For our weight loss, in general, we plan very strict. No fat, no sugar drinks,
decrease the amount of meat or fish etc. ...

While you lose weight. But at what price? s fatigue accumulates, we are more irritable and have less energy.


The secret is the high protein diet. I see you hit the roof. You will say: "Yes, I know, it does not work and I have been signs that you just let me know. No, it didn 'not interested." Calm down. It is true that when you hear the words "protein diet", it scares us. Not at all. These plans are now advanced. Like everything elsewhere.

With these new protein diet, you have the assurance to lose weight without energy. They are monitored and controlled. You do what protein diet while keeping a varied and balanced diet. You can in some protein diet, treat yourself once or twice a week. You see, I 've said it had changed.


The final protein diet that I have done m 'has lost 4 kg. in three weeks. I'm really happy. Besides the advantage that is that I had to eat a lot of meat and more green vegetables and starches. I can tell you when leaving the table I 've had enough. And twice a week "I had allowed two or extras I could eat or drink what I wanted.
Today a few months later, I 've yet to recover a kilogram.

So let you try! and above all the instructions.