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President Obama signed a declaration of emergency Monday for Vermont, hard hit during the night by severe and "epic" flooding caused by the last gasps of Tropical Storm Irene. Millions remain without power and stranded or displaced by floodwaters.
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--Vermont, already experiencing an unusually wet year, suffered widespread flooding after Irene dumped six inches of rain on the area. Hundreds of roads are flooded and closed throughout the state. Many streams and river tributaries were flooding Monday morning. "I've never seen flooding like this, especially this widespread," said Capt. Ray Keefe of the Vermont State Police, who described the flooding as "epic."
President Barack Obama said Monday he is continuing to direct Hurricane Irene recovery and rebuilding efforts, as federal, state, and local officials assess damage in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, even as Northeast states like Vermont and New Jersey continue to get people out of harm's way of rising flood waters.
Vermont: Widespread, Damaging Floods
Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin said on Monday that Hurricane Irene has produced the worst flooding in nearly a century, with hundreds of roads closed and at least three iconic covered bridges torn away by floodwaters.
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Hurricane Irene: Bad, But Damage Could Have Been Worse
Hurricane Irene shut down the neon lights on Broadway in New York City, and did substantially reduce commercial activity over the weekend -- including canceling thousands of flights, but the storm's economic damage will likely be far less than originally predicted.

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The U.S. government estimated that the cost from wind damage alone will exceed $1 billion, reported Monday
The storm is now soaking Canada's north-east, while the north-eastern US is battling historic floods; five million US homes have lost power.
"We have extraordinary infrastructure damage."
Vermont lashed
Flooding in Vermont is the worst since 1927, according to officials
Authorities asked people to avoid travelling in the state, and warned of significant flooding, damaged roads and downed power lines.
State office buildings, schools and universities were shut on Monday.
Authorities said the hurricane was the worst natural disaster since a terrible flood in 1927.