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Vienna Girardi is planning to marry her “Bachelor” franchise fellow, Kasey Kahl
Vienna revealed the news when Kit brought up that she flinched when Kasey brought out a jewelry box on “Bachelor Pad,” something she thought might have been an engagement ring.
Vienna and Kasey have created a stir since hitting “Bachelor Pad” this season, and she revealed it has gotten the couple some not-so-friendly Tweets.

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Kasey said despite what’s been show, he has no bad feelings toward his lady’s ex-fiance, Jake Pavelka.
I don’t really wanna punch him in the face,” Kasey explained. On Monday night’s “Bachelor Pad,” the show concluded with a “Sopranos”-style fade to black screen.
Kasey and Jake were still up for elimination as the moment happened and just before the screen went black, show host Chris Harrison said Kasey’s name.
“I will say this, Kasey got his named called, so in every rose ceremony [you’ve] ever seen, if you get your name called, you get a rose. Blake, he has regrets.
Chris Harrison arrives the next day to announce their next competition: synchronized swimming. Particularly and especially Erica. Anyhoodles, as part of his Get Rid of Kasey and His Stupid Tattoo Already plan, Jake cozies up to Erica. Kasey, irritated that Vienna doesn’t actually spit on Jake every time he passes her, accuses Vienna of being “too nice” to Jake. This leads to a big, stupid screaming sobbing public fight in which Kasey asks Vienna if she’d like another public breakup on television. In a confessional, Kasey calls Vienna a famewhore, which she is. And then Kasey takes Vienna aside to explain to her that he knows that Jake physically and mentally abused her (He did? Michelle the Villainess’ date is first, and she chooses Graham, Kasey and Blake to come along. Holly sighs heavily.
Strap back on your helmets, ladies, because Michael is obviously giving Holly the rose.
Once Vienna and Ella and their horses head back down the canyon, a tour bus arrives in front of Michael and Holly. Also, Holly doesn’t know how she feels about Michael, blah blah blah.
“WHEW!” says an incredibly relieved Vienna. “THAT WAS ONE GIANT BLONDE BULLET I JUST DODGED,” says Vienna. to Vienna about putting a promise on her finger? Erica begins embarking on a fairly funny crusade to eliminate Melissa from the show. After overhearing Melissa and Jake in the hot tub, Erica immediately tattles to everyone else that Melissa is aligning herself with Jake, alarming everyone. Michael confronts Melissa about this, causing Melissa to climb on her broom and fly around the house, sobbing like a crazy person. Erica, realizing she needs to win Melissa over to her side to save Jake, listens as Melissa sobs some more over how Blake BROKE HER HEART. Erica reminds Melissa that Blake is too young for her, on account of the kitchen witch being some 3 centuries old, and the two agree that Kasey and Vienna are The Worst. Kasey toasts to loyalty and yammers about how the Bad Guy is going home tonight, all the while Jake and the Get Rid of Kasey possy scurry around the house, securing votes. Vienna and Kasey predictably freak out, as Vienna shrieks at no one in particular that she didn’t come here to lose friendships. Kasey sincerely explains to the camera that if his friends don’t vote for him, it will be a tragedy. Time for the driveway rose ceremony!
Cool? Rose #1: Kirk
Rose #2: William
Rose #3: Blake
Rose#4: Kasey

Bachelor Pad 2

Did Kasey punch Jake? Did Vienna yank out Erica’s weave? This show.
Bachelor Pad airs 7 p.m. Mondays on ABC. Erica muses that Jake could win the synchronized swimming competition based solely on the fact that 'he has such a big package.' The disembodied closeups continue horrifyingly as Jake and Erica snuggle and strategize.
Jake licks his lips 'seductively.'
Vienna reacts with appropriate seriousness as Kasey offers a promise ring and a genuinely horrible original song.
Erica brings down her crystal gavel and drops the night's best verbal bomb: 'I don't think Vienna and Kasey are good people. People are letting trailer-park trash and a tattooed guy run their lives. It has to be said: Vienna has terrible taste in men.