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Scandal-ridden Tressel resigns from Ohio State
Local reaction
Local reaction on Ohio State coach Jim Tressel stepping down:

Andrew Sweat, Ohio State senior linebacker and Trinity High School graduate

"Ohio State is losing a great man, a great mentor and a great coach." Roy Hall, Jeannette football coach and former quarterback coach for Terrelle Pryor

"He's a great guy. Ejuan Price
, Woodland Hills linebacker and Ohio State recruit
Vantress: Sad end to Tressel era at OSU
This week, as the pressure on OSU was ratcheted up to critical mass by an impending Sports Illustrated article on the scandal, OSU threw Tressel under the bus - an obvious attempt to appease the NCAA gods and lessen any punishment that might be forthcoming.

You don’t lie to the NCAA and get to keep your job - especially at a big-time school like THE Ohio State University.

So in years past, the reaction to the OSU scandal would have been, “Somebody at Ohio University better start clearing out their desk.”

With the recent revelations, I can settle the age-old Ohio State-Michigan fanboy dispute right here and now.

Thanks for playing.

A sweater vest says, “Scout’s Honor, Coach. I always thought of Tressel as a great poster child for all us sweater-vest-sporting, eyeglass-wearing, gosh-darning, rule-following, right-thing-doing nerds.

Thanks for spoiling that, Coach.


Coach's resignation sad but necessary."It is a sad way for coach Tressel to go out," Miller said.