Top 8 diet myths busted

From heavy breakfasts to dieting, read on to know about some common diet-related misconceptions.

Myth: Milk helps weight loss
Fact: This myth is based on the theory that calcium in the body helps break down fat more effectively thereby facilitating weight loss. Being low in calories and saturated fats, such dairy product versions will prevent the accumulation of unwanted calories in the body.

Myth: Rice and weight gain
Fact: This is one diet myth that many of us surely follow on a regular basis. Whether you consume rice at night or during the day, has no bearing on your weight, as weight loss or weight gain is merely a product of the overall calorie and fat consumption in the entire day.

Myth: Pasta is fattening
Fact: Controlled and moderate quantities of pasta can never be a factor for your weight gain.

Myth: Avoiding food after 8 p.m . Whatever you consume during the day, your body will store extra calories in the form of fats.

Myth: Drastically cut calories to reduce weight
Fact: To maintain a stable weight, it is advisable to opt for a modest calorie reduction instead of starving oneself.

Myth: Weight loss and exercise
Fact: Many people believe that toiling hours and hours in the gym will help them to reduce their body weight.

Myth: Crash dieting
Fact: Although short diet plans may help you reduce weight temporarily, such programs do not lead to any permanent solutions.

Myth: Small, frequent meals for metabolism
Fact: The popular theory that eating small, frequent meals throughout the day is yet another diet myth that people have followed for a long time. From eating sparse and unhealthy meals, we switch to 6 healthy mini-meals.