Cheryl Cole’s Diet Revealed: Lemon Juice Purges, Smoking and Insane Workouts

A new report suggests that the singer and television star had, at one point, such image issues she would literally starve herself and smoke a pack a day to make sure she maintained her figure.

smoking and diet

Before she was fired from the US version of X Factor (after only 5 days), Cheryl had gained some weight.

“The former X Factor judge apparently was so anxious about her appearance and weight that she’d go on regular purges to stay slim – as well as smoking ‘at least 20 Marlboro a day’,” the Daily Mail writes. Cheryl worked out so hard she ended up getting sore legs,” the spy explains.

To avoid the paparazzi, she would head out to the gym at 5 in the morning and, even though her feet were killing her from the workouts, she’d always wear high heels in public.