Soldiers Medal

Often, the medal is awarded to soldiers who risk their lives to save other people. No, the Army said. So last weekend, the 82nd Airborne Division sent a colonel and his entourage from Fort Bragg, N.C., to find Matt Blain.
"It was almost like a movie," Mennes says, describing Blain's actions on Feb. 28, 2010, in the Guzara District of Afghanistan.
A 30,000-pound Army vehicle flipped into a river swollen with rain. One man was thrown out the gun turret. By the time Staff Sgt. Blain arrived, running full-tilt, other soldiers were scrambling down the embankment to try to help.
Not Blain. Purple Heart

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Jumping into danger runs in the Blain family.
Blain's grandfather George Blain jumped into France the night before D-Day with the 101st Airborne "Pathfinders." Like his grandfather, Blain eventually became a paratrooper. And like his grandfather, Blain earned a Purple Heart.
"The Humvee blew up," says Blain, 25 and now a husband, dad and student at Azusa Pacific University. Blain sprinted to the scene, shedding gear as he ran. Drowning.
Blain then sprinted along the riverbank to the submerged MRAP — and dived in.
Within a few seconds, black water filled the truck and, from underwater, he was unable to push the 500-pound door straight up to escape.

Soldiers medal purple heart

No, the Army said. The medal
That's how Matt Blain grew up in Mission Viejo.
At 11, he cliff-jumped 25 feet into water.
The medal connects Blain to Gen. Colin Powell who received it in 1968 for rescuing his comrades in a helicopter crash in Vietnam. "It's almost too much to take in," says Blain's mom, Suzzi Blain. The medal hasn't changed him.