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Did child actors like Soleil Moon Frye and Jennifer Connelly take breast enlargement drugs?
Did Soleil Moon Frye and Jennifer Connelly overdose on breast enlargement drugs? Or was it just an inexact science at the time? Jennifer Love Hewitt, younger, maybe they perfected the science by her time? Or is this all just happenstance coincidence?

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Where can I find the kiss scene Soleil Moon Frye & Sean Young from Motel Blue?
I can't find it anywhere

Answer :
try youtube u can find it there
How long has Soleil Moon Frye (from Punky Brewster) & famous hoaxster Rory Emerald been legally separated?
I am writing an article for a national magazine & need as much information as possible about Soleil & Rory. Thank you!

Answer :
According to an article in TV Guide about eight years. Rory Emerald was Soleil Moon Frye's first marriage. Interesting question!
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