Matthew Fox arrested

Jack Shepherd may drink heavily. Punch a woman. Matthew Fox has been arrested for allegedly punching a female bus driver, 29-year-old Heather Borman. Fox and the driver exchanged words, and then Fox allegedly punched her in the chest and stomach.

Matthew Fox arrested punching woman

Matthew Fox arrested punching woman

Matthew fox arrested punching bus driver woman

matthew fox arrested punching woman drunk

The driver struck back, supposedly breaking her hand. Fox was arrested in Cleveland early this morning for assaulting the female driver of a party bus. Fox tried to board the private bus to get back to his hotel, but was denied entry by the 29-year-old driver. The driver responded by socking Fox in the jaw.
Hey, maybe there will be another zombie stampede, and Pitt can choose to NOT save Fox.
Matthew Fox was arrested early Monday morning, Aug. 29, after allegedly punching a woman in the chest and stomach.
Fox is currently filming World War Z with Brad Pitt, as well as I, Alex Cross.