Corvallis : Cody Crawford, a man who firebomb Oregon Islamic Center arrested

Cody Crawford, 24, appeared before a federal judge Thursday in Eugene for arraignment on federal charges of damaging religious property and using fire to commit a felony. Crawford's arrest comes as a relief but little surprise to the Corvallis Muslim community.
Mozafar Wanly said FBI agents and police showed up at the mosque early Wednesday morning.
Mohamud had attended the mosque while a student at Oregon State.
Wanly said Crawford's alleged crimes are based on ignorance. Islam is the religion of the love. We love everybody.
Crawford's neighbor said she is in disblief.
>>> Photos of the arson damage

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Just like the mosque, the Muslim community has been rebuilt.
The Salman Al-Farisi Islamic Center, the largest in Portland, was targeted by an arson attack last November.
The Justice Department said Cody Crawford had been charged with setting fire to the center; the largest Muslim worship place in Portland.
Court documents show that three weeks after the mosque attack, in unrelated encounters with police, Crawford ranted about Muslims, said Christians are capable of jihad and told an officer he resembled President Barack Obama.
You are a Muslim like him," a court document quotes Crawford as telling a McMinnville officer Dec. 14.
Crawford's arrest spread relief inside the Corvallis Muslim community.

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Wanly said Crawford's alleged crimes are based on ignorance of the true message of Islam.
Federal agents have arrested a man charged with setting fire to a mosque in Oregon last year, two days after the arrest of a Somali-born teen accused of trying to bomb a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.
Cody Seth Crawford, 24, was arrested on Wednesday night and charged with arson in connection with the fire set November 28 at the Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center in Corvallis, the FBI said on Thursday.