Diabetic diet for Non Vegetarians

Diabetes needs no introduction. Diet plays a key role in the management of diabetes. Diet for a vegetarian diabetic depends on two things:
1) What you eat: Avoiding refined cereals, cutting down the intake of sugary drinks, choosing of healthy fats over unhealthy fats. Your choice of food is extremely important in diabetes.
2) When you eat: Proper meal timings, avoiding big gaps between two meals. The same points shall be considered while planning a non-vegetarian diabetic diet.

What you eat: In a vegetarian diet we avoid refined cereals and high fat foods, doing the same in a non vegetarian diet is also recommended. Avoiding non vegetarian foods which are high in fat like red meats should be avoided as much as possible. Variation is the essence, when it comes to protein foods for diabetics. Eating a small meal will prevent sudden rise in blood glucose levels, giving your body time to process the carbohydrates present in your food. Frequent meals help to avoid hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Food exchange lists can be used while substituting a vegetarian food with a non vegetarian food. A diabetes diet is simply a healthy eating plan that is high in nutrients, low in fat, and moderate in calories. So as a conclusion I can say that yes meats and sea foods are as good for diabetics as any other food item provided the very important fiber from vegetarian diet is included in the meal and the calorie intake remains the same as for a vegetarian diet.