Diet Breakers: How Are You Wrecking Your Weight Loss Chances?

Sugar free chocolate chip cookies are not weight loss inducing when you can only eat one ....for about 1,000,000 calories.
If you think you're dieting, but not losing any weight just ask yourself one loaded question:
What are your diet saboteurs?
Small children, beware.
Fix: You should have little snack before going to a party or out to eat. *Saboteur: You turn a salad into dessert
Fix: Fried chicken, candied walnuts, 100 calorie a teaspoon Thousand Island salad dressing? Hollywood diet experts caution stars to avoid salads that are actually 1,000 splurges. *Saboteur: You're drinking your calories at coffee shops and during cocktail hour.
Yes, you can indulge, but drink a glass of water between drinks. You will drink less…At the coffee shop, skip all those high calorie blended drinks that can have upwards of 500 calories. Delish and under 100 calories. Tasty!
Each are high calorie, high carb treats to eat alone and not in combination if you're trying to stick with a diet plan.
*Saboteur: You're convinced that a banana bran muffin is a diet choice.
*Saboteur: You avoid fat at all costs.
To that end, eat or cook in healthy fats including extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. A little fat in your diet is also great for your skin.
*Saboteur: Snacking late into the night because you have insomnia.
Fix: Nancy adds,"I've had my own battles with insomnia and correcting insomnia is about cooling down the body. I recommend eating real foods including meat.