Rhode Island

Heavy rain and strong winds from Hurricane Irene arrived in Rhode Island on Sunday morning, knocking down trees and power lines and leaving 155,000 customers of National Grid, the state's electricity supplier, without electricity.
National Grid has 477,000 customers in Rhode Island.
Providence's Fox Point Hurricane Barrier, a 25-foot-high, 3,000-foot-long structure built in 1966 to prevent floodwaters from damaging the city, was closed this morning. Many towns and cities, including Providence, banned parking on streets, and all state campgrounds are closed.

Rhode Island Hurricane Irene

Power was lost Sunday morning at state police headquarters in North Scituate, and the facility is running on generator power, says Lt. Col. Raymond White, a state police spokesman. An occupied state police car was damaged when a tree fell on it in a state trooper's driveway in North Kingstown, White says.
Some Rhode Island colleges adjusted schedules in anticipation of the storm. With Hurricane Irene coming to town, let’s see how well you’ve been paying attention to local political storms.
A. “I thought we were maybe a Category 1 hurricane. B. “I thought we were maybe a Category 3 hurricane. Which two former North Providence officials have been sentenced as part of that scheme?
A. Robert A. Ricci, former town council president.
B. Raymond L. Douglas III, former town council member.
3. We’ve all got problems, but state Rep. Leo Medina, D-Providence, seems to have more legal and/or financial problems than most. When the police arrived, they found Medina detaining the man on the floor of what Providence restaurant?)
C. Matthew T. Oliverio, the assistant city solicitor who contributed $2,000 to Moreau’s campaign.
D. Mayor Charles D. Moreau.

Rhode Island Hurricane irene

(Bonus: Gablinske has filed a complaint with the state police accusing NEARI’s secretary, Louis G. Rainone, with threatening which current state legislator following a court hearing?)
6. Which two state legislators now work for Citadel Broadcasting, owner of radio station WPRO?
A. Rep. Leo Medina, D-Providence.
C. The Providence Independence Trail highlights historic sites in the city.
1. B. Category 3/Category 5. (Bonus: Former Gov. John H. Chafee.)
(Bonus: Douglas, who was also convicted of running an illegal sports-betting ring.)
(Bonus: The McDonald’s on Broad Street.)
(Bonus: Rep. Jon D. Brien, D-Woonsocket.)
(Bonus: Rep. Jon D. Brien, D-Woonsocket.)
The Providence Independence Trail. (Bonus: Robert I. Burke.)