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Should the Detroit Lions get one more CB before the regular season begins?
Good young solid team but I think another CB would help and maybe another RB. The offensive line has looked outstanding here in the preseason. Sean B they won 6 games last season. They won 0 games back in 2008. Much improved team with a load of future Hall of Famers.
Answer :
Right now, I think we're good. Chris Houston, Eric Wright, Aaron Berry, Alphonso Smith and a few others have done well so far this year and at the end of last year. We signed Jerome Harrison at RB so I think he'll go nicely with Best and Morris until Leshoure returns next year. Sean B isn't kidding when he says he doesn't follow football.
Detroit Lions jerseys, worth buying?
If it's worth I use so much money to buy good quality? Please give me help.
Answer :
it is if you want it and the bible has nothing against it.
im looking for a detroit lions e-mail address unique any help please?

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