Phil Hinkle gay scandal

An Indiana Republican state lawmaker resisting calls to resign after becoming embroiled in a sex scandal insists, "I'm not gay," according to the The Indianapolis Star.
The Indianapolis Star reported that emails suggest Republican Rep. Phillip Hinkle arranged to pay Kameryn Gibson up to $140 for “for a really good time.” The paper published emails between Hinkle and Gibson detailing a plan for them to meet at a downtown Indianapolis hotel.

Phil hinkle gay sex scandal gibson

The Star reported Hinkle didn’t contest the emails but said he was "aware of a shakedown taking place."
The Star reported earlier this month that Hinkle exposed himself when the pair met in person.
Gibson indicated in a listing to which Hinkle responded that he is 20-years-old. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, a Republican, called the situation "a tragedy."
Hinkle suggested to 6News that his actions were "stupid," but that he did not break the law. Indiana state Rep. Phil Hinkle has admitted that he paid 18-year-old Kameryn Gibson $80 on Aug. 6 for sex, according to the Indianapolis Star. Hinkle disputes Gibson's version, with the legislator saying that he never exposed himself and that Gibson stole those items when Hinkle was in the bathroom. House Speaker Brian Bosma has stripped Hinkle of his committee chairmanships and has joined other GOP officials who have asked him to resign. Hinkle also said that he's not gay.
That scandal, which centers on the revelation that Hinkle hired an 18-year-old man to visit him in a hotel room, has sparked both strong condemnation and sadness.
During the conversation, Hinkle admitted that he arranged to pick up the young man on a recent Saturday night, to pay him $80 and to take him to a room at the JW Marriott. The past two weeks, Hinkle said, have been the toughest of his life. As trucks barreled by along the highway, Hinkle continued.

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Throughout the conversation, however, Hinkle took responsibility for the position he's now in.
Hinkle did not call the police, however.
He described as ludicrous allegations that his wife tried to buy the young man's silence for $10,000.
As we talked, Hinkle often seemed like the politician I've known for years. Until then, Hinkle said, he will continue to seek counseling.