Susan Powell : missing Utah mom's husband's home

The husband and father-in-law of missing West Valley City woman Susan Cox Powell are speaking about a police search of the home they share in Puyallup, Wash.
West Valley police serving a search warrant took at least three computers and several boxes of materials from the home shared by Josh Powell and his father, Steve Powell, Thursday.

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Friday morning Josh Powell said detectives told him they were looking for Susan's journals - paper and digital copies. Susan's father, Chuck Cox, told the AP that his daughter claimed years ago that "something had happened" with Steve Powell that made her uncomfortable. Susan Powell's good friend, Kirssi Holewell, is defending Susan's character. Bertram says Josh's father, Steven Powell, has been trying to vilify Susan. Susan Powell's sister-in-law Jennifer Graves speaks out about Powell's disappearance. The war of words among the family of missing Utah mother Susan Powell is escalating as the investigation into her disappearance moves into Washington state with police executing a search warrant on the house now occupied by her husband and father-in-law.
Powell's sister-in-law Jennifer Graves called claims of a flirtatious and sexually charged relationship made by her father Steven Powell between him and Susan "slander," and called for a return of focus on the search for the missing mom.
Steven Powell is," Graves said. Meanwhile, 20 detectives are searching the home in Puyallup, Wash. where Powell's 35-year-old husband, Josh Powell, is now living with his father, Steven Powell, along with the couple's two young sons, Charlie and Braden. Josh Powell moved with his boys in to his father's home here after his wife vanished in December 2009.
Josh Powell was at home when investigators arrived and is not being detained. Pierce County sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer. It is also believed that investigators are searching for journals from Susan Powell's teenage years.
Jennifer Graves' sentiment was similar to that of Chuck Cox, Susan Powell's father. Susan Cox Powell, a Puyallup native, was last seen at her West Valley City, Utah, home on Dec. 6, 2009. On Thursday, investigators and forensic specialists from each agency focused on the South Hill-area home where Josh Powell, has been living with his father, Steve Powell.
Josh Powell waited while his vehicle was searched, which took about 45 minutes, Merritt said.
Chuck Cox, Susan Powell’s father, said he was pleased the West Valley City police traveled to Washington State for the search.

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The police activity took place as Josh Powell and his family and Susan Powell’s family engaged in a heated - and highly publicized - war of words over the past several days.
The exchanges have taken a salacious turn, with Josh Powell’s family claiming Susan Powell was sexually promiscuous, emotionally unstable and suicidal.
In an interview on CBS’ “Early Show,” Josh Powell said he would never hurt his wife. Susan Cox Powell’s family, meanwhile, appeared on NBC’s “The Today Show.” Last week, West Valley City police detectives spent two days searching abandoned mines in the mountain desert around Ely, Nev. Police said the search was based on information from a search warrant executed shortly after Susan Powell disappeared and a new, credible tip in the case.