Judy Greer

New reports say actress Judy Greer will play Kutcher's ex-wife on on the upcoming season of the CBS hit.
The show will be somewhat familiar territory for Greer, 36, who played a minor character named Myra (who naturally slept with the womanizing Charlie) in two Men episodes back in 2007. Greer is a primetime comedy veteran. The show has tapped Judy Greer to play Ashton Kutcher's soon-to-be-ex wife.
Bridget's the ex of Walden Schmidt, played by Ashton Kutcher, a broken-hearted internet billionaire who purchases the home once occupied by now-dead Charlie Harper. Of course, Alan (Jon Cryer) and Jake (Angus T. Jones) remain residents.

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judy Greer pics

judy greer pics

judy greer pictures

New characters are being brought in (Ashton Kutcher's Walden Schmidt and Judy Greer's Bridget), and old characters are being revisited, such as Courtney Thorne-Smith's Lyndsey, ex-girlfriend to Alan (Jon Cryer).

Lyndsey was introduced as the perfect woman, who preferred Alan to Charlie. The much-anticipated Ashton Kutcher character, Walden Schmidt, on the upcoming season of the sitcom is advertized as a broken-hearted internet billionaire. Greer will assume the role of Schmidt's ex-wife, Bridget. Greer's former character on Two and a Half Men was Myra, sister-in-law to Alan's ex-wife Judith and girlfriend to Charlie.