Power Monkey

The Power Monkey Solar iPad Charger is the ultimate portable solar charger money can buy. Made with the outdoor adventurer in mind and powerful enough to even charge an iPad (iPad compatible cable included), the power monkey extreme is truly the most versatile solar iPad chargers available today.

power monkey solar ipad charger

A multifaceted solar charger that can charge a whole slew of electronic devices like: cameras, gps devices, mini and tablet computers, Apple iPads, cell phones, smart phones, portable gaming devices, iPods and more.

power monkey solar charger

Solar chargers, however, have one minor shortcoming: they are not as fast as a standard electrical socket. The powermonkey-eXtreme has two output channels; one channel outputs 700mAh max (standard USB) whilst the DC port outputs 2.1Amps max to support the Apple iPad (iPad compatible cable included) and other tablet computers.