do you think about these magazines_PARAG,MADHURI,SARIKA?

[ Other - Business & Finance ] Open Question : Great ways for a teen to earn money and become very successful in life?

I do know business and marketing (I'm VERY good at it). If I start my own online store on EBAY and Amazon, what would start selling fast? I want to either do Electronics, Sports, or Skateboards.

[ Community Service ] Open Question : International Volunteer work (short term) - non religion affiliated?

Interested to know of any non-religious based volunteer opportunities for short term work in poor countries. For example, like the idea of Habitat building homes, but not interested in religious/proselytizing aspect of it. I do not belong to any religion, so if the work in some way involves promoting a religious/political view point, not my cup of tea. Also, am looking to provide physical labor, not much interested in meeting govt officials, NGO types, fund raising efforts, and so on. Thanks for suggestions.

[ Skin Conditions ] Open Question : does anyone know if i will be ok?

i have an ingrown toenail that has puss and doesnt bleed but looks like it did. i tried soaking my foot in im 13 and the salt water helped. there is no more pain and the puss and blood is getting smaller and smaller. the toenail is still in my skin though. will i grow out of my skin so i can cut it out? will i be ok? is it getting better? do i need to go to the dr if the pain and redness and puss is going down but the nail is still stuck? please help me. will it get worse?

[ Books & Authors ] Open Question : im looking for a book?

i like books that are bizarre or about corruption, government, i also like it when there written in the form of a journal entry of letter if you no any that would be a big help

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Would you risk your future....?

and make a decision that is outrageous and will make or break your future for the person you love?

[ Security ] Open Question : why do people create computer viruses?

It's not cool. Anyway to trace these clowns? Why are they such pussies that hide behind their computer?

[ Celebrities ] Open Question : How/when will you Die? (really creepy)?

I'm pretty freaked out right now, my cousin died last year from downing and I just took this death quiz for fun and my results said my death would be water related. How eerie is that? You can take the quiz below, I want to know what you guys get and if it relates to any deaths in the family (creepy).

[ Other - Pregnancy & Parenting ] Open Question : How could this 12 week old fetus not be considered a human life?

Your responses are to be your reaction to the videos only. If you didn't watch them, then please do not respond. Ultrasound footage of an Abortion in process and completed at 12 weeks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJzSiAPXT… Partial Birth Abortion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_W75zh1j…

[ Photography ] Open Question : Cheap External Mic for Canon 7d?

I have a Canon 7D and usually only do photography, I've come across a client with a small instructional video project and I'm looking for a cheap external mic for the project. Most of the video is actual footage of product being applied, but I do need to do a few short interview sections and I'm worried about the quality of the sound from the camera's mic. I don't have a lot of experience with actual video production and this sound doesn't have to be superior quality, but I am looking for something a little better. Any suggestions?

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : my mom is 40 and single she had commitment phobia (she wanted marriage and kids she was scared of fights)?

an she was single for years what are her chances on having more children. and how to increase fertility

[ Other - Hardware ] Open Question : Data transfer via external hard drive enclosure?

My 8 yr old (!) Dell Dimension 4500 desktop recently died and I want to transfer some data from two 40gb HDDs to my new PC which has a 1tb HDD. Is it simply a matter of popping the old in the enclosure, connecting via USB, viewing everything on the screen, and selecting what files I would like to transfer and leaving behind what I don`t care about? All I want to transfer is video, music, photos, and maybe bookmarks and a couple of programs. It's mainly the media that I'm worried about though. Do I need to install a program on my new PC to make this happen? Is there anything different about these old drives that I need to be aware of (older hdd technology that my enclosure needs to support)? The old PC also ran XP and the new one is windows 7 (64-bit) if that makes a difference. If anyone can point me to a tutorial it would be greatly appreciated. Debating whether I want to have a professional do it for an hr @ $90...

[ Military ] Open Question : army APG edgewood/aberdeen area? what the diffrence?

im going to maryland to see my husband which is in AIT. i have no idea what his adress is and what exact base he is on. i know that there are 2 sides to his base and im not sure on which on he is on. im going to be staying at the swan creek in. (i dont know what side that is on either) would anyone know what side my husband would be on? p.s. whats the diffrence between the edgewood and aberdeen area/? help me!!! anything will help. im clueless

[ Books & Authors ] Open Question : Writers - what little superstitions do you have?

We all have them - the little tics, the nerves, the things we do before, during or after writing - the situations that make use feel we will be cursed if they come true (or cursed if they do not).

[ Other - Family & Relationships ] Open Question : What are some ways we can all give back?

I want to give back in every way possible, here are some ideas I came up with - Recycle Volenteer at an animal shelter Plant trees Clean up parks Volenteer at a soup kitchen Volenteer at a nursing home IF YOU CAN THINK OF ANYMORE, PLEASE COMMENT :D

[ Spam & Bulk Mail ] Open Question : im getting mail from grouo, how to stop it?

im a getting mail from asad-kavirjah group and i want to stop it

[ Technology ] Open Question : does it pay or is it a scam?

http://www.gptinfinity.com/complete_offer.php and if it isn't spam does it pay good and can a 14 year old do it? i have a paypal account and everything.

[ Software ] Open Question : How do I install wireless usb adapter in linux mint?

I have a Belkin F7D1101 V1 wireless usb adapter and a cd with the drivers for windows xp, vista, and windows 7. I used Ndiswrapper to install the .inf file for windows xp to see if it would work. It says there is no hardware present. The adapter is plugged in. I can't connect to the internet. Help!!!

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : How much do I owe you for last night?

[ Blues ] Open Question : Songs about self harm/self hatred?

Or any Bands who mainly sing about this, I would prefer metal or hard rock songs with vocals were you can hear the words properly. ~im not looking for advice im looking for songs~

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : What would you do if I violated a goat on your front lawn in broad daylight?

[ Other - Beauty & Style ] Open Question : Do You Think I am Pretty?


[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : what is the most relaxing thing you've done?

every Thursday my parents go to Exeter to do my aunties hair, so i roll up a peppermint tea f*g.. mmm and go out to the high up fields, and from there, sit, smoke and listen to music whilst gazing from 12 miles away at Exeter's glimmering city lights...

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : My ex is being evicted and still wants current visitation to continue.?

My ex-husband is being evicted from low-income housing and has nothing else lined up, yet stills wants his current visitation with my boys to continue. We were divorced when the boys were only 2 and 3 years old. The boys are now 10 and 11 years old and are seeing their father on a very liberal visitation scedule. Their father has not worked in approximately 8-9 years and collects Social Security based on his mental history (suicidal and Bi-polar). He is currently living in low-income housing and has recently lost his cable and internet due to not paying his bills. He's told the boys that the Manager of the apt. complex "hates him" because of his race. This seemed to be a far-fetched accuse, but today, we found the real issue with the manager is that he has not been paying his (already reduced) rent. I receieved a text message from my 11 year old, an hour after I dropped them off for their day visit, that stated "HELP." The next message was, "We are at court because dad hasn't paid his rent." Now that the kids know that he has to come up with x- number of dollars of rent or eviction will continue, they are nervous about having to go for visits. They are due to spend the weekend with him. What option/recourse do I have to require stable housing before I send them for an overnight visit? By the way, the 10 year old boy is Autistic, so sudden changes are difficult for him to deal with. Please advice if I can safely insist on my ex only having supervised visits until his housing situation is fixed. Or do I need to do anything else?? ~Concerned Mom of 2 in SC

[ Basketball ] Open Question : Am I the only one who thinks LeBron James made the right decision?

in seven years all Cleveland ever did to get him help was let Carlos Boozer go and sign old decrepit no longer star let alone super star Shaq

[ Swimming & Diving ] Open Question : swimming pool problem?

I was told to super shock my pool water cause I was not getting a chlorine reading so I really super shocked it and my chlorine went off the charts, now my water is a funky yellowish-green color. Is that because of the super high chlorine and what can I do about it? Please help.

[ Fish ] Open Question : how often should i clean my batta fish bowl?

[ Marriage & Divorce ] Open Question : How to Pamper the Women in my life?

I love my Mother and my Girlfriend so that they are my heart and soul. I want to pamper them everytime. Now please tell me everyday what should i do to take care of their health mind and emotionely. 1. I have limited finance . plz suggest me by taking consider of it. Thanks in advance

[ Psychology ] Open Question : How do you explain colours and what they look like to a blind person that has been blind all his life?

[ Biology ] Open Question : Do people or animals with different color eyes see differently?

Do they see any differently, or do they see different out of each eye, or is it the same as people without.. If you don't know what I'm talking about~ look here~ http://c0190781.cdn.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/770235214.jpg

[ Religion & Spirituality ] Open Question : Atheists it isnt over yet?

This is coming from a 16 year old male, You still have chance to Believe in god and not this "evolution crap" that science classes have taught you. atheism is rising in numbers, and I saw in the news that their trying to take out the under god in the pledge... I feel that Jesus is returning soon. So atheists, coming from a teenager, all that god asks you is to have faith and love him.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Do I have a speech problem?

I never had a speech problem until someone told me what stuttering was. Sometimes when I inexplicably think about stuttering while talking, I start to stutter. It's not uncontrollable, in fact I don't think people even notice. Just a few minutes ago, I said to my mom "The problems with the asterisks.......next to them are the ones I wasn't sure I got right." I paused after I said "asterisks" because I was afraid I'd stutter on the word "next." I didn't stutter though, I mouthed the word because no sound came out. I had to pause for a second until I could say "next." My mom didn't notice though, but I felt stupid and retarded. This happens 1-2 times a month. In addition, I repeat words occasionally when stuttering is on my mind (ex: "No, I'm just, I'm just a volunteer. I recommend asking one of the librarians over there.") Do I have a speech problem? I think it's psychological because I only stutter when I think about it. I also seem to be obsessed with my speech because when I mess up while talking, I don't stop thinking about it for a very long time. HELP. I'm 15.

[ Primary & Secondary Education ] Open Question : i need help! Going to middle school!?

i'm going to middle school, but i'm not sure what supplies i need or what to expect and i'm not sure about the electives. do i only take one or all of the 5 options i picked? Please help! prefer someone already in middle school.

[ Music & Music Players ] Open Question : how do download apps to a jailbroken ipod toch?

[ Politics ] Open Question : In what ways do African Americans use white guilt to their advantage?

[ Search Engine Optimisation ] Open Question : Evaluate the new approach to marketing organization adopted by Lever?

As part of a wholesale restructuring of its marketing organization, Lever Brothers has abolished its marketing director post and replaced traditional marketing and sales departments with consumer and customer manage¬ment teams. The marketing reorganization is directed at getting closer to customer requirements. New ‘category marketing’ teams, whose task is to ensure that brand plans win the approval of retailers, have also been established. Two new business group managers, one for fabrics and one for home care, have taken over a restructured role. They each have their own consumer and category marketing teams reporting to them, and they in turn report direct to the managing director. The customer management teams report to the sales director.

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Poll/survey: What do you ask?

Questions about on Yahoo Answers personaly yourself!? Further addition ... for the 10 points ... any suggestions/ideas for new questions!

[ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered ] Open Question : What do you think he wants?

My boyfriend and I broke up two days ago. But it was a rushed thing...we were both upset and not ourselves. We talked later that night and he was like "You left me" "please dont leave" and stuff but he was really really not himself, like he was having a breakdown....but he hasnt talked to me since. I havent heard a word from him. He hasnt even said anything to the friends of his I know. Do you think I should try getting him back or is this his way of telling me to leave him alone? He really means a lot to me...I dont want to lose him.

[ Hair ] Open Question : Would I look good if I got black hair and blonde bangs?

I wanna get black hair and blonde bangs hair a little bit but some I'm not quite sure if I would really look good. http://i615.photobucket.com/albums/tt239/sissygirl117/Friends/127881043062201.gif Here's a picture of me, tell me what you would think, please? 3: Oh and no mean comments, please and thank you.

[ Military ] Open Question : compare and contrast china and russias experiences in the last 40 years?

1972, 1989, 1991 1997, 2000.

[ Skin Conditions ] Open Question : what should i do to prevent foot blisters/scratches while skating?

I was recently transferred at my job so now one of my responsibilities is doing floor guard. I have to skate around the floor for hours on end and have been getting water blisters and bad scratches on my feet and ankles. So was wondering what there is I could wear so that those kinds of things don't happen. (It's wood floor skating, not ice) Oh, and don't say socks because I've worn 3 pairs and that stuff still happens.

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Poll: What's the most craziest thing you've ever done?

I once had sex with my girlfiend in my church bathoom...while the service was still going on. Lol, the sermon was incredibly boring. But looking back, it was one of the dumbest things I ever did.

[ Skin Conditions ] Open Question : Facial Eczema Solutions!?

I'm 17 have had eczema since birth but the last 3 years I've had it on my face. Some days it clears up and my face is really clear other days its all red and dry and patchy on my cheeks and around my mouth. It's given me really bad depression, and last night only found out that the cleanser and exfoliate Ive been using contains SLS which is really bad for the skin. Is there any organic moisturizers and cleanser that are fragrance, chemical and SLS free. That will soften and clear my ultra sensitive and dry skin? PLEASE HELP ME! Thanks so much, open to any suggestions. PS. I've started using Aveeno? but I'm thinking of going all organic.

[ Pregnancy ] Open Question : 7 weeks pregnant whats wrong tho?

7 weeks pregnant, white discharge cloudy pee. nothing bad shows up. and had this even before getting pregnant and ''nothings wrong''. what could be wrong? used to get utis all the time. was on pill for uti prevention for 6 monts. ran out and got pregnant.

[ Celebrities ] Open Question : What Was The Video Called That Made JB Famous?

Is It On Any Websites If So Please Tell Me

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Was this ok for me to do?

I'm a 16 year old girl called Jade, and recently, my ex boyfriend who i dumped has been really upset, and he's been bugging by best friend cuz he's mad at me and wants her to suffer. He's been a real jerk to her and when i saw him bothering her again after school, i confronted him and said "Can i talk to u for a sec?" He said sure thinking i was gonna take him back, so i pulled him aside and gave him a little knee to his nuts. He immediately fell down to the ground writhing in pain, cupping his balls and sweating, moaning, etc. I didn't know it'd hurt him that bad. I just wanted him to bug off a little. I didn't know he'd be that hurt. I mean, how much can a little knee to his balls hurt? I was trying to help my friend.

[ Trivia ] Open Question : who invented the computer?

[ Other - Advertising & Marketing ] Open Question : Home Income System Kit? Legit or Scam?

Hi I was wondering if anyone knows if this was a scam or not. I saw this on this page - http://www.dailynews7.com/jobs/work-from-home-mom.html which is a news page it seems and they were interviewing someone that made 4000~5000 dollars a month from it. So I'm curious is this all a big hoax of some sort or is it actually legit? Thanks in advance.

[ Motorcycles ] Open Question : 1986 kawasaki mojave carberatur/carb rebuild kit?

im working on my dads old 1986 kawasaki mojave, somedays it will start up and pop it into first and u can get a nice ride out of it then today after starting it and riding it a little it just stopped starting up, and my dad and friends all say i need a new carb or a rebuil kit for it...so im asking if anyone can find me the right saize carb or a rebuild kit that will work with what carbs on the 1986 kawasaki mojave.and also if you think there could be any other problems please please share your thoughts!

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Should I be angry or jealous?

My boyfriend complimented this girl that he supposedly "used" to like. He told her that she was sexy and cute and more . I'm not the jealous type of person but knowing that he used to like this girl makes me insecure. Just to state, we are only about 14. How should I deal with this? And no I do not want to confront him about this in any way.

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : She tries to make me jealous and makes out that i like her!?

Okay, theres this girl that i do like. But ive not made it obvious to anyone or her that i do like her. We talk on facebook for a long time. And shes really cool....But she tries to make me jealous by telling me that other boys keep on talking to her, and they want her number. She'd then ask me if im jealous!?...id say "ermmm,no" and shed say "wrong answer, omg dave" She also tells her friends that i always text her, and that i like her, ive only texted her once asking her to come to a houseparty. Why would she try to make me jealous? and why would she tell all her friends that i like her? :S Thanks for any help Cheers :D

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Will he answer me or is there anything I should do to ensure we talk again?

I've had a crush on this guy for six months now. The problem is he lives in Florida so it's kind of difficult to play hard to get. I'm 24 and hes 25, so we're not that young...anyway, I've been talking to him through text and internet ever since I spent two days with him in February (as just friends nothing happened, we were with another couple) I was always the one to initiate the conversations. Well I just visited my aunt who lives in Florida and before I went (2 weeks before) I let him know the dates I'd be down there and told him to call me if he wanted to get together. Well, he texted me the first day I got there saying "Florida" and then it was small talk, he had to work the rest of the week. I left my phone at my aunts for two days, by mistake, and the day I got back which was Friday i had two missed text messages from him, one at 9am saying, "Have any plans for tonight" and one at 3pm "marlins game at 7?" needless to say I texted him saying I'd love to go, we went out to the game then to dinner, had a great time and then the next day I texted him saying, "I have to know and I need you to be completely honest, do you see us as just being friends or is there a chance there could be something more between us?" and he never responded. That was more than a week ago. Did I blow my chance? (Well I know I did) but is there any way to salvage this? I mean I know some of you might think I sound desperate, but there was definite chemistry between us and it's extremely hard to find guys like this one...Sorry if this was too long

[ Fashion & Accessories ] Open Question : How much does it cost to get custom made jeans?

I have to buy mine really expensive anyway because I have freakishly long legs. I don't have much selection at ALL anyway, I get the longest pair available at the Tall Girl store and basically take what I can get. I'd love to have as much say as possible in what kind of jean I can wear. :) So how much does it cost to custom make them usually?

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : how do i forget about him?

okay well there is this guy that i have liked since 7th grade im going into 9th now, we dated in january when i was in 8th grade and he wanted to go back out with me in june but now he is ignoring me so i think its best to forget him? i need some opinions if i should forget him, and how i can because i just cant get him out of my head, he has a facebook and i always go to his profile to see what hes up to. should i delete him? i still have his number and i occasionally text him just to see if he will reply but he never does. okay well i have his number memorized but should i delete it out of my phone so its like hes not in my life anymore? i need help fast!

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : When a guy says'' lol your very pretty ''JOKES OR FOR DOSE HE MEAN IT ?

he said it on msn

[ Pregnancy ] Open Question : I'm pregnant and I'm binging a lot I can't keep food nor water down I'm I feel so weak so thirsty?

What should I do

[ Baby Names ] Open Question : Favorite spelling of each GIRL name?

Maybe ill make a boy one, only if i get at least 3 stars! Olivia, Alivia, Aliviah. Oliviah Macy, Maisie, Macee, Macie Kaylee, Kailey, Kaylie, Kayleigh, Kailee Nicole, Nichole, Nikole, Nicholle Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Alisabeth, Alizabeth Jade, Jayde, Jaede, Jaed Jane, Jayne, Jaene, Jaen Katelyn, Caitlin, Catelyn, Kaitlyn, Kaitlin, Caitlyn, Katelin, Catelin Aeriana, Arianna, Arianah Lea, Leah, Lia Ryelin, Rylan, Rilyn, Rylyn, Rylin Mollie, Molly, Mollee, Molley Sierra, Ciara, Cierra, Siarra, Ciarah Sophia, Sofia, Sophea, Sofea

[ Personalization ] Open Question : Why is the time stamp on my emails wrong? It's PDT time and I live in a central time zone.?

[ Injuries ] Open Question : i have spondylolysis ( stress fracture of the spine) how do i know when i can start sports again?

it happend during my baseball season and i played through it untill the end but then it started really hurting and i went in and found out i had spondylolysis 9 which is a stress fracture of the spine) its been about 2 or 3 months since i started feeling the pain but for about 2 i played through it and just this last month ive been resting the pain went away pretty much after the first week of resting but the tightness stayed untill just recently but now i dont really feel any pain or tightness is it safe to play sports again?

[ Homework Help ] Open Question : I need help with algebra!! please help!!!?

solve each equation: if the equation has no solution, write no solution by the way / means its a fraction 1) x+4/5 = x+5/7 2) x/x-5 = -2x/x 3) 4.5/x= 8-x/x-8 4) If a gas was in a 7.5 liter flexible container under 4 atmospheres of pressure, how would the volume of the gas change and what would it be if the pressure was increased to 6.5 atmospheres, keeping all other variables constant? 5) given the formula V=1/3Ah, solve for h pleaaaaase help me (: if you dont know all of them its ok just tell me whatever you know. thank you soooo much

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : How can I get him to make the first move?

The guy I've had a thing for for a while now is very very shy.. We flirt a lot, but I feel like I'm ready to be with him.. My problem is that I don't want to straight up tell him I like him. I think the best thing to do is drop him a hint that will invite him to make the first move... But I want to know what makes guys feel safer to make the first move. Keep in mind he's very nervous around girls, and so I want to make him feel certain that he can kiss me or ask me out without being worried. I'd like people with experiences like this to answer, but anyone who has a good opinion that might help is welcomed to answer, too. Thanks (:

[ Other - Beauty & Style ] Open Question : Why is the fragrance "Shalimar" by Guerlain still so popular?

Since I was very small, the fragrance "Shalimar" has continued to be popular. Why is that?

[ Rock and Pop ] Open Question : A song titled after it's album that IS the best song on the album?

In your opinion.

[ Other - Beauty & Style ] Open Question : I just feel so unhappy in high school!?

I'm going to be a senior and I just have never felt like I fit. I do track,xc and cheer leading so i guess I'm well known. I have some popular friends but I just feel like sh*t around them because they aren't very nice. I have other friends who are true so I guess they make me happy. I never go to dances and when I go to parties I feel out of place. How can I be happy? do other people feel this way?

[ Boston ] Open Question : where can i donate plasma for money in boston?

need some money. dont link me to bloodbanker.com it doesnt have very much info.

[ Video & Online Games ] Open Question : Which of these Nancy Drew PC games are best?

I am going to buy a new nancy drew game and don't know which to buy. I'm thinking of one of these four: Shadow Ranch, Warnings at Waverly Academy, Trail of the Twister, and Castle Malloy. I really like scary ones with a good plot and fun activities. I've played a lot of them and so far my fav's are the royal tower, blackamoor manor, and the crystal skull. any help? thanks :)

[ Baseball ] Open Question : which is a better seat at Citizens bank park: outfield 105 row 1 or infield 116 row 19?

[ English Football (Soccer) ] Open Question : manchester city everyone needs to see this?

do you really think any of the players man city have bought would have joined them if it was not for the wages that they are getting same as chelsea years ago both clubs with no real history but money to burn when is the football governing bodies from around the world going to wise up and bring in a wage cap

[ Politics ] Open Question : Obama "We're not that far removed from what most Americans are going through"?

http://www.suntimes.com/news/politics/obama/2529446,CST-NWS-obamacash24.article Didn't stop them from spending $70,000 for a date night in New york City, now did it? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1189893/How-Obamas-romantic-120-trip-Broadway-racked-45-000-bill.html Your opinions?

[ Drama ] Open Question : What was that song on the end of True Blood episode?

Last night's episode, when the credits played, who were those girls singing?

[ Trying to Conceive ] Open Question : on clomid for 3 months but had to stop whilst on holiday. need some advise please x?

i was put on clomid by my fertility specialist the start of may. i took it the first month i could, had the scan and there was 1 folicle. i was advised not to take it the following month as i would be on holiday abroad around the time of the scan. now im back from holiday and have started taking clomid again. my only query is would there have been more chance of clomid working if i had taken it 3 months in a row rather than stopping for a month? if it doesnt work it looks like i.u.i. is the next step x

[ Other - Canada ] Open Question : Payment from UK to Canadian Officials?

How can i make payment to Canadian Officials from UK, what kind payment method they can cash in in Canada, i know only one is Travelers Cheque. Is there any other options?? Appreciate your answers please.

[ Women's Health ] Open Question : Okay question about birth control? I missed one day?

My period is just ending and I usually start a new packet on Sundays. However I missed Sunday because my Dad forgot to refill it :/ anyways today is Monday and I'm not sure if I should start on Sunday or Monday? Since I missed Sunday? What should I do? Thank you. :)

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : I feel bad for doing this.? (boyz ,girlz)?

Ok so this is how it went down. My friend justin likes this girl name christina. I went up to christina and started flirting with her and kissing her infront of justin and grabbed her butt and held the middle finger up at him. He was crying. He is shy and never had the guts to do it. Besdies i think she like it lol. Should i do it again?

[ Air Travel ] Open Question : why do expedia.com people sound computerized?

Whenever I call, no matter who I talk to, the person either sounds oriental and/or computerized.

[ Cleaning & Laundry ] Open Question : How to remove shoe stink from rubber sandals?

My Tivas always get wet, and where the woven (nylon?) straps enter the rubber soles they stay wet and have gotten really stinky. Nothing seems to help: dishwasher, hot water, 70% alcohol, chlorine. Peroxide and sun seem to help a little, but haven't gotten rid of it entirely. http://images.search.yahoo.com/images/view?back=http%3A%2F%2Fimages.search.yahoo.com%2Fsearch%2Fimages%3Fp%3Dtivas%2Bsandals%26rs%3D2%26ei%3DUTF-8%26fr%3Dush-news%26fr2%3Dtab-web&w=500&h=350&imgurl=farm1.static.flickr.com%2F80%2F237634108_e565df5647.jpg&rurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.flickr.com%2Fphotos%2Fcottonspud%2F237634108%2F&size=162k&name=Tivas&p=tivas+sandals&oid=5a8a344cd217a170&fr2=tab-web&fusr=cottonspud&no=3&tt=4&sigr=11ib9da80&sigi=11jf1bjiu&sigb=1326ct8rt

[ Computer Networking ] Open Question : Why is my new network connection greyed out for a dial up connection or VPN connection?

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Can you point out on the doll where Barney touched you?

Also, tell everyone where on the doll you are pointing.

[ Laptops & Notebooks ] Open Question : Windows XP problem!!! HELP!!?

I recently installed WoW and had a major lag and ended up restarting my computer a few times. After the first time restarting it, i got a message saying something about my graphics card. I have a DELL latitude d600 which is about 5 years old so i think my graphics card is a little out-dated. The game worked fine until after about 20 minutes, then it would lag. After restarting my computer for the 3rd time, it wouldn't boot. I have windows XP and right before the loading screen SHOULD come up, the screen just goes black and stays like that. I tried doing a test and it said there was an error with my OS. Will i need to reinstall my OS? or is there an easier way to get my OS to boot?

[ Higher Education (University +) ] Open Question : (Indians) Do you think that colleges and universities should not have parties like SFI, NSUI, ABVP ?

Isnt it spoiling the educational system?

[ Men's Health ] Open Question : Is drinking sperm good, bad, or neutral for your health?

when i'm about to shoot i love to do it in my mouth and sometimes i swallow my juice. Is it bad for health or good??

[ Amusement Parks ] Open Question : How Do I Work At Seaworld?

I am in high school and I'm wondering if there is anyway I can work at sea world? Like during the summer. Is there certain qualifications I have to have? What would I have to do?

[ Ramadan ] Open Question : [Ramadan] Are you...........?

an arty person? If so what do you make/draw?

[ Cooking & Recipes ] Open Question : What should i make to eat?

I'm hungry. A few of the ingrediants i have in my fridge are jalapeno / chilli peppers, cucumber, celery, tomatos, cheeses, bacon, sandwich meat, chicken breasts, ground beef. I got some bread and pita wraps and rice and such. I have a ton of sauces and spices, including many hot sauces. I am quite hungry. thanks internet.

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : PLEASE HELP. How do I tell my parents about my boyfriend?

A guy from my school has recently asked me out, and I said yes. We're going out in a couple days, and I need to tell my mom about it. She's told me that she doesn't mind if I date anyone at my age (not going to give it out), but I'm afraid she'll freak out/ask a lot of unnecessary questions I won't be able to answer. Please help me?

[ Mathematics ] Open Question : identify the units on x in each of following equations x = yz?

both y and are measured in feet

[ Marriage & Divorce ] Open Question : Does giving up sex(after already losing your virginity) get easier over time?

this is an awkward question but im curious. i have been physically intimate with one guy(were together for a year and a half) and he still means everything to me, but we broke up a few months ago. i promised myself i would wait untill marriage to have sex again and i intend on keeping that promise. i have a new boyfriend, and my hormones are crazy obviously, its kind of life. over time does it get easier to remain abstinant? what are ways to make yourself not want it(other than m*sterbation)?

[ Programming & Design ] Open Question : how to check a probability of number?

hi i want to check the probability of a number when its added together in excel. i.e probability of 10 in the array given 123456789101112131415161718 12345678910111213141516171819 234567891011121314161618182020 3456789101112131415191721192321 45678910111213141516231825202722 567891011121314151617281930213223 6789101112131415161718342036223824 78910111213141516171819412143234525 891011121314151617181920492251245326 9101112131415161718192021582360256227 10111213141516171819202122682470267228 11121314151617181920212223792581278329 12131415161718192021222324912693289530 13141516171819202122232425104271062910831 14151617181920212223242526118281203012232 15161718192021222324252627133291353113733 16171819202122232425262728149301513215334 17181920212223242526272829166311683317035 18192021222324252627282930184321863418836 out of this array the probability would be 9+1=10 8+2=10 7+3=10 6+4=10 5+5=10 4+6=10 3+7=10 2+8=10 1+9=10

[ Women's Health ] Open Question : How many bras should a growing teen have?

I'm 13 and I'm still growing up there. I have: 3 regular bras 1 strapless bra 2 sports bras 1 push up bra Is this enough?

[ Renting & Real Estate ] Open Question : what is the average cost of a foundation in a home?(no basement)?

what is the average cost of home foundation in the usa?

[ Languages ] Open Question : What percentage of languages have gender-specific words?

I.e Spanish= El, La German= Der, Die. etc. If possible I'd like an approximate percentage of the worlds major languages. Thanks ^^"

[ Physics ] Open Question : Why does gas ascend, but solids descend?

[ Vegetarian & Vegan ] Open Question : vegetarian meals to pack for school?

My freshman year I just took something like PB&J, an apple, and pita chips every day, and I ate school lunches two days a week (cheese pizza one day, salad another) Well the school I'm going to this year offers NO vegetarian options. no cheese pizza (only pepperoni), no salad, nothing. I'm getting really bored of taking the same things over again so can someone give me some ideas please? (I ABSOULTELY HATE eating things cold that are supposed to be hot, BUT I do have access to a microwave.) -thanks:)

[ Programming & Design ] Open Question : Anyone been to college for computer animation?

Me and a buddy want to go into college looking for some kind of computer animation degree. Our dream is to maybe make video games, taking into account all things go our way. Any suggestions on good places to go, good plans to make, etc. are much appreciated.

[ PlayStation ] Open Question : Hi my ps2 broke down today. So I was thinking maybe I should just buy a ps3 but I'm curious does it play ps2?

Does the ps3 play ps2 games.

[ Drama ] Open Question : watch Mad Men Season 4 Episode 1 Public Relations where online?

where online can i see this episode? any spoiler..

[ Other - Careers & Employment ] Open Question : First job! Help please!?

Okay, so I just turned 16 and I need a job badly. My parents don't think I can be successful with anything work-related, so they don't even bother helping me out with my resume and such. My sibling won't help me out either, because she wants to hog all of the spotlight to herself. I submitted a few resumes to clothing stores about 2 weeks ago, and they all said the same thing - that I'd receive a call from the manager for an interview. Do they always just say that to people who apply at their stores? And I was wondering if I should go there in person to follow up, instead of by the phone but I don't know if it would be a good idea. And if that doesn't work out, I'm thinking of making a new resume for other jobs, but I was hoping if anyone could give me great pointers as to what I could put on my resume that would stand out to a manager. And lastly, I'm not really into working at a fast food restaurant, but I heard you should start off at those for a first job. But I was wondering if a clothing store would accept me without any experience? Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated. I need to prove my parents wrong by the end of the summer, so I really need help! Thanks in advance!

[ Military ] Open Question : Should the Commander-in-Chief have such a hair trigger, he blames Arizona , before reading the bill, he?

calls the Cambrigde police stupid before getting all the facts, he fires Sherrod before he gets all the facts,

[ Dogs ] Open Question : is it true barack obama kicks dogs?

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : What's a good song for being tired of waiting for his love?

My guy best friend says he likes me and we talk and flirt and go out, but he's never asked me to be his girlfriend. And it only seems he wants to do stuff whenever he feels like it. Sooo.. what's a good song describing that I'm tired of waiting on him and similar to my situation.

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : What is the longest time you've ever been sick for?

[ Video & Online Games ] Open Question : Were can you get Final Fantasy clips?

I have used FFspirit. Good quality and all but the bottom it has the site name and I don't like it there. I'd give credit to the site int he description but I don't want on my video for the whole time. Please!

[ Horoscopes ] Open Question : Scorpiossssssssssssssssssssssssssssss?

Scorpiossss Is this you? Video of a day in the life of scorpio: http://www.videojug.com/film/scorpio-a-day-in-the-life-2

[ Buying & Selling ] Open Question : What is a good used car to buy for up to $3,000?

From firsthand experience?

[ Other - United States ] Open Question : Where is the best place to live in America?

I am looking for a nice area but not a big city. Hopefully warm all year round but without high risks of hurricanes and things like that. Not to expensive. Do you know anywhere? Thanks :)

[ Politics ] Open Question : Who won the election debate last night?

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : I really really like this boy from my school he knows i like him but how do i express it?

one day at school this boy who i like was going through my planner and he realized i had it in the back that i really like him. when ever he is around me i am bubbly and giggle at anything he says. i really need advice HELP ME PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ Laptops & Notebooks ] Open Question : What is a good and cheap laptop that I could use to play PC games on?

I hate Dell, Mac, and Gateway.

[ Other - Cars & Transportation ] Open Question : NEW DRIVER (ATTENTION NJ DRIVERS)?

* NEW JERSEY so im sixteen & i want to take the written (knowledge) test i have some questions.. 1) what do i need to bring in order to take the written (knowledge) test ? * does an experienced driver need to be there when i take this test ? 2) if i pass the written (knowledge) test, and receive my permit, then do i have to enroll in a drivers class? * how many hours of driving in this class do i need ? * what do i need to bring to this class (documents) ? * after i complete the required amount of hours, what do i do next ? 3) after i finish the required amount of hours in driving school, then do i drive supervised for 6months? * if so, after doing that, do i take a road test ? 4) what is required to bring when you take the road test? * if i pass the road test, then i get a provisional license ? * after receiving that license, i drive unsupervised, but with restrictions, for a year ? 5) then once im 18, i get a basic license ? lol so many questions =X but um, thanks in advance

[ Maintenance & Repairs ] Open Question : rehem central air conditioners?

central air conditioners

[ Adolescent ] Open Question : This is a survey for all you girlys!?

1.Do you like your name? 2.Is your cell phone with you at all times? 3.Straight hair or curly hair? 4.What is your favorite magazine? 5.Do you go to the tanning bed? 6.Did you ever take dance, gymnastics, or cheerleading? 7.Have you ever been in a pageant? 8.Have you ever modeled? 9.What is your best trait? 10.Do you believe in love at first sight? 11.Do you look like anyone famous? 12.Do you make wishes when it's 11:11? 13.Do you love makeup? 14.Do you think your pretty? 15.A big poofy dress or a short party dress? 16.What would you do if you got pregnant? 17.What's your favorite color? 18.Do you call anybody by their last name? 19.What are your biggest fears? 20.How was this survey?

[ Women's Health ] Open Question : Had my period a week early, what should I do with my birth cntrol routine?

I woke up one morning to discover I had gotten what (i think) was my period, it lasted for about 3 days, and then it was gone. Weird thing is, it should have been another week before I had gotten my period. Now Im confused on what to do with my birth control. I continued taking it like I never gotten my period...but now Im to the final week of my pack, where the pills dont really matter, and Im not sure if I should keep taking actual birth control pills or if I should wait it out and see if I actually get my REAL period. Does this make sense? Im really confused because ive never had this happen to me before. I use to have somewhat irregular periods when I was a really young, but once I got on the pill they seemed to be fine. Ive been on the pill for a couple years now and this is the first time its happened. Any advice on what to do would be very helpful!!! If it helps, I am a white 22 yr old female. Thanks!

[ Music & Music Players ] Open Question : How can I delete the songs off my iPod without deleting them from my music library?

I want to keep my library on iTunes, but I don't want anything on my actual iPod. Is there a way to do this?

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Has a Nerd ever been tied up in wet leather then abandoned and left to be strangled to death?

When the thick leather straps around his neck tightened up and squeezed around his throat

[ Pain & Pain Management ] Open Question : what do i do if i think i stuck a cue tip to far in my ear?

I was cleaning my ears about 2 days ago and now my left ear has been hurting like hell and I can't hear as well.

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Poll: if it was possible to live on another planet, which would you pick?

I'd love to live in Uranus.

[ Ford ] Open Question : Are these third brake light assemblies similar?

For the 2008+ Escapes, Mariners, and Tributes, it appears as though Ford decided to use the same third brake light assembly as seen on the 2001+ Explorers. Any idea if this is the same type of assembly found on the 2006+ Expeditions? Trying to see what my customization abilities and options are. Thanks.

[ Higher Education (University +) ] Open Question : Does college prestige REALLY make a difference in the long run?

I was accepted into some pretty good colleges when I graduated from high school, but unfortunately financial reasons prevented me from enrolling at any of them. I'm planning to begin at my local CC in January, but most likely I'll end up transferring to a university that isn't as renowned as the ones I had initially hoped to attend. So, basically, my question is this: Will I have fundamentally failed as a human being if I end up not securing my BA from a prestigious university? Does somebody HAVE to go to a prestigious university in order to make a decent living?

[ Software ] Open Question : Is Shawn Desmans "Spread my Wings" available on Itunes?


[ Other - Cultures & Groups ] Open Question : Are people predisposed to criminal activity based on race?

I know this may not sound politically correct, but are certain races more likely to commit crimes then others? I mean, wouldn't it only make sense that one race would be genetically predisposed to more criminal activity than another race? It's like if there are two species of birds, one of the species of birds would be faster than the other, right? Another analogy to help you understand my point- Black people can jump higher then other races, and are great natural athletes, so why cant certain races be more likely to commit crimes based solely on race? Your thoughts please...

[ Other - Television ] Open Question : who won Champions for Charity?

i dont know if you guys watch ABDC (americas best dance crew ) or not but if you guys do? who won?

[ Other - General Health Care ] Open Question : I Always Feel Like I'm Going To Pass Out?

Your Question I Always Feel Like I'm Going To Pass Out? Okay, so i'm 15 years old, not underweight, not overweight, and 5ft6. I've always been healthy, but for the past few months now, I always feel like i'm going to pass out. If i get up from sitting or lying down, not even getting up that fast either, I have to spend about 1 minute trying to get out from a dizzy spell, as soon as I stand up the whole room spins, my vision blurs and I have a massive hot flush and have to hold onto something. Also, sometimes when i'm just out and about I feel like i'm going to faint, I get really hot all of a sudden, my heart starts racing, and i can never see properly. The other night I was camping with my friends, we hadn't been drinking but i'd just popped into my tent, when i got inside i had another of my attacks where I can't see or breathe properly, but this time I couldn't yell for help or anything, because I couldn't move, a few minutes later my friend came in to see what i was doing and I wasn't responding so she dragged me out, and i couldn't breathe properly, but for the rest of the night I was fine? this always happens to me but i never actually collapse, i'm too scared to tell my parents, but i'm so scared of it happening to me when i'm alonee, helpp?!

[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : girls: when will you invite guys over for dinner? Guys: Do you think it will be too soon?

I like this guy, we went on 2 dates, well, technically one, cuz the other one was he wanted to hang out so he asked if he could come over to my place to watch movie, and we watched movie at my place. I haven't seen him for a while, like a week..haha..cuz our first date was last Wed, and he came over my place last Sunday. I want to find an excuse to see him, so I was wondering if it's too soon to invite him over for a dinner, since we only know each other for like 2ish weeks. Any ideas? Thanks!

[ Video & Online Games ] Open Question : Can you transfer songs from Rock Band 1 to Rock Band 2 on PS3 if you haven't unlocked the Rock Band 1 songs?

Just wondering if this is possible. I do not know if I have to go through Tour Mode on Rock Band 1 first and unlock everything there before I can use the code to transfer all of the 55 songs to Rock Band 2. Also, how the heck do you add a band member to an existing band in Tour Mode in Rock Band 2 on PS3? Is that possible? Seems odd that it wouldn't be, especially since you can remove band members. I made mine with 2 members to start, figuring I could add more later, since I didn't feel like making all 4 people right away. Now I can't seem to figure out how to add 2 more members to that band...

[ Current Events ] Open Question : What happened at the love parade?

Theres a trending topic on Twitter and its #loveparade and some of the Tweets are.. #loveparade picture of the tunnel after the mass panic. :( http://twitpic.com/289pbs Wow just heard the terrible news of what happened at the #loveparade My thoughts go out to all those people affected... I also heard there was a mass panic.. I dont get it... THANNKKS!&& PLEASE BEE NICE! (:

[ Air Travel ] Open Question : How long does it take to fly from New York to Greece?

[ Diet & Fitness ] Open Question : Is it good to Bench Press every other day??? PLZ?

[ Religion & Spirituality ] Open Question : Does this guy sound to good to be true? 10 pts?

Is this guy to good to be true? Opinion and Advice? Ok, So I meet this guy alittle over a month ago while I was out shopping and running a few erons. At first it was nice to meet and greet with him here and there over lunch or something, but now I feel so attracted to him! I seriously feel like i'm falling in love with this guy.My hearts literally melts when i'm arond him. It's like he to good to be true. He doesn't smoke and drink occasionally or social so to speak, He dedicates Two weekends out the month to volunteer at homeless shelter, church chaperon, or at the local YMCA. Just yesterday he ask me to walk in the Gay parade with him because he feel everyone need acceptance and he isn't ashamed of who see's him or what they think about him doing this kind of thing. (BLUSH) So I ask him he he have any kids and he told me he have 4 kids.At first my initial reaction to this was shock because he only 27 yrs old, until he explain it's not his blood kids but 4 young adult he Mentor's and take them under his wing. He help them with advice or staring their own business, or what ever they want to achieve in life. He even have his own phone number just for the 4 of them. Isn't this guy amazing or what?

[ Lyrics ] Open Question : Song help? Anyone? Only know a few words?

I'm trying to remember a song, only know some of the words, mainly the chorus. It's an R n B song I think - "It's been a while since she's been gone" is all I can remember! Anyone know it?

[ Women's Health ] Open Question : Is Skinny Pants Syndrome SPS true?

okay, i was watching Sonny with a chance and they said something bout skinny pants syndrome. i wear skinny pants. is what they said true?

[ Parenting ] Open Question : what do you guys think of moms who take the toddler to sit in church with them?

i took my baby today because i wanted him to be there. he was just a little noisey. lol. no screaming. but there was a lot of jabbering and he got a little antsy at times. i kept feeding him cheerios though to keep him quiet... and we managed alright for the most part. does it irritate you when parents bring their young children instead of leaving them in then nursery?

[ Languages ] Open Question : Princesses and Princes of English, is the following paragraph correct? No grammar or punctuations errors?

It was clear that World War 1 was needed not only by Germany but also by other Europeans. Regardless how historians judge World War 1 and European’s mood during that time, it is so obvious that World War 1 was a choice, not an accident and for most Europeans the only hope that left there was to wage that war; therefore, they welcomed it.

[ Etiquette ] Open Question : Benefit takers trying not to work, laugh now at the workers, but....?

Know that you,ll have no house to leave your children and you will have let them down.

[ Other - Music ] Open Question : what are your top 5 favorite songs?

[ Car Audio ] Open Question : What is a good stereo setup?

I would like to add some subwoofers to my car and all, including getting a new deck, amp and probably 2 10" subs. Is there any way of getting all of that for around 600 dollars? If so what brand would you go with?

[ Other - US Local Businesses ] Open Question : doubt about buying something from abroad...?

my brother is in the States.I want to buy something from an online store based there.is it possible to get him to buy it there and send it to me as a package? is it something wrong to do?

[ Cameras ] Open Question : ninjatown trees of doom?

how do you move backwards, theres a achievement that say u have ot move backwards, dont know how to.

[ Movies ] Open Question : i need some more really good gay movies (just boyxboy)?

i watched a few and i found gay movies more...touching than regular boy and girl... i dont know...its like forbidden love, and i love those kinds. are there some really-i mean REALLY-good gay movies. but just boy and boy... im not really into girlxgirl. ive watched: -shelter***** -brokeback mountain**** -dream boy*** -the most unfabulous life of Ethan Greene** -Latter Days**** -Curiosity of Chance** -In&Out** i LOVED shelter and latter days-hot guys and good plot-and the others were..okay. so what are some others, id like to have something to watch rather than hannah montana-ugh.

[ Other - Europe ] Open Question : What is the rate for taxi's in Paris?

Hi i am going to Paris soon and i was wondering how much taxi's get? Is it for distance or for time? How much do they charge for? distance, time? Thanks!

karnam malleswari

I am innocent, says suspended weightlifting coach Ramesh Malhotra Suspended weightlifting coach Ramesh Malhotra said on Sunday that all charges of sexual harassment levelled against him by Sydney Olympics bronze medallist Karnam Malleswari are baseless. Malleswari has accused Malhotra, a Sports Authority of India (SAI) coach, of sexually harassing junior girls at the national camp in Patiala. Malhotra, didn’t want to give any clarifications, but said that it was a campaign to malign his image. “I am ready to ready to face the consequences if I am found guilty. And if I am proved innocent then all those who have conspired against me should be be punished,” Malhotra was quoted as saying by a TV channel. Malhotra also said that the truth could be found out from the girls of the weightlifting team. Malleswari had accused Malhotra of sexually harassing female weightlifters for more than a decade.

khmer rouge

Sydney Morning HeraldKhmer Rouge trial set to deliver verdictBBC NewsAfter a wait of more than three decades, some kind of justice is at last in sight for the victims of the Khmer Rouge. As many as two million Cambodians died …Filmmaker tracks...

[ Fashion & Accessories ] Open Question : What do you think should be the cut-off size for people to wear skinny jeans?

My friend insists that people under size 10 can wear skinny jeans and look good but not over, but personally, I saw a size 16 girl wearing some bright ones and she looked awesome. I don't think there should be a society-made cut off size for girls to wear skinny jeans. Do you? And if you do, what size should they be cut off at?

Gen Petraeus scraps McChrystal’s strategy

KABUL: Gen David Petraeus, the new US commander in Afghanistan, has scrapped his predecessor’s plan to secure the southern city of Kandahar. He has decided a full-scale military encirclement and invasion â€" as American troops had done in Iraq’s Fallujah â€" was not an appropriate model to tackle the Taliban in the southern capital. Gen Petraeus’s decision to revise the entire strategy comes just weeks after he arrived in Afghanistan following the abrupt dismissal of Gen Stanley McChrystal for insubordination. Gen McChrystal had planned a summer conquest of the Taliban in Kandahar to reinvigorate the battle against the Taliban. But the operation has been repeatedly delayed by concerns that it would not adequately restore the confidence of city residents in the security forces. Gen Petraeus is reported to believe that the operation must be a broad-ranging counter-insurgency campaign, involving more troops working with local militias. The plan he inherited was criticised for placing too much emphasis on targeted assassinations of key insurgent leaders and not enough on winning over local residents. Richard Holbrooke, the US special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, said yesterday that the US-led strategy in southern Afghanistan was undergoing sweeping changes. “Kandahar is not a military operation [...]

the pillars of the earth

CBC.caSnap Judgement: THE PILLARS OF THE EARTHTV.comThe Plot: Set against a backdrop of war, religious strife and power struggles which tears lives and families apart, THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH (Based on Ken …'Pillars of the Earth' show...

[ Diet & Fitness ] Open Question : I have 122 cm of width available for an elliptical trainer. Is that enough?

According to an article I read the typical size of an elliptical trainer is 132cm X 61cm X 158cm. But it also says you need to allow 61cm all round it for easy mounting and dismounting which means a width requirement of 183cm in total to fit it in. But you only mount it from one side. I've got either 30cm either side (a foot) or it could be 50cm one side and 10cm the other side etc Do I have enough space? Would it look silly in the living room?

eugenio velez

Kansas City StarOrdoñez breaks ankle, could miss two monthsThe OlympianSan Francisco Giants outfielder Eugenio Velez spent the night at a hospital after being struck in the head by a foul ball while he was in the dugout. …Figgins, Mariners mu...

[ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered ] Open Question : Is it my turn now =D?

Despite my smiley face, this isn't a heartwarming Q =x Okay, so I'm 16 and I literally have no friends (or have I ever had any; I mean I'll talk to people, but I'm much too shy to actually start conversations) =x I don't really mind it, but I would like someone - and by that I mean a boyfriend. I've even been so depressed as to pray that I find one someday soon (as selfish as that sounds =x ). I know I'm not a muscle stud, but my cousins have the same body frame as me and they've each had multiple girlfriends =x which makes me believe that I'm not cute =x I'm not picky at all; I can find every body size attractive (I mainly go by the face since that won't really change at all and that's what I'd be looking at most of the time ^^), so it's not like I'm being fussy waiting for a model type. What do you think? Is it the fact that I'm probably not cute that prevents me from getting a boyfriend? or is it my overall shyness/sensitiveness? =x

cold creek manor

Celebrity Gap Year BlundersMoviematicsAfter her impressive performance in this film, she landed a role in Cold Creek Manor where she played daughter to Sharon Stone and Denis Quaid. … and more » TV movies for the week of July 18Pitts...

[ Men's Health ] Open Question : Is there anywhere in Sydney, Australia that I can buy Old Spice products?

Was just wondering if there are any pharmacies or specialty stores that stock them. Thanks.

Our critics recommend…

Movies Opening This Week Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore The ongoing war between cats and dogs is put on hold when they join forces to stop a rogue feline. Charlie St. Cloud Tragedy sidetracks a young man (Zac Efron) from his dreams and leaves him with a choice of keeping a promise to his brother or going after the girl he loves. Countdown to Zero See Steven Rea’s preview on H2. Dinner for Schmucks See Steven Rea’s preview on H2. Great Directors The work of some of the world’s top film directors is examined in this documentary. Very Good (***1/2) Reviewed by critics Carrie Rickey (C.R.), Steven Rea (S.R.), and Tirdad Derakhshani (T.D.). W.S. denotes a wire-service review. Cyrus A divorced man (John C. Reilly) falls for a woman (Marisa Tomei) with an eccentric adult son (Jonah Hill). The byplay between Reilly and Hill is sublime. 1 hr. 31 R (profanity and some sexual material) – W.S. Father of My Children A heartbreaking and beautiful film about a French movie producer, his nightmare business travails, and his wife and three daughters. It could have turned maudlin, but it never does. 2 hrs. No MPAA rating (adult themes) – [...]

michael buble

VIEWPOINTS: Readers lament the day the music diedThe News Herald… Sammy Davis Jr., Big Bands from the '40s, the Beatles, the Association and John Denver â€" as well as newer artists like Diana Krall and Michael Buble. … Michael Bubl...

[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Boots,blonde and in a cowgal hat do they come any better than that?

delhi dam

Eastern US cooks in summer heatSeattle TimesIn eastern Iowa, the Lake Delhi dam failed as rising floodwater from the Maquoketa River ate a 30-foot-wide hole in the earthen dam, causing water to drop … and more » CBS NewsIowa Dam Rupt...

[ Fashion & Accessories ] Open Question : where can you get ped socks or (girly)?

at vans and where else


Awori Anglican Diocese tasks Jonathan, Jega on 2011 pollNigerian Tribune… of credible electoral system, faithfulness, transparency and accountability in the nation's polity for the 2011 polls to be credible and hitch-free. … and more...