Diabetes, hypertension, and Ramadhan : Confluence Emergency Medicine

Many patients with diabetes and high blood flowed, day or night, with bungalows emergency (PU) of medicine during this holy month. The reason? "While it is true that the treatment protocol changes during the month of Ramadan in the sense that diabetes is required to take medication to f'tour and s'hour, the fact remains that the real problem arises in the diet, "reveals Dr. Messaoudi the ICU of the hospital in Algiers Mustapha Pasha. And explain: "It is clear that a diabetic will not be renewing his diet to break the fast for fear of falling in hypoglycemia.

Diabetes, hypertension, and Ramadhan : Confluence Emergency Medicine

It will consume, since many of their sweets to bring down otherwise ie hyperglycemia. And when we know that it is harmful ... ". It should be known at the level of emergency, it does not follow the patient. It bears the attending physician, in fact, that responsibility, especially to tell him to fast or not. "Many go hypoglycemic emergencies during the day because of the fast depriving them of snack.

A diabetic on insulin should not fast. For cons, the one who takes tablets or pills can fast permission of his doctor, "said Dr. Messaoudi. He added: "There are patients who are disciplined and know, therefore, manage their disease. Others do not. Even if they follow the guidelines at the time, but once out of the hospital, they return to their old ways.

To be honest, there is no culture of health in our country. " For hypertension who travel also houses emergency medicine is more the result somewhat difficult conditions surrounding Ramadan. "The tension rises with the stress of the day lengthens and the suffocating heat," said the physician intensivist. Apart from these two cases (diabetes, hypertension), we find, depending on what the doctor, irritable bowel syndrome who seek emergency room because they often eat too much when the problem arises of digestion.

"You have to split the meal," he recommends. There is, finally, heart disease and asthma who visit the emergency because of the great heat of summer. "All of these patients go to emergency medicine throughout the year. But there is exacerbation of the phenomenon of consultations during the holy month of Ramadan, "concluded the physician intensivist.